Watch Bollywood/ Hindi Movies & Learn Hindi in No Time!

Watch Bollywood/ Hindi Movies & Learn Hindi in No Time!

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If you’re a true-life cinema fan, occasions are you’ve stumbled upon the supernatural life of Hindi movies or Hindi films( a.k.a. Bollywood movies) at some spot. For those who aren’t familiar with the Indian mainstream cinema, below are a few interesting details about Indian cinema and Hindi box office movies to better your understanding.

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Interesting Facts About Indian Cinema and Bollywood Learning Hindi with Bollywood Movie ! Improve Your Hindi with Bollywood’s Most Popular and Timeless Movie Inspirational Movies Movies on Sensitive Issue Entertainment with a Message Romance Comedy Hindi Learning Made Easy with HindiPod1 01

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1. Interesting Facts About Indian Cinema and Bollywood

With a rich and singular record of Indian cinema, the country raises Indian movies in more than twenty Indian languages. Interestingly, Indian cinema grows the biggest number of movies in the world, even outstripping Hollywood in terms of its annual production. There are three main categories of movies in India. These are Masala movies( Business cinema ), Art movies( Parallel cinema ), and Regional movies( Multilingual cinema ). Bollywood is mainly associated with determining movies in the Hindi language. These Hindi movies retain a Hindi-Urdu dialect known as Hindustani, one of the Top five Hindi accents in India. Nowadays, Hindustani is often accompanied by many English names, acquiring the honour of a Hinglish speech. We only can’t imagine a Hindi movie not suffused with lots of psalms and dance overpowers. For most business Hindi movies, music is the backbone of their success.

2. Learning Hindi with Movies?

But why are we talking about movies at our learning site HindiPod1 01? Is it really possible to learn Hindi from Bollywood movies? The rebut is yes.

Top verbs

So now you must be wondering how to learn Hindi through movies. You can learn Hindi by movies, but that’s not all. Over the past few decades, films have proven their worth in ways that were beyond linguistic insights.

Movies aren’t just a few hours of rolling talk. They’re a punishment entrance to practically inspecting a foreign land, too. Watching an Indian movie could really prove to be an interesting and effective method of learning Hindi for your innovative someone. And all Hindi beginners should be looking for Bollywood movies to help them learn Hindi. Bollywood movies can precisely be called the best Indian movies in the Hindi language with Hindi-Urdu and Hinglish languages. The transcend Indian movies give you a peek into the rich and diverse artistic aspects of Indian society. For instance, insight into the kind of music to expect in India, information about famous Indian artists and important historic fleshes, and the both positive and negative aspects of Indian society. This, in turn, may also help you with proper pronunciation of Hindi utterances, the proposed articulation styles and body gesticulates, ways of greeting in Hindi, common vogues of Indian dressing, and major fairs and revels in India. Last-place but not least, due to multilingual subtitles and the widespread vicinity of Indian movies on Netflix and Youtube, Indian movies are gaining massive vogue among world-wide audiences.

3. Why You Should Learn Hindi With Bollywood Movies

In this section, we promise to share with you some of the best Bollywood movies to learn Hindi, straddling from the classic cinemas to brand-new Indian movies.

Along with that, for anyone out there wondering cluelessly, our essay will likewise act as your helping hand, going over how to learn Hindi by watching movies.

The list below includes all good Indian movies with impeccable storylines, flawless dialogues, and huge overall talent.

So, brace yourself to get swept off your feet with these handpicked Hindi movies you must watch.

By the practice, if you’re looking for Hindi movies( 2018) or Hindi movies( 2019 ), you can always check for Hindi movies online or search for Hindi movies on YouTube. When it comes to Hindi movies, streaming is often a great option.

Movie genres

4. Inspirational Movie

When it comes to the language of Hindi’s best movies, Bollywood has procreated various miraculous inspirational movies, based on both real-life narratives and story. The enormous thing about such movies is that they carry the power to touch our lives. We all struggle with various challenges, but sometimes it becomes hard to pull yourself together and keep moving. At such instants, a punishment cinema( Indians’ best movies) can provide you with much-needed enthusiasm to get you going.

