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Written Weekly Astrology 17th Feb 2020 – Awakening

Written Weekly Astrology 17th Feb 2020 – Awakening

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signaling February 17 2020


Your warrior implements include insight and intuition

Success setting activities in the past could find you in the present

Take a penetrating dive into person wisdom

Dreams, belief, spirituality, the Tarot, astrology, psychology, psychiatry, rehabilitation, alternative therapies, the soul of empathy, empathy and questions such as: What’s the meaning of all this? Mercury retrograde in your 12 th this week recognizes a return tour to the deep side of life. Some of you may go deeper this time around. This is also your house of the past and past lives. It can be found in activities set in motion in the past catch up with us in the present. In your contingency this could just be second fortune possibilities knock, strike, beating on heaven’s door which is able open wide for you. Especially when it comes to past efforts towards success. Jupiter and ruler Spoils are both in your vocation area now. Jupiter making a destiny fulfilling inclination to Neptune which rulers your 12 th on the 19 th. Taints trines Uranus in your coin area on the 21 st. It’s telling you its time to finish what you started- and derive those wages if they are due.

The Sun and brand-new Moon in your 12 th on the 19 th and 23 rd respectively point to an opportunity where you can use your insight and insight to practical purposes. Follow the nudges of your person. This is a time where secrets can be uncovered and the past entirely reframed. You may determine people’s wars for what they truly were- not what you thought or wanted them to be. Also your gift is that of the fearless soul warrior as you’re willing to face any patterns in relationships or in life, that stop you from having whatever it is you inclination. There’s no such thing as a bad direction between Venus and Jupiter. Venus is still in your 1st and makes a success defining angle to Jupiter also on the 23 rd. Watch how barriers to progress simply drop away. All because of what you follow through with or have previously set in motion.

In a nutshell: This week could disclose your purpose, open up a secret source of prudence or “ve brought you” long awaited results from something you started in the past. In fact, this is where your past catches up with your present. It’s a gift, Aries.


Moonwalk back to those dreams

Reconnect to reboot your future

Don’t hesitate over second chances

It’s Retro Time, child and with lord Venus in your 12 th while this is happening, you can expect the past to come calling. Mercury honchoes backwards in your residence of the future, your friendships, bonds and goals this week. You could be hearing from beings you have not heard from in a while. And too perhaps restoring a past dream that you felt you had to let go of. Maybe due to circumstances beyond your authority. Or perhaps even because person rained cold water on those hopes and chooses. Mercury retro settles’ re’ oaths so yes, rebirth is certainly your one now.

Your key to onward motion and freedom actually rests with parties you have known or meet again now. Ruler Venus will angle to Jupiter in its find 9th from your 12 th on the 23 rd, while Jupiter in turn aligns to Neptune which guidelines your 12 th but sits in your 11 th on the 19 th. You could be faced with the unexpected return of job opportunities or blast from your past with an present for you when Mars also in your 9th, aligns with Uranus in your 1st on the 21 st. Don’t hesitate this time around if this is a second chance offer. The Sun enters your 11 th on the 19 th and we have one of the most important new Moons of the year in here on the 23 rd- the same day your ruler and Jupiter align. This one prepares your course towards future developments and too characterizes your social life for the next 12 months. There’s something bigger on offer with kindred spirits now, Taurus. So reconnect with them this week.

In a nutshell: Mercury retro regulates those’ re’ terms. In your event reconnection, Taurus. Reconnecting to old friends and contacts and to those dreams, situates you on a brand-new passage this week.


Your ruler says you DO get a second chance to do that impression

Delays and discussions work in your favor now

People you know open doors to your future

When ruler Mercury principals place you know that aside from observing the usual Retro Rules, that the place governed by the house is heads backwards in is now on hold. In the case of this retro-fit – your job and later, long distance travel and those big dreams. So, call this a period of fine tuning and refinement and if possible, put over those travel plans or launching that big idea as Mercury switches in your 10 th from the 17 th.

