The Best Soft Mattresses (2019 Reviews)

The Best Soft Mattresses (2019 Reviews)

While it might announce obvious that you’d want a soft sleeping skin-deep, there’s a considerable difference in how a soft mattress feels compared to medium or firm. Your favor sleeping posture, form category, and even senility can affect whether or not a soft berthed is a right fit for you. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about soft mattresses and give you our top picks.

Our Top Picks: Summary

Best Overall- Casper Original Best Value- Puffy Mattress Best Luxury- Brooklyn Aurora Best Hybrid- The WinkBed Best Memory Foam- Layla

The Best Soft Mattresses: Our Top Picks Casper Mattressauto credit v1Casper

The Casper mattress employs four foam strata for ease and support.

Check Price Why We Picked It

Casper is a popular all-foam mattress that uses four separate coatings to maximize your sleep knowledge. What draws this the best soft mattress is its ability to balance support and ease. The Casper bed has a medium firmness level, but the cushy memory foam contours to your torso and furnishes excellent pressing quality comfort. Half of this 12 -inch thick-witted mattress is made of high-density polyfoam that serves as a strong buoy core.

In addition to its construction, the Casper bed is also a great choice for duos thanks to its flow isolation–this will help you sleep through your spouse moving or getting up while “youre sleeping”. The textiles used in this soft mattress too sleep relatively cool. You have the opportunity to test the Casper mattress out for 100 -nights, and the commodity sends free within the continental United States.

Keep in Mind

Depending on what you want from your soft mattress, the Casper might not be the perfect pick. Like most sud mattresses, the Casper has less hem funding and does not sleep as cool as hybrid mattresses.

In a Nutshell

Medium all-foam berthed the remaining balance pressure spot easing and foundation Quiet and isolates motion, originating it huge for couples Quality creation at an affordable expenditure

Puffy Mattressbed & bathPuffy Mattress

The Puffy mattress is a premium feeling bed at an economical price.

Check Price Why We Picked It

If you’re looking for a soft mattress that isn’t going to break the bank, the Puffy Mattress is an excellent choice. This bed has a simple two-layer design star high-quality suds; the top stratum is four inches of Cooling Cloud foam made from gel-infused viscoelastic polyurethane, and the Firm Core Support is a six-inch bottom layer made of dense polyurethane foam. The top mantle closely contours to your body while the denser tush foam supplies essential support.

While its cost level is the most notable characteristic, the Puffy Mattress manages to include some affecting aspects as well. The Cooling Cloud foam is good for hot sleepers who would usually find soft mattresses very shielded. The bunked also includes free send and a 101 -night trial. The Puffy company works with a humanitarian organization that gives a mattress to homeless youth shelters.

Store in Mind

With a more cheap premium too comes some trade-offs. The Puffy Mattress does not have good boundary aid due to its all-foam design. This bed is also not terribly responsive, propose it doesn’t have good go, which can negatively affect copulation and changeable sleep positions.

In a Nutshell

Quality mattress at an cheap toll Soft contouring viscoelastic polyurethane foam top Cooling Cloud sud is great for sizzling sleepers

Brooklyn AuroraFree Traffic GeneratorBrooklyn Aurora

The Brooklyn Aurora berthed is soft and sleeps cool throughout the night.

Check Price Why We Picked It

The Brooklyn Aurora mattress offered in three different firmness alternatives, include a Soft model that perfect for feature sleepers and anyone looking for more cushion. The soft exceed stratum usages CopperFlex and a phase-changing material called TitanCool to give you a cool-to-the-touch sleeping surface. A second sud layer announced TitanFlex aides the top coating in figure contouring and deep tighten reinforce. The core of the Aurora exercises over 1,000 coils to give you targeted aid and a good quantity of bounce.

Couples are well aware the responsiveness of the outpourings working in partnership with the motion separation of the thick-witted top beds. The numerou firmness alternatives permit duos to compromise on the type of sleep surface readily, and the reinforced Quantumedge allows you to use the entire mattress without feeling like you might fall off. Brooklyn Bedding gives customers a 10 -year warranty and a 120 -night sleep trial.

Impede in Mind

The Brooklyn Aurora bunked is a reasonably new commodity, so long term results are just an estimate. With the 120 -night trial, clients are required to test out the bunked for at least 30 days.

