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CheckDuck Review

CheckDuck Review

So, today, I have another enormous client on, which is Mr. Praneet Thakur, who owns a great tool called CheckDuck. I’m sure he does a lot more and has a lot more knowledge to him, but for today’s episode, we’re going to be talking about CheckDuck. So welcome to the show, Praneet, and thank you very much for coming on.

Just to give a bit of background on you, Praneet, you’re a person that’s very into PBNs, you’re previously about PBN’s and your system of websites and everything like that over its first year, haven’t you?

Yeah, so, I’m basically into PBNs and expired disciplines exclusively. So when I got a blog, which is PBNGuru.com, where I share about private blog network and expired arenas with local communities who don’t know how these things act, because there are many people who are coming daily to SEO, and they wanted to know. So, a lot of things come up into my mind, so I guessed, why not start a blog where I share all this knowledge to the community?

Good, so for anyone watching, because I get this all the time, I affection PBNs and expired domain calls. People always say,” Ah, that shit doesn’t work anymore, Google will get you, and all of that kind of stuff. In your opinion, do PBNs still manipulate very well?

Do PBNS still succeed?

So, in your opinion, do private blog networks still succeed? Are they still effective in 2020? Just, I cherish PBNs. I desire expired domain names. I just want to hear your take on it. Are they still working very well for you guys?

Ah, so PBN( private blog structure) is still effective because private blog network is the same as a simple blog. You are taking a contextual` tie from a blog, and nothing else. But it is owned by you and nothing else. But you have to hide that you own this blog. So until the contextual link is effective, at that time, the primary blog network is effective.

And why does Google say primary blog structure can give you fines and penalties? Because it’s against Google doc and a good deal, a great deal, but even Google can’t identify primary blog network if it is created perfectly. So Google tells that PBN can give you a penalty, and shunned PBN.

PBN still directs, even in 2020 or even in 2024 it would still work.

Yeah, and I just wanted to double-check that they still work very well, in your opinion. I still use expired domain names, PBNs as part of my approach, but we’ll go on to the more important side of things, which is your tool. Obviously, when we are building expired domain names or appearing about PBNs, we’ve got to try and find good domain names. And certainly that can be a laborious project, moving manually to auctioneers to check out the metrics and all the other kind of random checks that you might want to do, which is, I’m assuming, why you’ve made CheckDuck. You’ve reach the number of jobs easier, it plucks all the data into one dashboard, and you’re able to explore the expiring domain names from one dashboard, check the metrics, check the Wayback machine, check a whole cluster of other stuff.

Overview of CheckDuck

So if you would be kind fairly, Praneet, if you could share your screen, just so we can see the dashboard of your implement, and then if you could potentially time talk us through some of the functions and facets that are on there that are key to finding the best-expired domain names.

Yeah, I can show you. So let me share a screen for you. Share a screen? Let me share it. Uh, shit, sorry I’m not sharing my screen.

There we go.

This is the dashboard of CheckDuck. CheckDuck is an expired discipline analysis tool. So basically, you can add any expired domain into Domain Explorer, and you can check out the metrics. So, if you detected an expired realm, you can add into this and enter the domain, and when you thump submit it would take, analyze and would tell you all the details. There is a bulk domain explorer if you’re hunting more than one region, mostly, you would hunt more than one land. It would be more than entered exclusively, so that is Domain Explorer where you can add domains in volume and it would analyze all the domains one-by-one. And that is a Domain History tab. It would tell all the domains analyzed by you, in which you can check later on that I have analyzed the domains and what are the metrics of that arena and everything.

And here are some bonus tools. We’ll be adding some tools daily. So here is a bulk domain availability tool, which you can check out. Let me included some regions; checkduck.com, ahrefs.com and asdasdasdasd.com. You can click on” refer realm” and, let me test. It seems there is an error for this bulk domain availability checker. Right now, I approximate, give me a second, right now my developer is updating the domain availability checker.

There, it’s coming. Until that you can see the Google Index checker and WhoIs checker, where you can get to know about who is the developer of any orbit and this Domain from URL Bulk. So, what does this tool present? You can add any domain.com slash post name. You can add max 2,000, and it would give you the domain name. If you require domain names from Ahrefs or any other tools, you can just tell it to the domain and imitate the inventory, and you can instantly supplemented it directly to the Bulk Domain Explorer, and you can hunt.

So, let me add some realms, some expired arenas which I have bought recently. This is one of the domains. Let me search for it. So this would analyze the whole region, and it would take a got a couple of seconds to analyze, depending on the Wayback data. It will call on all the Wayback data and give you a metric clean score, and on the basis of relates and other anchor text and everything, there would be a metric value and a Domain Score, which you can see here. And there is the metrics, which is Links Score. We have to click these metrics. And you can get each and every detail about the domain, like first Wayback data, last Wayback data, total snapshot, and so there is, you have to check Wayback whenever you find an expired arena. Using CheckDuck you don’t have to check, because if the clean-living tally is above four, you don’t have to check.

So, above four, time to confirm, is good? Is clean-living?

