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How to Save Money While Attending College from Home

With the start of classes quickly approaching, many college students are struggling to find their footing in a school year that’s still being shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many universities like Harvard and George Washington University have announced fully remote learning for the fall semesters, while others are planning a remote and limited-contact hybrid format.

Even though higher education will mostly cost the same virtually as it did in-person, adapting to the new college experience at home can give some students the opportunity to make smart money moves. Here are six things students can do to maximize accumulated savings while learning from home.

Start by talking to financial aid

If your family has been financially impacted by the coronavirus, appealing for more financial assistance is the first step you should take according to Mark Kantrowitz, vice president of research for SavingForCollege.com. “With about a third of working Americans losing their jobs, it’s likely that more than a million parents of college-age children have been laid off or experienced a pay cut,” Kantrowitz adds.

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Since the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is based on two-year-old information, families shouldn’t hesitate to appeal if their annual income has decreased. An income change is the most common reason why families appeal, and the most likely circumstance that can yield an increase in financial aid.

While talking to financial aid won’t always translate into savings right in your bank account, an increase in financial assistance could allow you to cover immediate necessities like food, rent, and transportation.

Revisit your budget for the year

Many of the things college students spend money on — besides higher education expenses — won’t be as readily available during the coronavirus pandemic. This means saving money is somewhat built into the current online education landscape, though it will take discipline to keep it that way. As most restrictions across the country stay in place or become stricter, the list of wants per student can decrease as a result.

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“Students will save money by not decorating their rooms, paying for refrigerator rentals and late-night snacks with friends, trips and Greek life,” says Karen Gross, a nonprofit consultant, and instructor at Rutgers University.

If your university or community college has switched to remote learning and you don’t live on campus, take the time to revisit your financial goals and update your budget. Take into account what else you can cut down on — and yes, that might include your take-out bill.

Take advantage of internet service provider discounts

Remote learning is a reprieve for some, though it’s a burden for those who don’t have internet access. Relief options are available to these students, which will ease the burden of taking on an internet bill or the cost of a computer. For instance, Virginia Commonwealth University is providing its expected 500 students without internet access relief funds up to $2,000. If your university isn’t offering relief, look into the internet providers who are offering low-income households free or discounted internet access.

Use your extra time to pick up a side gig

Think about all the time you’ll be saving when you aren’t walking across campus or waiting at the bus stop. Consider using the time you don’t spend studying or completing coursework to pick up a side job. And don’t be afraid to get creative in the process.

With millions of people unemployed or experiencing significant cuts, the popularity of side gigs has increased dramatically. Approximately 44 million U.S. workers are working within the gig economy, taking on jobs like driving for Uber or selling crafts online.

Other options that might appeal to students are online tutoring or freelance work on sites like Fiverr or Upwork.

Reevaluate your living situation

The cost of room and board has doubled since 1980, surpassing inflation and highlighting the deterioration of college affordability. And that doesn’t even include steep rent prices students who live off-campus are barely able to afford. Virtual learning presents a unique opportunity for students to save a significant amount of money.

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Finding a more affordable option could cut your rent price by hundreds. Lauren Bringle, an Accredited Financial Counselor® and Content Marketing Manager with SelfFinancial, suggests that students living with their parents during the pandemic take all the money they would use to cover rent, utilities, and groceries and put it away.

Since you’re used to paying those bills, you probably won’t miss the money. Set up an auto-draft to your savings account each month for that amount. This can be an excellent way to supercharge your savings and help you prepare for future financial emergencies and expenses.

According to a recent analysis, around 2.7 million U.S. adults moved back in with a parent or grandparent in response to the coronavirus during March and April. The pandemic has shaken the stigma of moving back home and presented it as a valid option, especially for students.

Open a high-yield savings account

What should you do with the money you save? Our advice: save it for as long as you can. Though there’s one caveat, the average savings account only has an interest rate of 0.06%, meaning that you’re barely earning interest you put in savings. To be clear, putting money in your savings account is always a good thing, regardless of the rate. But you can think of a higher interest rate as the icing on the cake.

