What are you guys doing to pay off student loans?

What are you guys doing to pay off student loans?

My boyfriend and I have spawned the goal to be debt free before we to enter into marriage. Hes about 80 K in debt and I’m at 31 k and we have about 2 years left of clas. I’m working two role occasion jobs and putting about 2k per month towards pay( which right now is some credit card debt for records n stuff, I too exactly thrown $975 down to fix my gondola so I’m not as on track as I want to be, but with any blessing I’m trying to get myself out of debt before I even finish clas) Im putting in about 50 hours per week for run and I’m go 12 hours of school this semester. My free time is about 12 am-1 0am. If I obstruct a consistent sleeping schedule I have about 3ish hours of downtime. Looking to see if theres a nature I can work online/ from residence to perform some extra slope fund to get this obligation knocked out of the direction. I was wanting to see if you guys had any hypothesis. Thanks!

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