Yeah, if they don’t, clean-living rating is above four, then you can any time with this, go with that domain.

You can check if a 301 Redirect has been used before

So, available data registered because I have registered this orbit. And this Google Index yes, it’s indexed in Google. And this is a very good feature, 301 Data Found unknown. So basically we just scroll the Wayback and get data that it has been 301 data spied or not. So…

Can I ask a question on the 301 redirects?

Yeah, you can.

Is that grinding the Wayback machine to see if there’s ever been a 301 redirect? Or is that exactly the current state?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s on the Wayback data, the Wayback data, that’s everything that we announce every snapshot, so we get to know about 301 data direction for that domain.

Yeah, so we can easily identify this 301 or not, Domain Age five years, Domain Drop Count, SGTPS, so which etiquette should you wish for this subject SGTPS and domain redirection. Getting back to domain status, you should always go for a domain which is clean valued four and above, associate rating 1.5 and above, and domain rating which is 1.3 and above.

And you should always go for a domain which is less than 50% spam value. Mostly you have to check referring arenas and total backlink tally. It should be something which examines real and not a spam, just like if you caught with orbit 200 and getting back in 100 k it is surely spam. You can just see the numbers, and you can identify if it’s spam or not. And after that, you need to check the DoFollow, NoFollow ratio. Do follow that is 91%, and you need to check. After that we likewise say which word it was in and in the Wayback, to which domain does the Wayback link.

Finding the top sheets on the wayback machine

After that, we can go to Show Top Pages. It would analyze and tell us all the exceed sheets of the domains, which the links are made, and “youre seeing” the short secure textbook. It would tell all the anchor text and related. Later on that you can go to Show Back Links and check out the backlinks, Wired.com match, mashable, medium, bpplans, busniesstoday.com.tw and if we want to get a more wider goal we can go show domain score, spam value, back relates, how much backlinks that region is giving to you, the other details. And you can check each and every domain. This will become so handy for you when it comes to expired domain analysis. This tool imparts all the details in one dashboard, and it affords more data compact to other tools who the hell is opponents which are in the market.

Yeah, and any other questions which you feel like answering?

Well, I relatively like the fact that it’s scraping the Wayback data. It’s quite important that I know a domain name’s not had a few one redirects, so I think that’s quite important. And I judge being able to check some kind of formal spam composition, clean-living orchestrates and material like that helps that decision. One question that we’re always queried when we’re doing PBNs or looking at the Wayback machine, is how do you reinstate an internet site from the Wayback machine? I believe you’re returning out some sort of tool of service that allows you to be able to quickly draw an internet site from there onto a domain name, yeah?

Yeah, yeah. So, mostly, right now what we do is we just download the estimate version of the site and then edit it and upload it. But every time uploading the estimate with the site is imperfect, so mostly we just churn it out into Word first. We just go and check the transcend pages, and we check on which permalink the links are made.

We realized that same permalink, and if it’s not the home page it’s some inner sheets. We saw the pages our sheet. We moved them to our sheet and tie that sheet to the money site. We use that page as the strength page to pass on the link juice to the money site. And after that, what the hell is do, we get some content from Wayback machine, Wayback machine expired content, from the Wayback machine, and after that we port that expired content and set up everything. We create about us, contact us and about that page we add a photo, we would use fakenamegenerator dot com, add some datas like address and everything, and all the other details of a site to which you can pass citation that it belongs to some real person and we’re willing to get some portraits. Not a famous person but non-famous person likeness and we are only computed it to the auto-bio, and it was like that the blog is owned by someone else

So you don’t have to go for any other thing, and after that what we are thinking to do is add another tool, a bonus implement for our useds, that would be a premium deployer, in which we’re going to download Wayback data into our own server and from that only you can export it to any hosting fellowship or any hosting or PBN hosting rider, and that will be some tricks like you can add them only or you can insert your main money blog url and some text can be added to the home page or any other of the strength pages, which are connected, and you can at the same time to move all the unpowered subjects which that Wayback data and autonomous Wayback data and all you want to keep on arenas, which will be alive. You can restrain that alive. And then export, so it all depends upon you. That would be the bonus implement which will be added, so then expect that. So it’s become a lot easier for expired arena analyzers and the PBN buyers in the market to deploy PBNS, second analyze disciplines and then deploy.

Using Checkduck to get FREE Content

So tell me this, I could potentially use CheckDuck as a … I could look at an expired domain name, go to Show Top Pages, and I could mimic and paste that material and get myself free material, right?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. You can go to Show Top Pages and then go to Wayback and get the content contact tool.

So, if I wanted to steal content from the Wayback machine

You can do it, you can just get it done from the Show Top Pages Wayback machine on[ inaudible 00:17: 13 ]. Just hunt down some low expert disciplines in your niche, and check out that Wayback data, and just imitation that data and post it into your own doc, because no allowed disciplines wouldn’t be used as a PBN for anyone else, so they won’t be relived again. If they’re exerted they’re better as a new blog, so it’s better to go with low dominion arena to find expired material, or you can use any expired material, like expired.io and expired material or anything, so it’s like it’s all about expired domain analysis.