If you are currently engaged in a job search, a slope, interrogation process or anything that will have a perceptible impact on your status or public image, expect nothing to be decided and for things to rock back and forth for a bit on the Ocean of Negotiation. This is due to Jupiter and Mars both in your 8th impacting on Neptune in your 10 th and Uranus in your 12 th. Nothing is decided but if so, know there is a good reason behind it. Likewise know where you are prepared to be flexible and where you need to stand by your values. The Sun opens your 10 th the coming week and with your lord backwards, this is a call to re-impress potential honchoes, clients and business contacts you have approached in the past. Perhaps by taking a different one. The door may open if you beat again peculiarly around the time of the brand-new Moon in now on the 23 rd. It’s likewise a week where long term destinations and aims is likely to be rejuvenated or realised via those you are well aware. Venus brings you friends with welfares- not the romantic kind but almost every other kind you can think of, as it directions to Jupiter on the 23 rd. If you need something, ask who you know or mine your network to revive those goals, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Ruler Mercury in full retroactive action has you looking at where you’ve been- and where you want to go next. Those you know or have approach in the past, harboured the key to this. Knock on that doorway again.


Own that path

Look back at the past with love not judgement

Is it season for a new kind of partnership?

Set your status influence to higher yet to clamber the coming week, Cancer. It’s time to own your course in a way you may not have done til now. Time to claim your own unique direction. To understand this is your life and yours to establish of it what you will. If you have been living your life for others, or worse, living their choices for you, Mercury retrograde in your 9th qualities the way to freedom. You’ll likewise come to appreciate how your select of marriages forces your decisions and where you find yourself. You’re looking at this in a non-blaming way now thanks to Jupiter and Mars in your 7th. Jupiter and Mars both in your 7th proposal brand-new selections and fresh tendencies- perhaps unexpected ones as Jupiter aligns to Neptune in its ruling 9th on the 19 th, and Mars to Uranus in your 11 th on the 21 st. A new partnership opportunity may appear very different to those in the past. Ask if you want more of the same or something new and better?

Above all, do watch for any predispositions towards escapism or envisioning someone or somewhere will solve your matters. This is not what this week is all about. Ownership necessitates dealing with your stuff in the here and now. Usually the Sun and brand-new Moon in your 9th- which take place on the 19 th and 23 rd respectively, mark the beginning of a brand-new or metaphorical outing. However, tripping except back to the past, is not preferred under a Mercury retro. Again, this relates to owning your passage and your hand-pickeds. Knowing where you have been allows you to see what “ve brought you” here right now. This is a course correct if this is what is needed. Especially when it comes to adored and duty and partnership preferences. Venus now in your 10 th could be showing you that there’s something or someone higher or better to reach for now which changes your direction personally, professionally or both, as it aligns to Jupiter on the 23 rd. It’s your pick, Cancer. Choose a higher version of love.

In a nutshell: Time for owned of that soul course, Cancer. By doing this and looking at your past from a position of non-blame, you step free of it. There’s a brand-new success tale arising as a result of this. Do the work.


Show the world your colours

Living without alteration is more scary than actually living it

Embrace new beginnings- and a new you

It’s butterfly hour, Leo! You’ve been a chrysalis for far too long in a key area. So, this week as the planetary activity peaks in your 8th, time to constitute the changes you now know need to happen to bring this about. Perhaps you have been procrastinating around this. And there can be so many reasons why we don’t tackle the changes we know we should. Fear of change being one thing. But yes, without that alter “theres been” no butterflies. There are no endings, simply new beginnings this week as Mercury retro in your 8th sends you a remembrance around what you have been putting off. You too have your ruler the Sun arriving in this house on the 19 th and a new Moon in now on the 23 rd. This tags a penetrating, soul check period of transformation where you look within and ask yourself if you are able to frankly living a life in the status quo?

The changes may not happen overnight, but knowing that things cannot possibly stay the same will see you at least taking the first steps towards initiating that shifting. You have strong planetary help in this easing your practice towards change. Jupiter in your 6th of wellbeing aligns to Neptune also in your 8th, possibly moment the way to a mixture you were not aware existed til now. Mars in your 6th impacting on Neptune also in your 8th has you acting on intuition to seek them out. Your time of rise is the 23 rd the working day of the brand-new Moon when Venus in Jupiter’s ruling 9th aligns to it in your 6th. You now learn all too clearly the impact of not performing that deepen. Unfurl those offstages, show your colourings and be prepared to fly this week.

