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Grow your business with animated explainer videos ft. Charles Alexander (Inbound Success, Ep. 138)

How does Charles Alexander generate anywhere from 100% to 1200% ROI for his patrons applying inspired explainer videos?

Charles AlexanderThis week on The Inbound Success Podcast, small business advisor and video architect Charles Alexander explaining how he facilitates customers create animated explainer videos, and how those videos are quickly rendering gargantuan returns on investment.

From why and when to use an animated explainer, to how the video yield process offices and how companies can use invigorated explainer videos in their marketing and sales process, Charles shares a resource of learning on these types of videos, along with how you can create them yourself if you don’t want to outsource.

Highlights from my exchange with Charles include 😛 TAGEND

Charles is a small business coach who also has a business forming 90 second explainer videos.

He specializes in working with people in an advisory role( ex. real estate agents, insurance agents, monetary advisors, etc .) and helping them more clearly explain how they stand out from the contender.

Charles says that 80% of online freight today is video, and whether beings like to admit or not, video is one of the main ways we all eat knowledge.

Unfortunately, numerous people are either very uncomfortable being on camera or very awkward when they are, and an animated video is an inexpensive action of reaping the compensations of video without “ve had to” leant a subject matter expert on camera.

The main reason to create video of any kind is to build what Charles calls a “know, like and trust factor” with your gathering.

Many people are awkward or ungainly being on video, and creating animated videos is one way to move quickly with video even where the subject matter expert either cannot or will not appear on video themselves.

Charles’s process for creating videos starts with his patron filling out a six question way that is all about their end consumer. He queries about the person or persons they work with, the problem they solve, how they solve the problem, why they’re different, what the steps are, and what the end result is.

From that, he writes a 250 text write, which equates approximately to a 90 second finished video.

90 seconds is the sweet spot because anything shorter makes it hard to get a point across, and with anything longer, it can be tough to hold the attention of your public.

This also makes his purchaser to divest away all of the jargon and useless information that they might often include on their websites and boil everything down to a simple story that is customer-focused.

From there, Charles transports the finished dialogue to a professional voice over artist, marries the audio with video that he starts, and displays a finished product.

Charles has created a 12 place checklist that strolls his patients through how they can use their enlivened explainer videos in their market and sales. It includes advice on using it for social media, on your website homepage, and in follow up emails to customers and prospects.

The cost to create an inspired explainer video can wander anywhere from $300 to $20,000. Charles blames $999 for one video, but also offers packs with volume dismiss.

For many of Charles’ clients, the payback span on this investment is very quick. He’s had customers who have squandered his videos in their marketing and sales process and almost immediately closed new deals. For one client, property one brand-new purchaser represent 100% ROI, and for another, one new customer from a video translated to 1200% ROI.

Charles is very transparent and shared that he works application called VYOND to create his videos. He says anyone can do it, but it acquires impression financially to outsource because of the understand curve and the amount of period you would need to spend.

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Check out Charles’ website at www.yourcharlesalexander.com

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Check out some examples of videos that Charles has created for business owners, financial management business, and insurance business.

Listen to the podcast to learn when to use enlivened explainers, and how they can help grow your business.