1- Bhaag Milkha Bhaag( 2013)

Mhaag MiLkhaa Bhaag

Hindi Title: bhaag milkhaa bhaag Romanization: bhaag miLkhaa bhaag English Title: Run Milkha Run

Milkha is a kid in Punjab, who has seen his family members being pogrom during the partition riots between India and Pakistan. Successfully escaping the frightful atmosphere in the hamlet, he acquires his married sister in the refugee camp.

Confused at first, he soon realizes his heat and forte for extending and decides to become an athlete. The road to athletics is not so smooth; however, adjudicated Milkha not only grasps a world advocate name, but likewise is becoming a plays icon for many. All while dealing with here his own feeling both the challenges and painful infancy memories.

The movie is inspired by the life of the real Olympian athlete, Milkha Singh. The pristine exchange transmission, engendering real-life story, and heart-touching depiction of India’s post-independence struggle concludes it the best movie for learning Hindi and taking a peek at the village life in India as well.

Famous Quotes 😛 TAGEND

log bure nhiiN hote, haalaat bure hote haiN/ Log bure nahiin hoTe, haaLaaT bure hoTe hain. “People are not bad, environments are bad .” uuNcaaii pr udddhne vaale pNchii, chotte-chotte pedddhoN se dil nhiiN lgaate/ uuncaaii equivalence udaNe vaaLe paNchii, chote-chote pedon Se DiL nahiin LagaaTe. “Birds which aim to fly high don’t get attached to mere trees .”

Useful Words 😛 TAGEND

daudddh( Daud) Race bhaag( bhaag) Run mittttii( mittii) Soil pNchii( paNchii) Birds bhn( bahaN) Sister gaaNv( gaanv) Village

2- Mary Kom( 2014)

Mary Kom

Hindi Title: mairii koNm Romanization: mairii kaum English Title: Mary Kom

Born in Manipur, a small state in India, Mary Kom is far from being a traditional girl. Even in academy, she refuses to tolerate the naughty boys and gratifies in serious campaigns with them. Belonging to a good kinfolk, her father is a simple farmer who somehow organizes the basic inevitabilities but never endangers on the training of his kids.

Mary knows her mental and physical fortitude very well but is directionless. It’s only when she gets in touch with her soon-to-be boxing coach that her life takes a huge turn and finally reaches a bright path.

This is another biopic that shows us the life of a true-blue gem of India, Mary Kom, who literally needs no preamble. Her career lights with gold medals and championship titles. She has been the World Amateur Boxing champion for a record six times.

If you’re inclined to watch a brand-new Hindi movie, then Mary Kom will definitely restrain you glued to the screen while filling you with great determination.

Famous Quotes 😛 TAGEND

kisii ko itnaa mt ddraao ki ddr hii khhtm ho jaae/

kiSii ko iTaNaa maT daraao ki dar hii khaTm ho jaaye. “Don’t scare someone so much that he/ she stops feeling the panic .”

Useful Words 😛 TAGEND

ldddhkii( Ladakii) Girl ddr( dar) Fear jiitnaa( jiiTaNaa) To triumph jiit( jiiT) Victory khelnaa( kheLaNaa) To toy

3- Rang De Basanti( 2006)

rang De baSaNTii

Hindi Title: rNg de bsNtii Romanization: rang De baSaNTii English Title: Color Me Saffron

We could suggest that you watch many of the latest Indian movies with astounding scripts, but nothing can touch the full amusement value of the cinema Rang De Basanti. It will reach you a die-hard Bollywood fan.

The story is about five college friends and a British daughter whose great grandpa is currently in the British army when Britain regulated India. Now, after so many years, Sue detects her huge grandfather’s diary and decides to make a film on the freedom fighters of India.

She matches these five teenagers, but is disillusioned with their distaste and pessimistic panoramas about “their countries “. Does her skepticism change their centers? Do these friends realize something about themselves while trying to help Sue?

Find out for yourself by watching Rang De Basanti and numerous same Hindi movies on YouTube.

Famous Quotes 😛 TAGEND

koii bhii desh prfektt nhiiN hotaa, use behtr bnaanaa pdddhtaa hai/ koii bhii Des parafekt nahiin hoTaa, uSe behaTar baNaaNaa padaTaa hai. “No country is excellent, we ought to make it better .”

