When you’re sure they’re taking advantage of your kindness, yet you feel bad for standing up for yourself.

When you’re sure they’re taking advantage of your kindness, yet you feel bad for standing up for yourself.

30M Nurses Assistant, move away from my 28 F stay at home ex wife after she decided to leave me for a 18 M McDonald’s worker. Our divorce was finalized almost 5 months ago after get married for basically 6 months and living together for 3 years. I was always the “bread winner” having a job in the medical realm and her living off alimony from her previous wedding( a crane motorist/ construction worker ), or federal income for her disabled uncle she’s the care giver for. During the divorce procedure I stubbornly stayed in the house with her and my stepson as I has no such where else to go living in a state I moved to with the rest of my family back home. During that time I was living with them I was foolish enough to pay for our shared monies ontop of a newly added rent fee. Thankfully “were supposed to” not having me pay for alimony or anything like that after the divorce, so technically speaking anything I paid for her afterwards was by my discretion and kindness.

Fast forward 4 months after the divorce I’ve moved back to my kinfolks and yet till recently still spotted myself paying for her Car insurance, a medical greenback for her LASIK eye surgeries, and our laptops I acquired at the same time with a Best Buy credit card. My family and friends have helped me through the steps of recovery while encouraging me to stop paying for her Auto insurance and her medical statute as it was a business encumbrance on me living paycheck to paycheck on empty promises on her part about “ve got something” to take over them eventually. I was there for her after her previous divorce, where she go out the alimony coin to the end without just doing anything looking for a job as she doesn’t have a GED. She claimed to be trying to get her GED while finding employment these last duet months but I along with everyone backing me up feel she’s taking advantage of my kindness knowing I’d pay for things till I went bankrupt as a sense of “duty”.

That resolved today when I went to the bank and asked for them to cancel any future fees for her medical money and changed my auto insurance to not include her anymore. As I ambled out of that bank I felt a sense of easing as a burden promoted off my shoulders, all the while a feeling of dread at what may happen to what was once my family with the lent business stress I simply dropped on them. Scarcely could thank the bank employee my thanks for the help as sobbings threatened to escape, didn’t even make it to the doors before they did. Why is it that I have to feel like a jolt for devoting my future priority despite knowing that my past will barely if at all make it from here on? It’s now that I became a little more aware of how “shes had” me being abused in more actions then I initially realise.

Apologies for the modest psychological drop, just felt like sharing this important step towards my improvement from my divorce.

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