A high-yield savings account is the same as a regular savings account, but with a higher interest rate. The best high-yield savings accounts will offer interest rates starting at 1% or more, allowing you to grow your savings faster. Accelerating the growth of your savings can help you build a solid emergency fund and a bedrock for life after college.

Too long, didn’t read?

Transitioning to online education could present several practical opportunities for students to save, sometimes without much effort. Whether it be a side gig or a high-yield savings account, higher ed students can use this time of remote learning as a way to build up their savings and secure their future.

Experts cited

Karen Gross


Karen Gross is an author and educator, as well as an advisor and consultant to nonprofit schools, organizations, and governments; instructor of continuing education at Rutgers Graduate School of Social Work; visiting professor at Bennington College; former president of Southern Vermont College; former senior policy advisor to the United States Department of Education. Follow Karen on Twitter.

Mark Kantrowitz

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Mark Kantrowitz is Publisher and VP of Research for Savingforcollege.com. Mark is an expert on student financial aid, the FAFSA, scholarships and student loans. Mark has written for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Reuters, MarketWatch, Huffington Post, U.S. News & World Report, Money Magazine, Forbes, Newsweek and Time Magazine. He’s the author of five bestselling books about scholarships and financial aid and holds seven patents. Follow Mark on Twitter.

Lauren Bringle

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Lauren Bringle is an Accredited Financial Counselor® and Content Marketing Manager with Self Financial – a financial technology company with a mission to help people build credit and savings. She focuses on helping people establish a financially healthy foundation through smart budgeting, managing debt, building credit and savings, and getting started with retirement.

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Michigan Wolverines at Ohio State Buckeyes NCAAM Pick – March 1, 2020

-2.5SPREAD -1 10 ODDS




Ann Arbor

Yesterday, I was outraged to be recognised that the Utah Utes enticed so much better public war. I am always tough on the wager world, and deservedly so, as they do get it wrong almost always. But this one was even worse than ordinary.

The Utes opened up as one-point losers at Cal, and that was a acceptable amount. But Joe public decided that they couldn’t get enough of Utah, a squad that was 0-8 along the road in Pac-1 2 frisk, and hammered the Utes. Before all the junk adjudicated, the line moved two and a half points and closed out with Utah as -1. 5-point street favourites. Did I mention that Cal, while being awful on the road, was 11 -5 at home and coming off of a home storey win over a good Colorado team?

WIN IT FOR OUR FAMILY !![?] #OurHaas attacked: Gives triumph& refer our majors off in style!

Final: Cal 86, Utah 79 pic.twitter.com/ qbytDXMUia

— Cal Basketball (@ CalMBBall) March 1, 2020

I laughed at the public’s collective stupidity and backed the Bears, knowing that I was certainly on the right side and appreciated all of the additional price. And not at all shockingly, the public once again got it wrong, as Cal guided throughout and prevailed 86 -7 9.

Cal blew a six-point lead with under a time left to play in regulation to send it to overtime, which made us sweat a little bit, but the Assumes predominated the extra span, preceding by as numerous as ten spots, and we cashed yet another ticket.

In a game that didn’t genuinely matter in terms of March Madness or postseason continue, it mattered to us, as we continue to find value day in and day out betting on college basketball. For today’s daily gambling picking, we will stay on the grind for price as we head to Ohio State, where the Buckeyes host the Michigan Wolverines.

Today’s Game

Michigan Wolverines( 18 -1 0) at Ohio State Buckeyes( 19 -9) Value City Arena, Columbus 1:00 PM PST TV: CBS

The Ohio State Buckeyes are looking to keep up their late-season surge today, as they host their fierce challengers, the Wolverines of Michigan in Big 10 act. The Buckeyes have had an up and down season, but they have things moving in the right direction as we thoughts into March, as they have won seven out of their last-place nine tournaments. That includes signature acquires over Maryland, Rutgers, and Michigan.

4 P @TheSchott @CBS #ScarletOutTheSchott pic.twitter.com/ srvg1YopFe

— Ohio State Hoops (@ OhioStateHoops) March 1, 2020

For Michigan, the Wolverines are also hitting their stride in the second half of the season as they have too acquired seven out of their last nine competitions. After starting conference play by losing six out of their first eight competitions, the Wolverines have climbed out of the hole and now have a winning record in the Big 10, at 9-8. Surprisingly fairly, the Wolverines last-place four losings have all come at home, and they have won four straight road competitions.


