Why Minimalism Will Help You Achieve Your Purpose: Joshua Becker

Why Minimalism Will Help You Achieve Your Purpose: Joshua Becker

What’s the purpose of your life? It’s a question we’ve all questioned in one way or another, probably over and over again. It’s easy to focus on the appeal of the next exciting thing. But what if the secret to finding your purpose lies in less?

Why Minimalism Will Help You Achieve Your Purpose

In this occurrence of Character Test, I be discussed with a minimalist about what we actually need in order to lead happy, fulfilled lives.

Joshua Becker is the creator of Becoming Minimalist, the bestselling author of The Minimalist Home and The More of Less, and a lead of the minimalist crusade. Times ago, he had a revelation: all the stuff he owned was actually holding him back from the people and things he most valued in their own lives. He set out to declutter and refocus, and as he did, he discovered a channel of living that’s returned him, their own families, and millions of books far more purpose, freedom and happiness.

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What does it certainly mean to become a minimalist? In this incident, we talk about Joshua’s personal approach to minimalism and why he’s passionate about sharing it with others, including 😛 TAGEND

How Joshua’s son cured him decide to become a minimalist. The question he asks of every aspect of his life to guide his approach to minimalism. Why his destination for his business is not to make as much money as possible–and what his role is instead. Why he decided to give away the advance for both of his journals. How to actually find gaiety right where you are.

Personally, I went home and decluttered my home after this interview, and it felt so good. I think you might be inspired to do the same.

“We begin to realize how much our controls take away from our finite riches, our coin and period and vitality and focus, and how they eventually become a big distraction to the life that we wish we were living instead. — Joshua BeckerTweet this

You can find Joshua’s diaries now . You can also him on his blog, Becoming Minimalist, on Facebook, and on Instagram (@ joshua_becker ).

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