In a Nutshell

Hybrid pattern and CopperFlex fabric assisting the Aurora sleep cool Numerou firmness alternatives including Medium and Soft Three foam mantles for contouring and innerspring ringlets for subsistence

The WinkbedHow To Make Money Online DailyThe Winkbed

The Winkbed has extra lumbar is supportive of back sleepers.

Check Price Why We Picked It

Soft hybrid mattresses have the benefit of comfy foam top layers combined with the airflow from an innerspring core. The Winkbed exploits two polyfoam beds for ease and a encouraging core made from mini-coils and high-density polyfoam. Its building also includes a compressed-cotton lumbar pad which will be incredibly helpful for back sleepers.

The Winkbed comes in three different firmness levels–the Medium-Firm option is best for back sleepers, and the Medium Soft option is better for feature sleepers. This berthed also allows for a good sum of airflow through its loops which are helpful in hot sleepers.

Preserve in Mind

The Winkbed’s trial period has a obligatory 30 -night break-in period before you can initiate a return. This mattress is just one of the more expensive options on our list, although the expenditure is not as high as hybrid plots can get.

In a Nutshell

Compressed-cotton lumbar corroborate pad Three firmness options including Medium-Soft Hybrid pattern helps you sleep cool

LaylaHow To Make Money Online Fast And FreeLayla

The Layla is a flippable mattress with two firmness options.

Check Price Why We Picked It

The Layla mattress is the most unique option on our roster, mainly because of its flippable designing. While regular bottoms allow you to sleep on either side with the same feeling and pillow-top couches exclusively allow you to sleep on the top, this bed is originated with two entirely different sleeping ordeals depending on what surface you choose.

The two sides are Soft to Medium-soft and Firm, with the soft surface allowing you to remove some of the shredded-foam filling for a customized sleeping skin-deep. This bunked employments copper-infused memory foam to help you stay cool. Layla also includes a lifetime warranty with all of their mattresses.

Deter in Mind

The Layla mattress does not provide as much support as other bottoms on this list, which could be a big factor for some sleepers. Additionally, the all-foam design does not have strong fringe support–especially on the Soft side.

In a Nutshell

Flippable mattress with two firmness alternatives Shredded sud crowding can be removed for a customized sleeping skin-deep Lifetime assurance

How We Chose

When we pick our top recommendations, we want you to buy a mattress that are able to last-place, which is why we look for quality information, how sturdy a mattress is, and what type of sleeping surface the bunked presents. If you require an in-depth look at how we prefer our concoctions, you can read more about our methodology here.

What is a Soft Mattress?

While the softness of a mattress is subjective, we can gauge and charge beds based on the materials used to make it. Your personal predilection will distance what is best for you, but the table below gives you a basic impression for how a mattress will feel based on firmness rating.

RatingHow it Feels

SoftThis surface will allow you to sink penetrating into the mattress, and the surface will grip your mas.

Medium-SoftThe top mantles of this mattress will closely contour to your person with a considerable amount of capsizing.

MediumThe mattress will perfectly desegregate contour and support with negligible subside.

Medium-FirmThe top seams will contour somewhat and the berthed supports significant support.

FirmThe berthed will have little to no contouring, but maximized support.

Who is Well-Suited for a Soft Mattress?

There are a lot of aspects that can change what type of mattress best dress you. Everything from body category to sleep position can make one option better than another, so below, we’ve broke down the key factors that might do you the excellent candidate for a soft mattress.

Back Sleepers

When you sleep on your side, your shoulders and trendies will drop deeper into a mattress than the rest of your body. A softer bed will conform to your body’s curves to help promote spinal alignment. This should be allowed to most side sleepers avoid any aches or sufferings that is likely to are available on a stiffer surface–although drop more far in can negatively affect your alignment.

Lightweight Sleepers

For people who weigh less than the average person, you will not sink as far into a regular mattress. Plush soft mattresses have the advantage of requiring less load to sink into the top beds, so lightweight sleepers will feel the comfort layers conducted in conformity with your figure much easier.

Older Sleepers

The older you get, the more you might appreciate a soft mattress. Seniors tend to be more sensitive to pressure, so having a soft sleeping skin-deep can be much more comfortable–it can also save you from waking up sore due to a stiffer berthed. We also tend to sleep colder as we age, and soft mattresses can have a better insulating outcome to keep us from getting too cold.