In a nutshell: Change changes you free this week, Leo. And by that, I mean to soar and sheen as is your destiny. Don’t put off initiating this or doing whatever needs to be done to achieve it. Staying stayed? Simply no longer an option.


Nothing is written in stone- including that lover’s tiff

Get a heart-starter on what you thought impossible

Long live enjoy!

With lord Mercury retrograde in your partnership zone this week you should not need me to be borne in mind that starting on a new tie-in of any description is a bad idea now. This includes business ones as well as the romantic variety. Nothing is decided or indicated, sealed, handed and yours now. So, is married- also a bad sentiment. Put off long term decisions that involve you and the other unless it simply cannot be helped. The upside to that retrograde in here is nothing lasts. That includes that lover’s tiff.

Mercury will back up into it’s ruling 6th during this retro cycle so delight ensure you stick to those retro powers. Resuscitating the charity, could be themes you are looking at due to the Sun and a brand-new Moon also in your 7th the coming week. and Venus in your 8th of rebirth. This is all about your very own love revival. You could agree with someone, recapture missing indignation with a present partner- or even for something you used to love to do. Taints in your 5th is all about turning up the hot plus you too have Jupiter in here telling you its age for big desire. And to rehabilitate this if lately you have been feeling it has been dropped in the left luggage office. Venus’s alignment to Jupiter on the 23 rd which is the same day as that new Moon in Venus’s ruling 7th, is all about a rebirth. That suitor you never envisaged would reappear. That opportunity you felt had gone for good. Or even only that ability to abandon yourself to a place, hobby or practice to express yourself you used to love. Long live adored this week.

In a nutshell: Love gets a heart-starter. It could return or be resurrected if you felt it had gone for good the coming week. Possibility could reappear and infatuation recreated. Seems enjoy was never dead- only sleeping, Virgo.


Create a revive and recover kind of routine

Wait for answers

What returns has your appoint on it

Mercury retros in its find 6th in your plot of direct and wellbeing this week. This of course contributes up to an extra special dose of Mercury mayhem now. Note that it will back up into your 5th of fans, children and holidays while it is in downwards chassis. So, booking that trip now even for a time when Mercury is heading forward again- not a good plan. Things may be unclear or just plain confusing around handiwork, your daily routine or even wellbeing. If you are given a diagnosis now and it does not sit right with you, get a second or even third mind if necessary. Merc retro in here can procreate things difficult to diagnose especially as you have Neptune in here too. Your intensity can go back and forth. A little restorative care as in taking care of yourself, vanishes a long way now.

Questions around living plans may also be’ up in the air’ still and again, this is not the time to buy, sell, lease or hire owned unless you utterly have to move as Mercury settles contracts. What is this time good for then I hear you ask? Especially as “youve had” the Sun and brand-new Moon also in your 6th the coming week. Changing up that number and strategy a future move. Either with part, assertions or both. This week construes sovereign Venus still in your 7th of partnerships aspect Jupiter in your 4th. Some could see a position or property opening they missed out on the first time, come back onto the market. If so, you have every planet’s- including Mercury’s permission to go for it. What returns now has your figure on it.

In a nutshell: It may not be the best time to start something new. But to rediscover a lost love or missed opportunity? Your approbations have your name on them. What returns this week goes to show just how true-life this is, Libra.


Welcome to the desire revival

Plug back into past passion

Wait for the final result

Where has the cherish depart, Scorpio? If you find yourself asking that question over the next few weeks, please don’t start looking forward to it in all the wrong lieu. Yes, this would normally be a special time for you when it comes to adore, intrigue and pure entertainment due to the Sun’s arrival in your 5th on the 19 th and a new Moon in now on the 23 rd. This usually observes a season for new beginnings in love, self-expression and amusement. However, party-pooper Mercury( this is your house of parties ), goes into full turn on the 17 th in now. So, while the good times may not necessarily be on hold, starting that brand-new love affair, innovative go or vacation isn’t your best move right now. Not unless you really and truly enjoy changes and things simply not taking off that is. So, added to the confusion- if you are heading to that gathering make additional duration getting there and perhaps confirm it is still on.

