traffic software synchro

traffic software synchro

Trapster was a navigation social networking mobile application and website, provided for free, that maps out and alerts users in real time to the presence of live police speed traps, DUI checkpoints, traffic, red light cameras, speed cameras, and areas where police often hide. Further, it allows users to record trip data and share it via the web, including interfaces with Facebook and Twitter. Trapster was recognized by Time Magazine as one of the 10 Best iPhone Apps for Dads in June 2009. In addition, Wired listed Trapster as the number 1 application in their 10 Mobile Applications that Make the Most of Location and CNET named Trapster as their number 1 free iPhone automotive app.
Trapster’s mobile GPS app currently supports the operating systems Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS, Windows Mobile, webOS, S60, and unlocked Java ME phones with GPS. In addition to these mobile phones, Trapster has support for both Garmin and TomTom navigation units.

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