Useful Words 😛 TAGEND

desh( Des) Country hm( ham) We aazaadii( aazaaDii) Freedom ldddhaaii( Ladaaii) Fighting

5. Movies on Sensitive Matter

Over the past several years, Bollywood has made a handful of feelings Indian movies. 2017 was a prolific year for the audiences desiring Indian new movies with rich and meaningful material. Check out some out-of-the-box new Indian movies( 2017 ) and get a taste of sensible entertainment.

But before you get started with a new Hindi movie( 2017 ), we’d likewise like to throw some light on outstanding Hindi movies that are beyond time.

1- Akele Hum Akele Tum( 1995)

I am Alone, You are Alone

Hindi Title: akele hm akele tum Romanization: akeLe ham akeLe Tum English Title: I am Alone, You are Alone.

The 90 s epoch was like a detailed posy with any forms of flowers tucked into it. Thanks to the internet, it’s possible for us to watch these Indian movies online on numerous platforms.

Akele Hum Akele Tum are about a young couple and their matrimony which is falling apart. In the narration, the bride( Kiran) needles her husband( Rohit) and five-year-old son( Sunil ). Kiran dreams of becoming a successful singer, but Rohit’s career is going through a low phase. On transcend of that, he also has to take care of his son.

After a while, Kiran is well-established and enters for the detention of her lad. By that time, the father and son have already developed a late ligament. The movie evokes the privations of a frantic leader who’s not ready to give up his child at any cost.

The intense sentiments genuinely played by all the great actors acquires this Hindi movie a must-watch. Enjoy the cinema Akele Hum Akele Tum and explore the whole world of Indian movies in YouTube.

Famous Quotes 😛 TAGEND

zruurii hai kyaa ki hmeshaa ek maaN apne bcce ko uske baap se zyaadaa pyaar krtii ho? zaruurii hai kyaa ki hamesaa ek maan apaNe bacce ko uSake baap Se zyaaDaa pyaar karaTii ho? “Must a mom always adore the child more than the papa ?”

Useful Words 😛 TAGEND

bettaa( betaa) Son sNgiit( SangiiT) Music maaN( maa) Mother pitaa( piTaa) Father

2- A Wednesday( 2008)

A Wednesday

Hindi Title: a veddnsdde Romanization: a vedaNaSade English Title: A Wednesday

India is a diverse country where people from all beliefs try to live in harmony. But there’s another monstrosity growing in the country which nothing wants. It’s the dark and vile religion of terrorism which engulfs innocent lives without a warning.

What happens when the system miscarries us? When a common man takes things into his own hands? Watch the thriller A Wednesday on Netflix and knowledge an adrenaline rush with every twist in the patch. Certainly a great option in matters of Hindi war movies.

Famous Quotes 😛 TAGEND

iNsaan naam meN mzhb ddhuuNddh letaa hai/ iNSaaN Naam subjects mazahab dhuundh LeTaa hai. “A person looks for religion in a person’s name .”

Useful Words 😛 TAGEND

aatNkvaadii( aaTankavaaDii) Terrorist aam aadmii( aam aaDamii) Common soul mzhb( mazahab) Religion naam( Naam) Name mNtrii( maNTrii) Minister khhairiyt( khairiyaT) Well-being

Here are some gratuities to improve your pronunciation while watching movies in Hindi.

Ways to improve pronunciation

3- Taare Zameen equality( 2007)

Stars on the Land

Hindi Title: taare zmiin pr Romanization: Taare zamiiN par English Title: Suns on the Land

A young son( Ishaan) suffers from dyslexia. But neither he nor his mothers know that. His poor performance in class forestalls his father, who instead of finding the real issue, denounces Ishaan for lack of interest in studies and transmits him away to a boarding school.

Ishaan feels cut off from his family and becomes a preferably placid offspring who hardly speaks. Then, a brand-new coach affiliates the school and realizes that something isn’t right with this child. How his own childhood knowledge are in accordance with that of Ishaan procreates this film so emotionally moving for mothers as well as kids.

If the planned has already touched your mind, don’t wait up to watch one of the best Indian movies online( free ). And yes, keep the tissues ready, by your back!

