These Small Business Resources Can Help You Through the Pandemic

These Small Business Resources Can Help You Through the Pandemic

The coronavirus is impacting more than just people’s physical state — it’s impacting their monetary state, too. Small business owners are certainly feeling that pain: Most small businesses run on a tight fund, and because of the pandemic, they’ve had to temporarily — if not permanently — close their doors.

According to a recent U.S. Chamber of Commerce Special Report on Coronavirus and Small Business, 43% of small business owners believe that they can only last about six months in a temporary shutdown before they’ll have to close their doors for good.

Here’s all of our coverage of the coronavirus outbreak, which we will be updating every day.

On the bright side, help is on the way in the form of direct currency pays, catastrophe lends and special business tax breaks. But, understanding what is available, who is able to and how to apply is a whole other issue.

Score, a non-profit spouse of the Small Business Association, has put together a website to help small business owners get answers to their questions and to guide them during these tough financial hours. It’s called the Coronavirus Small Business Resource Hub, and it boasts mentoring, online workshops and other online resources for small business owners who are looking for guidance.

How Can the Coronavirus Small Business Resource Hub Help You?

Here’s what you can expect to find on the website.

Remote Mentoring

During the current pandemic, having a guide through the perturbed irrigates could be extra helpful. Through the hub, small business owners can be paired with a instructor, one of Score’s 10,000 volunteers who are experienced business leaders. They can be matched by location, and the mentorship can be handled via phone, email, video conferencing, or even face-to-face.

Mentors can help small business owners navigate predicaments in all areas of business including commerce, staffing, scaling and budgeting.

Mentorship is a free work of SCORE and the hub.

Online Seminars

The website also offers a number of free or low-cost online workshops and live webinars. These assortment from neighbourhood seminars to webinars addressing the difficulties of the COVID-1 9 pandemic. Some upcoming webinars include 😛 TAGEND

April 16: National Assets and Policy Updates for Small Businesses Impacted by COVID-1 9

April 28: Marketing Advice to Combat an Economic Downturn

May 7: Navigating Long-Term Uncertainty and the Aftermath of Disruption

You can read more about these live webinars now. Additionally, there is a library of recorded webinars with topics ranging from social media to tax opinion to diversification inclusion.


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Go-To for Coronavirus-Related Answer

The government is trying to help small businesses, right? How are they doing it? Where’s the money and how does a business owner apply for it? Who characterizes? These are just some of the questions at the top of business owners’ attentions right now.

If you’re not looking for a workshop, but exactly need answers to some of your questions about coronavirus and how businesses can survive this difficult time, the hub has a library of helpful articles.

You can find information on Small Business Association lends and the CARES Act, as well as gratuities on maximizing cash flow during downtimes. There’s even information on gifts that are currently available.

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