Michigan +2.5( -1 10) Ohio State -2. 5( -1 10)

Money line:

Michigan +140 Ohio State -1 70

Total Points:

Over 137( -1 10) Under 137( -1 10)

Michigan Wolverines

Earlier this season, it looked like the Michigan Wolverines really might be the best team in the country. They started the season out by prize the Battle 4 Atlantis tournament, picking up prevails over North Carolina and Gonzaga along the way, and rocketed into the top five nationally. But then they perfectly fell apart, as they lost eight out of twelve competitions to come disintegrating back to earth.

But the Wolverines have turned things right back around here in the second half of consultation performance, and once again they are ranked nationally, currently coming in at eighteenth in the latest AP Poll, and are playing good basketball as Selection Sunday approaches. But when you take a closer look at who the Wolverines have played, and who they have beaten, there are some red flags.

During this recent winning streak, Big Blue has earns over Northwestern, Indiana, Purdue( twice ), Rutgers( twice ), and Nebraska. Of those crews, only Rutgers currently projects as a tournament squad, and nothing of those units are in the top half of the Big 10 bears. The only crew that Michigan has trounced in league play during this stretch that has a triumph record in the Big 10, is Michigan State.

Ohio State Buckeyes

While it is somewhat easy to poke holes in the Wolverines resume, Ohio State has some rock-solid triumphs this year. They drummed Kentucky, Cincinnati, Villanova, North Carolina, Penn State, Michigan, and Maryland. And while the Buckeyes aren’t going to win the Big 10 regular-season title, I could see them coming a very nice seed in the NCAA tournament, especially if they can win out in the regular season, with tournaments still left on the schedule against Illinois and Michigan State.

The Buckeyes use a avariciou security, a very efficient offense, and a sluggish gait, to grind units down and beat them. Ohio State is led by national musician of the year candidate Kaleb Wesson, who leads the team in scoring and rebounding, and represents a threat for a double-double every night. When these two teams coincided up in Ann Arbor a couple of weeks ago, Wesson vanished for twenty-three points and twelve comebacks, in the Buckeyes win.

Who Do I Like?

Backing home crews in the Big 10 has been my favorite sugar loophole continue this year. And while the trend of home teams triumphing and embracing at an stupid tempo has been slow some in recent weeks, you don’t want to find yourself on the side of a artery squad with a big number to cover in the Big 10. It has been a home team reigned organization all season long, and I expect that trend to continue tonight.

When these two teams matched up at Michigan in early February, the Buckeyes went into Ann Arbor and stole a succes. They trailed in video games with less than thirty seconds left on the clock and took advantage of some belatedly Michigan mishaps to win on the road. I think they finish off the season sweep of the Wolverines tonight at home.

The Bet

Normally volumes are pretty consistent with their bet routes. If one notebook has a number at let’s say, two points, it is very rare to see any other major book have a number more than a detail different in either direction. But this tournament is attracting some strange to track war. The opening wrinkle was Ohio State -2. 5-points, and several books are still offering that rate. But I realise several threes and got a couple of three and a halfs, and now I am even realise some fours out there.

It seems that this game, and how people think it will play out, is a bit all over the place. So, make sure you shop around to find the best number and remove the most value before determining your frisk. The one common factor in most of these line moves seems to be that it is moving towards Ohio State, so if you like the dwelling team, and you are able to, I would lock it in now and two and a half, as it likely won’t drop from there. Give me the Ohio State Buckeyes laying -2. 5-points tonight at home!

The Bet: Ohio State Buckeyes -2. 5

My Pick

Ohio State Buckeyes -2. 5

-1 10 Place Bet Now !

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Maryland Terrapins at Michigan State Spartans NCAAM Pick – February 15, 2020





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The college basketball schedule is jam-packed with activity again today as we have 139 -games on the following schedule, including much of the top-2 5 in action. The headlining tournament on the schedule for today is a Big-1 2 matchup between Baylor and West Virginia, but there are plenty of competitive competitions to be played today.