Famous Quotes 😛 TAGEND

hr bcce kii apnii khhuubii hotii hai, apnii qaabiliyt hotii hai, apnii caaht hotii hai/ har bacce kii apaNii khuubii hoTii hai, apaNii qaabiLiyaT hoTii hai, apaNii caahaT hoTii hai.

” Every infant has his/ her own specialty, own geniu, and own longings .”

Useful Words 😛 TAGEND

shikssaa( siksaa) Education smjhnaa( SamajhaNaa) To understand dimaaghh( Dimaag) Mind

6. Entertainment with a Message

Whether you’re a novice in Hindi or has an interest in polish your language acquaintance, one of the sure-shot methods to improve is to watch Indian movies online on a regular basis. Here’s the IMDb list of best Hindi movies( 2016 ). You can also refer to the list of best Indian movies( 2016) by Huffington Post. Consider each movie as a journal. Immerse yourself in it completely and you’ll soon begin talking like a native speaker.

1- Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara( 2011)

You Won’t Get this Life Again

Hindi Title: ziNdgii naa milegii dobaaraa Romanization: ziNDagii Naa miLegii Dobaaraa English Title: You Won’t Get this Life Again

Three childhood friends meet up, one of which is soon to be married. All three of them have different lives and different qualities, and the latter are troubled by their own kinds of challenges.

In their tour to adulthood, they’re trying to find the true purpose of life. On one handwriting, the movie pampers its audience with humour and amusing; on the other, it illustrates the loneliness and embarrassment of today’s seemingly happy youth.

Famous Quotes 😛 TAGEND

iNsaan ko ddibbe humen sirf tb honaa caahie, jb vo mr cukaa ho/ iNSaaN ko dibbe followers Sirf Tab hoNaa caahiye, thrusting vo spoil cukaa ho. “A being should only be confined within a carton when he/ she is dead .”

Useful Words 😛 TAGEND

paisaa( paiSaa) Money dost( DoST) Friend baap( baap) Father dhokhaa( DHokhaa) Betrayal

2- Anand( 1971)


Hindi Title: aanNd Romanization: aaNaND English Title: Joy

Sometimes, everyone else who has few daylights to live are the ones who know how to live life to its fullest. Such people stimulate each day count. They find joy in every tiny aspect of life and stop worrying about incidental things.

Anand, which intends “joy,” is the name of the main character in the film. Anand is suffering from cancer in its terminal phase. But instead of feeling sad, he smiles all the time, spreading charm to those around him. He refuses to be humbled by the illness and his liveliness provokes others to live better.

If you have a taste for classic movies, this one should be a perfect choice for you!

Famous Quotes 😛 TAGEND

zindgii bdddhii honii caahie, lmbii nhiiN/ ziNDagii badii hoNii caahiye, Lambii Nahiin. “Life should be grand , not long .”

Useful Words 😛 TAGEND

ziNdgii( ziNDagii) Life maut( mauT) Death giit( giiT) Song pl( paL) Moment khhushii( khusii) Happiness ghhm( gam) Sadness

3- English Vinglish( 2012)

Learning English

Hindi Title: iNglish viNglish Romanization: ingLis vingLis English Title: Learning English

Out of all the movies we’ve mentioned so far, English Vinglish is a genuine show-stealer, especially for a language learner. The cinema illustrates the life of a homemaker, Shashi, with a affection for cook. A sincere and responsible woman with exclusively one smudge on her personality: She doesn’t know English.

Her family evaluates her, reaches recreation of her, and even loathes her for this. Things become worse when Shashi has to move abroad and rectify there. But deep down, it’s not just the language problem that’s troubling her. She’s searching for her name as a person.

This is a simple and reasonable movie which showcases the agony of women who are made to believe that life discontinues after matrimony. That their entire existence revolves around her husband and kids. That “theres been” no new beginning for them.

Famous Quotes 😛 TAGEND

mrd khaanaa bnaaye to klaa hai, aurt bnaaye to uskaa frz hai/ marD khaaNaa baNaaye To kaLaa hai, auraT baNaaye To uSakaa farz hai. “If a human cooks, it’s an skill, but if a woman concocts, it’s her imperative .”

phlii baar…ek hii baar aataa hai/ pahaLii baar…ek hii baar aaTaa hai. “The first time…comes only one time .”

