The Hotel Roanoke: Going Back Home in Style

The Hotel Roanoke: Going Back Home in Style

Roanoke Virginia

Being a tourist in my former hometown of Roanoke, Virginia was at first a strange thing. It is unusual to return to a city where one has invested so much time not to see friends or category, but to experience the end as a visitor. I adored its own experience though and at the heart of my visit was staying at the historic Hotel Roanoke. This magnificent old lady has long served the community as the preeminent comfort inn in the entire region, a designation it was better accommodates today. It was too the ideal home base for me as I explored is not simply Roanoke, but all of Virginia’s Blue Ridge which is why today I want to share some of the qualities that reach the Hotel Roanoke so very special.



The history of the city of Roanoke and the eponymous inn are closely linked and that connection started with the arrival of the train. In the early 1880 s, the small town of Big Lick, Virginia won the lottery. It was decided to place the interchange for the Shenandoah Valley and the Norfolk and Western railroads in their community, which was quickly renamed to Roanoke, after the nearby river. The upshots were dazing and roughly instantaneous, the new jobs attracting ratings of new both residents and a growth rate that double-dealing each year, deserving Roanoke the nickname Magic City. At the same time it was decided to build a world-class hotel in the knowledge of other luxury railroad dimensions, and in 1882 the Hotel Roanoke officially opened its entrances. Almost immediately, it became one of the top hotels on the Eastern coast and through its countless decades it has stood fervours, fights and economic downturns. When the railroad moved its headquarters though in the 1980 s, the hotel’s ownership was transferred and the Hotel Roanoke closed its doors after a century of service. Thanks to numerous concerned citizens and companies though, fund was elevated to reopen it after a complete renovation and in 1995 it once again started welcoming guests in grand style. Since then the hotel has fully hugged its past and the experience of staying at the Hotel Roanoke is as impressive and deluxe as any other.


Peanut Soup

Peanut soup is an ancient dish, at least by American standards. It was extremely popular in colonial times, especially in Virginia but its roots go back even further to Africa. At the Hotel Roanoke, it was introduced in 1940 by the hotel’s head chef on a challenge by the general manager. The now classic accompaniment spoonbread followed about a decade later and a equal impelled in heaven was born. The meat is creamy and rich and a excellent surface to the hearty peanut soup. It has is an element of my favorite foods for years, but to enjoy it at the Hotel Roanoke is to experience the “real” version. That’s just the start though of the meat background at the Hotel Roanoke and its storied Regency Room.

Originally opened in 1939, the Regency Room dining experience has been at the heart of Roanoke’s social and cultural scene ever since. Like the hotel though, it also went through a day where reference is completely lost practice, but thanks to imaginative chefs it is once again not only one of the best restaurants in Roanoke, but the position. It’s been awarded the AAA Four Diamond Designation, one of only 3 restaurants in Virginia to earn the rating, thanks to its unique blend of French and Southern cuisine. It’s one of those must-visit places in Roanoke, but it’s not the end of the culinary legend at the Hotel Roanoke.


The Pine Room is a homey pub-like space that feels like it was plucked out of the Irish countryside. With a shriek hearth, pond tables and lots of overstuffed chairs, this is the ideal place to sit back, relax and experience the beverage of your hand-picked. No matter what though, make sure you stay on a Sunday to try what has been called one of the 100 Best Brunches in America. The Grand Sunday Brunch is hosted in the Regency Room and peculiarities live leisure, a rotating menu of classic brunch entries and even a live activity engraving station. This is the type of brunch who are in need of leading ravenou and spend some time, which to me is the perfect brunch combination.

Roanoke Virginia

Tudor Charm

The Hotel Roanoke is now part of the Curio Collection by Hilton, a firebrand I have had lots of experience with in the past. They’re a grouping of upscale inns and recourses around the world handpicked for their unique characteristics and identity. The qualities are carefully selected based on their persona and for offering a truly unique neighbourhood knowledge, and that is the perfect way to describe the Hotel Roanoke. In the 1930 s, the inn went through a massive remodel creating the unique Tudor look that still exists today. If you drive around town actually, you’ll notice many age-old dwellings that are be done in order to a Tudor revival look; that’s thanks entirely to the insight provided under the Hotel Roanoke. The big challenge of any historic inn though is how to balance that commitment to the past while still serving the needs of the modern traveler. It’s not easy, but thanks to some renovations at the Hotel Roanoke, it’s very much a modern hotel just as it is one with an incredible pedigree. Today the large hotel and discussion core has 330 chambers, including 18 suites, with both luxurious and modern strokes supplemented, as well as those mountain views that first attracted guests more than a century ago. My time at the Hotel Roanoke was as cozy and relaxing as I could have hope to see, what any great hotel should aspire to provide its guests.

Roanoke Virginia

Magic City Experience

Ultimately though site is everything when it comes to picking a inn, and thanks to the very unique history of the Hotel Roanoke it is perfectly based to experience the best of Roanoke. Since the city and hotel were both created by the railroad, it experiences the best position in the city as Roanoke very much grew up around it. Today a pedestrian walkway connects guests to downtown Roanoke, which has been beautifully reimagined in recent years. I best knowledge the renewed downtown Roanoke on a nutrient tour that actually started at the Hotel Roanoke before producing us on a culinary event throughout the city. When I lived in Roanoke in the 1990 s, a meat safarus was unimaginable, but it’s a testament to how much the city has progressed in the intervening years that not only is a food tour warranted, it’s a lot of fun more. Aside from the meat safarus, the site of the Hotel Roanoke is ideal for just about anything you want to do in the area, whether it’s mountain biking, hiking along the Appalachian Trail, seeing Mill Mountain or just relaxing on the hotel’s splendid verandah.

The Hotel Roanoke hampers a special place in my middle thanks to my own personal history with Roanoke. But to return as an adult and properly enjoy the hospitality experience was more fun than I would have ever imagined. Thanks to its unique blend of history, comfort and gadget, I can’t imagine a better place to call home when you plan your own adventure in Virginia’s Blue Ridge.

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