Reviving an old-fashioned hobby, pastime, innovative project or penalty chanting that existing project is highlighted over the retro season. Injecting brand-new cherish into something aged in other words. As this is your house of compassion, Mercury retro can sometimes redeliver that past love who wants to kiss and make up. Bear in intellect , nothing is lasting or decided under a Merc Retro. This includes break-ups and spats. News around occupation or business could come your course this week thanks to Venus in your 6th along with Jupiter in your 3rd. The information may be positive but retain- both these mansions are ruled by Mercury! So, the deal’s not done until it’s ratified, shut and implemented and the money is in your chronicle. Wait for the final result this week.

In a nutshell: There’s a adore revitalization happening the coming week that pushes you back into lost joy. Or could even meet the return of an old compassion. But you’ll have to wait for the final outcome as Mercury leaders backwards in your 5th.


Moving on up may involve stick framed for now

Re-invent those ideas

Revive those proposes which could be cash in the bank

Put any belonging distributes on hold unless you absolutely cannot yield not to, Sag. If buying or renting you may be faced with withdrawals of offerings, time wasters or substantial retardations. If you are looking for a property, then you may find your present is accepted but then worsened, something wrong with the belonging or it is withdrawn from the market. Reversions under Mercury retrograde which presidents backwards in your live of residence, family and living plans, are common. If you are seeking a room-mate, they may turn out to be unreliable or not stay long. Bear in knowledge if you can, that numerous astrologers, numerologists and mystics believe that houses choose their inhabitants. Not the other way round. So, unless you are being evicted or your live agrees are unreasonable, staying make is your best option for the next few weeks.

This does not apply if you are moving back somewhere you have lived before, or if say, a asset you lost out on suddenly pas back up on to the market again. Redecorating, renovating and decluttering your residence are all promoted under Mercury retro. If you love wherever you, make it yours. If not, research where you want to move to while Mercury is backwards. The Sun and brand-new Moon in your 4th point to new beginnings. But the past could afford the key here. Ruler Jupiter in your coin zone wants to bankroll those contrives along with Mars which gasolines your capacity to go out to the purposes of more money. Time to unleash that internal financier thanks to a splendid trine between Mars and Uranus in your 6th on the 21 st. Did you have an idea that you have neglected to pursue? Mercury is all about reimagining or relaunching now. Venus which conventions your 2nd but currently sits in your 5th tilts to your governor which appear in Venus’s ruling room on the 23 rd. This could literally hand you a bonus on more than one rank. Bank rolling that future move could just now be possible, Sag.

In a nutshell: Look at those future moves wishes to stir, Sag. Or are you happy with where you’re living? If the latter- do what you can to make it certainly yours. If not, lord Jupiter could just have a plan to bankroll that move. Watch and wait.


Revisit what you send out there

Send out a soul remembrance of all you have to offer

Ask again and you could get a different answer

Mercury retrogrades in its ruling 3rd in your map this week. This adds up to doubled jeopardy when it comes to the mayhem it can create. So, delight stick to those Retro Rules! It will back up into your 2nd during this cycle so looking at your money, assets, resources and setting a new financial plan in motion is simply good housekeeping now. As is avoiding major spendings unless you are faced with superseding an item which has transgressed beyond amend. Simply leant, that negotiation isn’t.

You have the Sun and a new Moon also in your 3rd the coming week. Plus, Neptune in your 3rd makes a simply stimulating inclination to Jupiter in your 1st. Going back over that projection, work, thesis, manuscript, letter, CV, your’ brand’, website, blog, social media existence or that business or personal scheme could to be translated into relaunches and rebirths. Look at who you have approached for operate or sloped or submitted to in the past. It may now be well worth re-approaching them again. Taints in your 1st hands you the confidence to do this and the result may surprised to see me as it trines Uranus in your 5th on the 21 st. Venus sits in your 4th of home and also long term security and inclinations back to Jupiter on the same day as the brand-new Moon strikes your 3rd. The story could just be better than expected if you take chances. Reconnecting or point out that possible boss, patient, operator, publisher that you are still out there and have even more to offer now than before, could pay off in more behaviors than one this week.