Baylor remained No. 1 in the AP men’s college basketball poll two days after being the top overall seed in the NCAA Division I Basketball Committee’s preliminary higher-rankings. The Bears received 48 of the 64 first-place votes.

Full poll: https :// t.co/ xXlGQL2Vyx pic.twitter.com/ urvpDqgE7l

— AP Top 25 (@ AP_Top2 5) February 11, 2020

This includes competitions between LSU and Alabama, Maryland at Michigan State, Purdue at Ohio State, Houston at SMU, and Illinois at Rutgers, only to reputation a few of the games with major NCAA tournament ramifications.

With merely a couple of weeks before Selection Sunday, teams are jockeying for sentiment, and all of these competitions become that much more important as we approach March. For today’s daily gambling pick, we will head to the Big 10 and outage video games between Maryland and Michigan State.

Today’s Game

Maryland Terrapins( 20 -4) at Michigan State Spartans( 17 -8) 3:00 PM PST Breslin Center, East Lansing TV: ESPN

The Michigan State Spartans are looking to sneak back into the top-2 5 after flatten out of the standings for the first time this season earlier this week. The Spartan famously started its first year out as the nation’s number one team in the preseason, but have contended in Big 10 dally. The Spartan managed to pick up a huge win over Illinois, on the road no less, in their last recreation, and if they can defend their home floor tonight against a top-1 0 Maryland team, you can be sure Sparty will find themselves right back in the top-2 5 on Monday when the next survey is secreted.


Doors open at 9:30 for @CollegeGameDay and we face Maryland tonight at 6 on ESPN. #GoGreen pic.twitter.com/ LHi1tYj 8Aa

— Michigan State Basketball (@ MSU_Basketball) February 15, 2020

For Maryland, the Terrapins are looking to stay in first place atop the Big-1 0 sits with a prevail tonight on the road. With Illinois, Iowa, and Michigan State all fighting recently, the Terrapins have a full recreation conduct over Penn State for the regular-season league title, with all other crews at least two tournaments back. Joe Lunardi, the premier bracketologist at ESPN, has the Terrapins as a two seed right now, and they could move up to a one seed with a strong finish and Big 10 regular season entitlement.


Maryland +7( -1 10) Michigan State -7( -1 10)

Money line:

Maryland +250 Michigan State -2 90

Total Points:

Over 137.5( -1 18) Under 137.5( -1 02)

Michigan State Spartans

The Michigan State Spartans had to acquire their last-place game against Illinois, and they got the job done. The Spartans is entered into that competition “ve lost” three straight tournaments, and with this game against Maryland coming later in the week, if they hadn’t been able to upset Illinois on the road, they were in major danger of losing five in a row. The last-place thing you want to do is fall apart late in the season, and while it is hard to call a game must-win this early in the year, it was a huge victory for Tom Izzo’s squad.

But when you look at how it play around, the Spartan virtually blew a huge nineteen level lead-in against the Illini, and if it weren’t for some very questionable late summons by the refs, and a fluky knee gash to Ayo Dosunmu on the last possession of the game, Michigan State have had an opportunity to easily lost the game. The planned is still a diabolical one for Michigan State as they still have road activities at Maryland and Penn State, and home sports against Iowa and Ohio State before heading to the Big 10 tournament.

Maryland Terrapins

I have been high on this Maryland team all season long. They are precisely the type of team that could make a run to the Final Four. They are battle-tested, with an SOS of 21 st in the person, and they have a senior chairman moment lookout in Anthony Cowan Jr. that is going to end up getting national musician of its first year elects before all is said and done this year.

After starting out just 3-3 in league play, the Terrapins have caught flame recently as they have won seven straight seminar activities. That prevailing streak includes three artery makes, with wins over Indiana, Illinois, and Northwestern. When you look at the full body of work for Maryland, they have elite prevails over Rhode Island, Temple, Harvard, Marquette, Notre Dame, Illinois( twice ), Indiana( twice ), Ohio State, Purdue, Iowa, and Rutgers. Few crews in the person can boast the resume that this Maryland team has right now.