Sleepers with Sleep Apnea

If you suffer from sleep apnea, it is advised that you should sleep on your slope. Some types of sleep apnea are caused by medical issues like sinusitis and magnified tonsils, but Obstructive Sleep Apnea is caused by poor sleep posture. Whether its a medical milieu or from your sleep importance, the best solution is to sleep on your surface, and a soft mattress can help compile that more comfortable.

Freezing Sleepers

While many beings deal with sweating while they sleep, others find themselves getting too cold at night. This can be caused by medical conditions but is also really a common characteristic. A soft mattress is great for cold sleepers because the surface will cradle the body and provide better insulation.

Who is not Suited for a Soft Mattress?

While there are plenty of people who can benefit from a soft mattress, there are also those who might not. The types of sleepers listed below may not find a soft mattress as comfortable.

Back and Stomach Sleepers

While side sleepers is conducive to a plush surface, back sleepers still demand a bed that conforms to their body; however, dropping too deep into the berthed can cast off spinal adjustment. Stomach sleepers are even more likely to find softer bottoms unpleasant because dropping into the mattress will put pressure on your cervix and shoulders. Both back and stomach sleepers may wake up with person aches and back pain from a mattress that is too soft.

Heavier Sleepers

People who are above average heavines won’t find soft bottoms too pleasant. While lightweight and average value sleepers only sink into the top mantles in key areas, heavier sleepers might find that they sink in too far with no contouring. This can throw off your spinal alignment and make it difficult to change positions.

Sleepers with Back Pain

People who suffer from back pain can benefit from a little conforming and strong subscribe, like a medium-firm mattress. Soft mattresses won’t offer the same level of support which might realise back sting worse–this is especially true for back sleepers who need more lumbar support.


Most of us is cognizant of the conglomerate sleeping skin-deeps used only for infants, which are crucial for safety rationales. As kids get older, there aren’t really any guidelines for when they’ll be ready for a softer mattress. Everybody’s advantages progress differently, sudden changes in sleep surface can negatively affect sleep structures, and studies have found that consistency is key during growth surges.

Hot Sleepers

While cold sleepers is conducive to the close conforming of a soft mattress, red-hot sleepers will probably find it overbearing. The included insularity could start you sweat more overnight, so a house mattress might be better for aura dissemination. It must point out that some creators try to overcome this issue with special information that can even compile soft bunks comfy for sizzling sleepers.

Pros and Cons of Soft Mattresses

Pros of Soft MattressesCons of Soft Mattresses

Soft mattresses closely conducted in conformity with your torso, which facilitates with persuade place reliefSinking in very far into a mattress might stimulate hot-sleepers to wake up sweaty

Side sleepers will appreciate the pressure relief from their hips and shouldersStomach sleepers and back sleepers need more encouraging mattresses

The soft strata allow you to sink in and cradle their own bodies for peak comfortTop seams tend to degrade faster

The thick-skulled convenience beds( often made of foam) and birthplace outcome can stop you warm while sleeping

Plush mattresses isolate flow much better, which is perfect for pairs

Tips for Buying a Soft Mattress

Before you go out and buy the soft mattress of your dreams, take a look at the helpful information below.

Sleep Contests

Buying a brand-new mattress is an important decision, and it can take at least a month for your body to adapt to a brand-new mattress amply. Instead of only laying on a berthed for a few minutes at a collect, trying out a berthed with a long sleep trial mean you get to test it out in the solace of your own home and is how it props up after reiterated use.

Flippable Mattresses

Some parties like to change the position they sleep in or just like to switch up their sleeping surface. Flippable mattresses give you two different firmness options- typically a soft area and firmer surface for whichever you prefer that night.


A soft berthed allows you to settle deeper into the mattress, which is going to affect what type of pillow you should buy. Lower loft pillows are the best choice since overstuffed or high-loft pillows might induce a strain on your neck and is in conflict with spinal alignment.


One issue with soft mattresses is that the upper strata are prone to sagging. The upside is that a lot of manufacturing assurances include undue droop as a product flaw and will repair for little to no rate. You could save money in the long run by looking into what the extent is for a mattress to be considered flawed and how much the company will cover.

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