Yeah. Well, I was just thinking of other ways that your implement could be used with my own crazy mind.

There are many other ways, you time need some ingenuity, because there are tools and everything. You just need productivity. Or you can get daily drooped domain names that come with availability, then you can add into by domain explorer. Right now it’s 200 regions, but we’re going to increase it in upcoming periods, so you can click Add Domains and click Submit Domains. Let me do it right now. Let me show you.

We’re in Expired Domains.net. Let me demo you like, I concluded some tech lands. Now is a list. I just, we’re done copying and with Domain Explorer I only paste and let’s wait for the Domain Explorer to do the job. Right now you can see this error status, which means that domain doesn’t have any Wayback data.

So which we work on that credit search basis, so when it shows you an error in status it means that doesn’t have any Wayback data, and recognition from that site-directed from your history. So I have added 25 domains. It’s checking out everything. It would analyze each and every detail for that realm, one by one, one by one, and it would give you automatic details.

So let’s “ve been waiting for” that time until then I can be said that, I can be demonstrated you other things, like the billing slouse. You can pate over to the billing section. You can just see Subscription Expiry, your total examination, ascribes remaining, how much ascribes it says is remaining.

One of the very best peculiarities is if you bought a due, 14.9 , now 24.9, 34.9 dollars a month, after getting the due if your recognitions per month does completed in inside a month it is completed, “youve had” consumed all your recognitions, what you can do until you have a subscription, you can just buy how much you crave. How much ascribes you miss. You can click on Buy Now and buy the approvals. So it’s like after going a due, it’s spend as you go.


It’s become easy for beings, so again we can see that the Expired Domain message is completed. So again we click on Pause, Refresh. Let me filter out them. So clean score four and above, tie-in composition, minimum realm value four and above. So here are the domains which I have dug it out. So let me increase my clinks so I get very best provinces. Domain score two and above, but tech flecked com. Let me check stats. Clean rating is four, which means that domain is not quite worth the clean composition. It has been 301 redirected, spam value and everything.

So mostly this domain is 301 redirected. You can dismiss this 301 redirection. The associate orchestrate is above 2.5. So it’s that 301 data. Why I’m saying that you can ignore it is because formerly the domain is 301 data, all the link juice is progressed through the prime place. It starts elapsing the link juice. And if the link is light, which means that the domain is still receiving 301. Though it has been used for 301, the link juice won’t be the same as earlier. But it can still be exchanged and pass associate liquor. The attach rating is good and domain value is good then you can go with that 301 data. Let me testify you more. So it made me a couple of minutes only to find such a good realm. With a google index. So mostly, it’s amazing and the price is also quite good and very low compared to any other tool which is in the market.

So, any other question which you wanted to ask me?

No, I think that hinders it simple. I don’t want to confuse the people with that, but I think overall really to recap for anyone listening to this is, basically, you can check the metrics of the domain name, you can very quickly filter down the quality domain names, and it’s all put into one dashboard. And your box cost is $14.99 a month for, was that 15,000 recognitions?

Uh … 14.99 for 5,000 credits.

Five thousand credits. $24.99 for 15,000 and $34.99 for 30,000. So one search is one credit, is that right?

CheckDuck Conclusion

So, I think what you’ve clearly come here is a very good tool that helps identify those expired, tone expired domain names and gives you the opportunity to either do many other things while that’s taking content from them and, you are well aware, check the redirects. I judge for me one of the biggest selling levels is the Top Pages part as well, where you can check out the top sheets so I think overall it’s a great implement that does a good deal of great stuff, and I’m sure you are going to be adding to it as you go as well. So, I’m sure it will do a lot more and yet the thing, domain accessibility is working fine as well so it’s, yeah, a great tool overall. And you know, in terms of cost I think there’s no one can say with the costs of it as well. It’s very cost-effective.

So, what I’ll do, I’m going to get this all taped as well and release it as a blog pole as well so that people who are looking for finding expired domain names are able to follow this video and do all the searches that you’ve just done there. But you guys, I’m assuming, offer support to persons who are maybe stuck, yeah?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. We are offering chat reinforcement, so mostly if they’ve got any mistrust, any problems they can chat with us. If any of the users, if any of the members would be online they would just reply to you in a second. So that we would like to reply to you as soon as possible. But the majority of cases we replied in a second only if it’s daytime. If it’s night, or sometimes not in the working hours then it would take time for us to reply. So when you are laden into the dashboard you can see the chitchat biography. That’s not an issue if the reply is done a little late, but it is likely to be replied to each and every one.

Cool. Well, that is a good round-up of CheckDuck. So you can find that on CheckDuck.com or you can reach out to them on the chitchat. But, Praneet , thank you very much for taking the time to come on and show us the tool and the, as I say, hopefully, all the best with it. It’s quite a brand-new implement. It’s only been released in the past month or so, so fingers crossed that it continues to grow and advance and become an even better tool further down the line, so I look forward to watching the progress. But as I say thank you very much for coming on.

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