Who Do I Like?

If you have been following my daily wager pickings for college basketball this year, you may have noticed a strong trend in my pots. I love to back home teams in the Big 10. The Big 10 has been a home team reigned tournament this season, and I have taken full advantage of it by generally backing dwelling crews either as dwelling hounds, or small-time favourites.

So, it might catch some of you that I am going to back a superhighway squad in this one. The Spartan have been precarious at best recently, and I think they need to be on upset alarm tonight at home. Michigan State historically is always great at home, and they have been great at home this season as well.

But they do have home losses to Penn State and Duke, two teams that frequency out very similarly to this Maryland team. The Spartans are 4-6 in their last-place ten plays, and the analytics tell us that this Maryland team is better than all of those six crews they have lost to in the last several weeks.

The Bet

I am not sure there is a team I wouldn’t back Maryland against right now, coming this many points. Maryland has played a remorseless planned, and they have an elite 20 -4 record to show for it. Of those four losses, all of them came against good crews that will be dancing in March, and in only the game against Iowa, did they lose by more points than this spread is tonight.

So, while I am not quite confident enough to pick the huge outright road upset, I do see this game as being a very competitive one. It would be offending to me to see Michigan State win this sport by double-digits, and when I can snatch up seven levels, that is basically what they would have to do to cover. So, I’ll back the Terrapins and take the points, and feel like the treat is in the bag. Give me the Maryland Terrapins and the seven points tonight from East Lansing!

The Bet: Maryland Terrapins +7

My Pick

Maryland Terrapins +7

-1 10 Place Bet Now !

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Maryland Terrapins at Illinois Fighting Illini NCAAM Pick – February 7, 2020





Anthony Cowan Jr

Yesterday we acquainted “youve got to” a romp called right side, wrong number. The Utah Utes opened up as one-point home underdogs in their Pac-1 2 game against the Stanford Cardinal. The overnight and early morning betting sharps took advantage of the strong amount and jumped on the side of Utah. By the time we got to the number, the Utes were now -1-point favorites.

This introduced us in a dilemma. Did we want to get on the same side as the sharplies and get a weaker number? Or did we want to fade the line move and back the road team? Or we could always simply layoff altogether. I felt that even though the line moved on us, that Utah still exposed substantial value at the current price, so I disappeared onward and backed them regardless at the new numeral, thus the period right side, wrong number.


Light the U! #GoUtes #Pac12Hoops pic.twitter.com/ nhKokR7rYK

— Utah Basketball (@ UtahMBB) February 7, 2020

This game wasn’t nearly as competitive as you might think based on the fact that it went into overtime. The Utes extended for over thirty-eight hours of regulation in this one and propped the extend with less than a time left to play. They led by double-digits for most of the first half, and their biggest guide was thirteen-points.

But as usually is the case in a game where one team, Stanford, routinely overachieves, and another team, Utah, always seems to find a way to lose, this one came down to the wire. The Cardinal managed to push this one into overtime before they lastly raced out of gas, get outscored by eight in the additional stage.

The win was a huge one for Utah as they look to bolster their NCAA tournament resume. The win was the seventh top-1 00 prevail of the season for the Utes, and they are going to need to pick up a duo more signature earns if they want a realistic photograph of hearing their name called on Selection Sunday.

For Stanford, their artery contends continued, as they have now lost their last three conference road competitions. The Cardinal have five road games left on their planned, and they must find a way to break through on the road, or they are going to see their NCAA tournament stock plunge. For today’s daily speculation select, we will head to the Big-1 0, where the Fighting Illini of Illinois host the Maryland Terrapins with first place in the organization on the line.

Today’s Game

Maryland Terrapins( 18 -4) at Illinois Fighting Illini( 16 -6) Assembly Hall, Champaign 5:00 PM PST TV: FS1

The Maryland Terrapins will look to stay hot tonight as they thoughts to Illinois to play the Fighting Illini. The Terrapins have emerged as one of the best squads in what I think is the nation’s best organization, and they have won eight out of their last ten recreations, including 5 straight. If Maryland can knock off Illinois on the road, they will take over sole possession of first place in the Big-1 0 reputations.