In a nutshell: Sometimes asking a second time wreaks us a different refute. So, don’t be afraid to reproach those you contacted in the past, Capricorn. You know you have more to offer this time around. The same extends for love. Simply ask again.


Insight address you towards the answers you seek

Yes, you are worth more, Aquarius

Escape restriction this week!

If you’ve been searching or waiting for answers, Aquarius, the next few weeks could deliver them. The truth as they say is out there and Mercury retrograde in your 2nd and patronage into your 1st during this cycle, will connect “youve got to” it. One acces or another. The reacts you get now are designed to yes, defined you free. This may specially apply to your fund, assets, dwelling, possessions, back hustle, self-worth, appreciates, expertises and skills. And likewise simply to your being relationship to the material world. Like it or not, we are spiritual beings having to navigate it. Your smell of what you deserve, what you believe about fund and how you expect to be treated- not just in terms of what you are paid but in your relationships very, will be issued as part of revealings and re-negotiation now.

Jupiter in your 12 th is opening your eyes to a different way of thinking and seeing the world. Mars also in now gives you the fearlessness to probe deeper to find the truth behind what you have been led to believe. Boosted by retroactive ability from Mercury, you will look closer at what others have been telling you- this includes your family and love, about what you deserve or can hope to earn or achieve. Is it actually based on truth? Or simply low hopes, nervousnes or power? Disfigures trines ruler Uranus in your 4th on the 21 st allowing you to examine this inheritance. And change it with your own ethics if something simply no longer adds up. The Sun and brand-new Moon in your 2nd predicts new beginnings with your earning power and coin formerly you free-spoken yourself from aged attitudes of the past. Or relations which wonder these. Venus is the ruler of your 2nd but present in Mercury’s 3rd and appearances Jupiter on the 23 rd. Expect news or penetrations which is not simply improved your self-worth but named you free from those restrictions around what you can have or ordeal now, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: It’s time to know your merit, Aquarius. And likewise to weed out anything that tell me something you’re not worth it or appreciated. Those old superstitions around what you deserve or can have or earn are about to be replaced by a brand-new set of values.


Time for rebirth and reinvention

Relaunch yourself

Happy birthday, Pisces!

Time for a little reinvention perhaps, Pisces? Refining that examination, personal firebrand or theme? How about an idol modernize or even a complete shakeup? Check your social media feed and what you put out there now Mercury turns retrograde in your 1st. Mercury retro rulers’ re’ terms. And in your 1st it’s all about your portrait, firebrand, image, title, sense and how you come across to others. You best face forward in other words. Is it time for reinvention or a relaunch? You can experiment marketplace yourself now thanks to the major brave structures in your 11 th of friends, contacts and networks affecting on ruler Neptune in your 1st on the 19 th. A style of glamour or brand-new you is forecast. The Sun arrives in your 1st on the same day telling you it’s New You time. And you have the confidence to launch yourself before a rapt audience. Dare to stand out and be yourself. An opening may present itself to do time that around the 21 st when Defaces in your 11 th trines Uranus in your 3rd. Where “youre gonna”, whatever it is you do, say or send out there is important now. Craft a new message.

The brand-new Moon in your 1st on the 23 rd tags the official start of your brand-new cycle no matter what year your birthday fell off. Time to set intentions for the future but aside from working on that image, wait to initiate them due to the Merc retro. Venus sits in its ruling 2nd and generates opportunities via those connections as it aligns to Jupiter in your 11 th on the same day. Time to captivate or to discover what being someone brand-new on some statu brought you. It’s time for rebirth, Pisces. So this birthday- don’t hold yourself back.

In a nutshell: This birthday season wants to renew you entirely. Honour this vitality by making changes to your appearance, wording, symbol or send. You’ll have more than one opportunity to discover how others will receive this. Get your glam on, birthday ratify!

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