This November, share the ‘Fair

This November, share the ‘Fair

CurrencyFair customers don’t have to wait until December to experience the most wonderful time of its first year.

From now until 30 November 2019, our reinforce for referring customers to CurrencyFair is EUR3 0 EUR4 0.*

Best of all, anyone referred who opens an accounting and trades precisely EUR1, 000 with CurrencyFair, likewise gives this bigger, better EUR4 0 referral remuneration.

Purchasers who share the’ Fair with family members or friends this month could give EUR4 0 for both them and the person or persons denoted.

How to share a CurrencyFair referral code?

Clients can share their unique referral code when they login to their account on desktop or when they are on the move via our portable apps( Apple and GooglePlay ).

On desktop, login to CurrencyFair and share via the referral buttons on the dashboard:

currencyfair referral button on desktop

In the CurrencyFair apps, find and share the code from My Account:

currencyfair referral button on mobile

Why not share it via email, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn?

There is no limit to the number of referrals to be made, so start sharing to start earning.

How can I make this EUR4 0 referral honor? When someone opens a CurrencyFair account employing a referral code and goes on to make a trade and convey of EUR1, 000, until 30 November 2019 both the CurrencyFair customer and the person cited will receive our bigger EUR3 0 EUR4 0 referral bonus paid into their CurrencyFair accounts.

Patrons must verify their identity with CurrencyFair before remunerations are questioned.

Who can I refer to CurrencyFair?

Anyone who needs bank-beating exchange rates to send money home or overseas, can be referred-friends or household who want to pay a legislation in another currency, communicate coin home for Christmas or transpose savings to a bank account abroad.

Another bonus to referring beings.

As CurrencyFair is a peer-to-peer marketplace, the more people who use us, the better the exchange rates become.

Share the’ Fair today

* Words and Maladies.

The EUR4 0 intensified referral advertisement only applies to new CurrencyFair accounts cross-file between 15:00( GMT + 1) 4 November 2019 and 30 November 2019.

Honors are published when a new purchaser is referred via a referral system or association is currently conducting a market and change employing CurrencyFair. The minimum assign necessitated is EUR1, 000 or the equivalent in the relevant money.

Referrals are simply register from abode CurrencyFair registration countries.

Refer a Friend programme maladies apply.

CurrencyFair reserves the right in its discretion to exclude and/ or restriction the fact that there is the be provided to particular customers.

All active referrals can be tracked in the account profile.

CurrencyFair reserves the right to amend this advertising at any time.

Purchasers must verify their identity with CurrencyFair before any remunerations are paid.

CurrencyFair terms and conditions

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