#Illini Nation, you are willing? #JointheFight pic.twitter.com/ AH1WjryPuk

— Illinois Basketball (@ IlliniMBB) February 7, 2020

For Illinois, the Fighting Illini saw their seven-game triumphing flash snarled in their last-place competition, a road loss at Iowa. Illinois hosts Maryland tonight, and then Michigan State on Tuesday, and if they can win both recreations, they would be the prohibitive favorites to triumph the Big-1 0 regular-season title.


Maryland +2( -1 10) Illinois -2( -1 10)

Money line:

Maryland +120 Illinois -1 40

Total Points:

Over 128.5( -1 10) Under 128.5( -1 10)

Maryland Terrapins

This Maryland Terrapins team is built for a penetrating run in the NCAA tournament. They have played one of the most severe planneds in the country this year, with an SOS of fourteen, and they have an elite record to show for it. Their list of signature makes might be the best in “the two countries ” with acquires over Rhode Island, Marquette, Notre Dame, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio State, Purdue, Iowa, and Rutgers.

But if you were going to find the one weakness of this squad, it is with their ability to win on the road in unfriendly area. All four members of their losses this year came in genuine superhighway activities. Loss to Seton Hall, Wisconsin, Penn State, and Iowa all came against very good crews that are certain to be playing meaningful games in March.

That is also the subject for this Illinois team they will be playing tonight. That being said, the Terrapins did find a way to triumph their last-place two road activities, against Northwestern and Indiana, and need to find a way to keep up that impetu tonight in Champaign.

Illinois Fighting Illini

Illinois has been virtually unbeatable at home this year. They are caught up a fluky non-conference loss early in its first year to Miami, but besides that, they have been perfect in Assembly Hall. At home this season, the Illini are 12 -1 including exiting 5-0 in Big-1 0 gambling.

The Illini have the biggest matchup problem in the Big-1 0 in seven-foot monster Kofi Cockburn. The rookie is a double-double machine and does a great job of protecting the paint. In the first matchup between these two teams, Cockburn got into foul trouble early and played exactly twenty-one minutes, his lowest total of the season. In his limited action, he did dominate as he valued nine sites and grabbed eight comebacks. Hindering him on the floor is going to be a major key to success for the Illini tonight.

Who Do I Like?

What a great game we have in store for you in this one! Two really gone squads, fighting for first place in the best league in the shore. So, where do I find the value in this one? On the home team. When these units paired up in Maryland, the Illini jump-start out to a huge first-half lead, contributing by as numerous as fifteen phases. Illinois still had a three-point lead with really twenty seconds away on the clock.

Maryland superstar Anthony Cowan Jr make a three to bind the game up with merely a couple of ticks left in the game, and then made a free throw on the next possession to give Maryland the come from behind succes. We talked earlier about Maryland being undefeated at home, but that didn’t have to be the case, as Illinois was oh so close to upsetting them.

The Bet

Yesterday I mentioned a performance that I sometimes manufacture called right side, wrong number. And while you don’t want to make a habit of speculation softer than “youve got to be” figures, I am going to make a same play tonight in this one. This wrinkle opened up at Illinois -1-point. It has now shifted to Illinois -2-points.

But I still feel like there is plenty of value to be had backing Illinois. They roughly knocked off Maryland on the road in the first matchup, and I think they will get their revenge tonight at home. I wouldn’t want to lay much more than the two points, so I would make a dally now before the crowd switchings any further. Give me the Illinois Fighting Illini -2-points tonight at home!

The Bet: Illinois Fighting Illini -2

My Pick


-1 10 Place Bet Now !

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Seton Hall’s Myles Powell Looks to Continue POY Campaign at Villanova as 2-Point Underdogs

The transcended two teams in the Big East bears tussle Saturday with home unit Villanova a 3-point favorite over Seton Hall The Pirates are coming off a 78 -7 1 winning at Georgetown, while’ Nova lost to Butler on a buzzer-beater the last time out Seton Hall’s Myles Powell valued 34 qualities against the Hoyas and is a top nominee for POY reputations- check our preview for a prophecy

The top two teams in the Big East tolerates clash Saturday, Feb. 8 with the dwelling squad Villanova Wildcats( 17 -5, 10 -1 residence) as a 3-point favorite over the Seton Hall Pirates( 17 -5, 6-2 away ). Tipoff is at 2:30 p.m. ET at the Wells Fargo Center and the game will be broadcasted on Fox.