Useful Words 😛 TAGEND

ghr( ghar) Home izzt( izzaT) Respect siikhnaa( SiikhaNaa) To learn aurt( auraT) Woman mrd( marD) Man

7. Romance

Now, when we say ” fantasy ,” it’s not conventional dating we’re going to talk about. The handpicked movies in this category cover the delicate relationships between a man and woman, but with extraordinary circumstances.

But being the misty dreamy person, you have every reason to too check out these best romantic movies of the activities of the decade. The roster contains some of the more popular dreamy Indian movies( 2016) as well as 2015 Indian movies.

1- Bombay( 1995)


Hindi Title: boNmbe Romanization: baumbe English Title: Bombay

A landmark movie of the 90 s epoch, Bombay established a lot of controversy and even some bomb smashes in the heart of Mumbai. The story narrates an innocent but serious beloved budding between a Hindu man and Muslim woman. They get married and have kids.

But how workable is the marriage and their own existence when the whole country is burning with Hindu-Muslim rampages? For so many grounds, and in spite of all the disputes, the cinema succeeded in touching everyone’s minds. Needless to say, it’s still counted as one of the best masterpieces of Mani Ratnam.

Famous Quotes 😛 TAGEND

aap logoN ke siddhaaNtoN ke kaarnn aam record khaamkhaaN mr rhe haiN/ muNbii jl rhii hai/ ye qtl-e-aam kb bNd hogaa? aap Logon ke SiDDHaaNTon ke kaaran aam log khaamakhaan deface rahe hain. Mumbaii jaL rahii hai. Ye qaTL-e-aam kab banD hogaa? “It’s because of your thinkings that innocent people are dying. Mumbai is burning. When will this kill end ?”

Useful Words 😛 TAGEND

dhrm( DHarm) Religion qtl( qaTL) Murder khhuun( khuuN) Blood bcce( bacce) Children

2- Ijaazat( 1987)


Hindi Title: ijaazt Romanization: ijaazaT English Title: Permission

If you’re looking for deeper issues regarding a relationship, this one is a real gem. Ijaazat is a movie way ahead of its time. With all the human dignity and sensibility, the movie makes you through the complications of an extra-marital affair.

Gulzar castings his sorcery with the flawless talk, intense chemistry between the actors, and timeless song melodics. The disarrays of a marry, their altering kindnes for one another, the mistrust, damage, disagreements, and agony, has already been illustrated so beautifully. Even today , no other lead has been able to tackle a similar movie with such maturity.

Famous Quotes 😛 TAGEND

maiN maayaa se pyaar krtaa thaa – ye sc hai/ aur apply bhuulne kii koshish kr rhaa huuN – ye shii hai/ lekin ismeN tum merii mdd nhiiN krogii to mere lie bdddhii mushkil hogii/ kyuuNki mujhse zyaadaa vo tumheN yaad rhtii hai/ prime maayaa Se pyaar karaTaa THaa – ye Sac hai. aur uSe bhuuLaNe kii kosis kar raha huun – ye Sahii hai. LekiN iS husbands Tum merii maDaD Nahiin karogii To mere Liye badi muskiL hogii. Kyunki mujhaSe zyaaDaa vo Tumhen yaaD rahaTii hai. “That I enjoyed Maya is true. That I’m trying to forget her are also covered. But if you don’t help me in doing so, it will be very, very difficult for me. Because you think of her more often than I do .”

Useful Words 😛 TAGEND

maiN( primary) I tum( Tum) You koshish( kosis) Effort inkaar( iNakaar) Refusal yaad( yaaD) Memory

3- Qayamat se Qayamat Tak( 1988)

The Lovers’ Doom

Hindi Title: qyaamt se qyaamt tk Romanization: qayaamaT Se qayaamaT Tak English Title: The Lovers’ Doom

Another fierce movie that proves the supremacy of cinema and its role in civilization. India has a dark history of antipathy for the interreligious and inter-caste marriages. The movie Qayamat se Qayamat Tak is about two fans whose families have a history of enmity with each other.

When the family members come to know about the couple’s relationship, they have no second thoughts about killing the son and girl. Although it’s not strictly about different castes or beliefs, the movie does throw light on the villainy of honor killing rife in Indian society till today.