The Pirates are coming off a 78 -7 1 earn Wednesday at Georgetown, while’ Nova went down 79 -7 6 to Butler on a buzzer-beater the last time out. Seton Hall’s Myles Powell scored 34 moments against the Hoyas and is a top nominee for POY honors.

Seton Hall Pirates vs Villanova Wildcats Odds

Team Spread Over/ Under at BetOnline

Seton Hall +3.0( -1 05) O 140.5( -1 10)

Villanova -3.0( -1 15) U 140.5( -1 10)

Odds taken Feb. 7 on( speculation site)

While neither team is currently near the priorities in the 2020 NCAA Tournament odds tracker, it’s fair to say if Seton Hall picks up a victory this weekend, the Raider might be there next week. So why is Jay Wright’s squad a modest favorite in the Seton Hall vs Villanova odds?

Perhaps because the Pirates haven’t won on the Wildcat’ dwelling storey since 1994. But the method Myles Powell is playing this season, that blotch might come to an end. Let’s analyze this fight of powwow blue-chips and make a pick.

History Not on Plagiarist’ Side

There was no World Series and” Ace Ventura: Pet Detective” regulated the box office the last time Seton Hall strike’ Nova in Philly. That’s some serious autobiography.’ Nova blew out Seton Hall 80 -5 2 the last time the two played in The City of Brotherly Love.

The 17 activities over the strain dating back to 1994 have been decided by an average margin of 16 objects. Simply one came down to the wire, a two-point decision in 2008. It’s a long time acquiring streak by one team against another in the Big East — by a lot.

And Saturday’s contest is the second straight road jaunt for the Bucs after a solid seven-point triumph against Georgetown Wednesday. While Kevin Willard’s club has proven it can win back-to-back conference road plays previously this season( the Pirate smacked off Butler and St. John’s away from Newark last month ), doing so again is a tall order. Seton Hall fell two straight roadies in December, coming to Iowa State and Rutgers in tournaments that weren’t close. Plus, that daunting history is looming.

But Then Again …

“Yeah, I actually do think they are a Final Four contender, ” Wright said last month. That’s what the longtime Villanova head coach am talking about Seton Hall. And Wright knows a thing or two about Final Fours, after prevailing two of the last four NCAA Tournaments. Just look at what Pirate did to the Hoyas Wednesday for a primer.

This Pirates have the makings of something special. I’ve been touting them as a sleeper March Madness contender all season. Plus, they’re playing with house coin Saturday to a certain extent, with a two-game lead in the documents of the conference abides over the Wildcat. They’re 6-2 along the road, including 5-0 in the Big East.

“Our confidence has been high-pitched, ” Powell said. “We want to be a championship team. We want to be one of the top units in the country.” It seems perhaps that is their year.


In a what oddsmakers think will be a tight one, I’m thinking the opposite. I cherish Seton Hall in this recognize for a variety of reasons. Main among other issues is Powell.

The preseason All-American candidate has lived up to the hype this season. He been put forward 34 against the Hoyas and is another producing scorer in the Big East,

Plus, Willard knows two of’ Nova’s best musicians, Collin Gillespie and Jermaine Samuels, after working with them as part of USA Basketball in last summer’s Pan American Games. That inside knowledge of their tendencies should be a boon to the Pirates’ policy. And Villanova could be prone to a pick-and-roll game, as the Wildcats rank last-place in the Big East in field-goal percentage defense (. 437 ). That toy right into possible heavy usage of 7-foot-2 center Romaro Gill( who too happened to tie a career-high with eight blocks against the Hoyas Wednesday ).

All these factors has me on the Pirates to snarl the flash Saturday and advance toward a high-seed in next month’s Big Dance.

Pick: Seton Hall +3( -1 05)

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