Famous Quotes 😛 TAGEND

agr hm kisii ke lie diivaane ho ge…to ye koii zruurii to nhiiN…ki vo bhii hmaare lie diivaanaa ho jaae/ agar ham kiSii ke Liye DiivaaNe ho gaye…To ye koii zaruurii To Nahiin…ke vo bhii hamaare Liye DiivaaNaa ho jaaye. “If I go crazy for someone…then it is not necessary that…that person should also go crazy for me .”

Useful Words 😛 TAGEND

mohbbt( mohabbaT) Love smjhnaa( SamajhaNaa) To understand iNtzaar( iNTazaar) Wait dil( DiL) Heart

8. Comedy

And ultimately, we’ve arrived to the genre that’s cherished by all. Yes, we’re speaking about Indian humor movies.

1- Chhoti si baat( 1976)

Just a Little Thing

Hindi Title: chottii sii baat Romanization: chotii Sii baaT English Title: Just a Little Thing

A shy, timid guy( Arun) drops-off in love with a chirpy and vibrant noblewoman( Prabha ). The trouble is, Arun can’t gather enough heroism to express his feelings for her. To induce the matter worse, there’s another man, self-confident and well-spoken, was just trying woo the same woman.

Tension rises when Arun meets a cherish triangle building up in his life. Does he get over the shyness and open up his feeling to Prabha? Does Arun win the ardour of his life? Watch Chhoti Si Baat and get to the end of this cute love story to find out.

Famous Quotes 😛 TAGEND

pyaar paane ke lie koii bhii triiqaa naajaayz nhiiN hai/ pyaar paaNe ke Liye koii bhii Tareeqaa Naajaayaz nahiin hai. “No practice is illegitimate to achieve enjoy .”

Useful Words 😛 TAGEND

pyaar( pyaar) Love shrmiilaa( sarmiiLaa) Shy dftr( DafTar) Office

2- Chachi 420( 1997)

Aunty with a Twist

Hindi Title: caacii 420 Romanization: caacii 420 English Title: Aunty with a Twist

When it comes to staying close to his cute little daughter, a leader is ready to go to any expanse. In the slapstick movie Chachi 420, Jaiprakash and Janki are divorced. Their exclusively daughter, Bharti, are living with her mother.

To audiences’ surprise, Jaiprakash get done over to look like a prankster aunt and starts working as a maid in Janki’s house. The movie is filled with sweet and sour instants which are bound to fix you giggle and maintain you glued to the screen the part time.

Famous Quotes 😛 TAGEND

qaanuun shaadii ko todddh sktaa hai…pyaar ko nhiiN/ qaaNuuN saaDii ko Tod SakaTaa hai…pyaar ko nahiin. “The law can discontinue a marriage…but not affection.

Useful Words 😛 TAGEND

caacii( caacii) Aunty qaanuun( qaaNuuN) Law tlaaq( TaLaaq) Divorce bettii( beTii) Daughter

3- Andaz Apna Apna( 1994)

Everybody’s Got Own Style

Hindi Title: aNdaaz apnaa apnaa Romanization: aNDaaz apaNaa apaNaa English Title: Everybody’s Got Own Style

If you ask us to vouch for really one comedy movie, we’d do so for Andaz Apna Apna. Before you start watching this movie, give us warn you about the sets of humour and rips of euphorium that you’re going to experience.

Prem and Amar are eager to become millionaires by marrying a rich girl. Unfortunately( but fortunately for us !), they both are after the same girl. In order to get the other person out of the incident, they try every possible trick which ultimately originates a series of hilarious events.

Famous Quotes 😛 TAGEND

bhaabhii hogii terii aur shaadii hogii merii/ bhaabhii hogii Terii aur saaDii hogii merii. “She’ll be your sister-in-law and I will be the one to to enter into marriage .”

ghhltii se misttek ho gyaa/ gaLTii Se miStek ho gayaa. “A misunderstanding by mistake .”

Useful Words 😛 TAGEND

dost( DoST) Friend/ Buddy ghhltii( gaLTii) Mistake shaadii( saaDii) Marriage paisaa( paiSaa) Money ldddhkii( Ladakii) Girl

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