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Photo gallery: 4 fascinating behaviors of great white sharks and what they mean

What commands come to mind when you think about immense white sharks?

Jaws? Scary? Aggressive? Terrifying? Awesome? Intriguing?

Of course, the main thing that most people associate with enormou grey sharks is shark attempts. But that’s exclusively a small part of their story.

For context, an estimated 64 demonstrated unprovoked shark onrushes arose worldwide in 2019( editor’s note: this includes attacks by all types of sharks ). From 2014 through 2018, an average rate of 82 unprovoked criticizes per year were recorded.

As many organizations and people has told us, there’s a very long list of things that are much more likely to kill you than a shark — cancer, vehicle accidents, drowning, lightning disturb, alligator or bear criticize, and so on.

But even while the probability of fatality by shark attempt is extremely low, our anxiety of sharks has activated measures to protect us from them. In South africans, for example, beach webs have been installed to keep sharks away from areas where people swim. Unfortunately , not only do these webs hurt assortments of sharks( such as hammerheads and monster sharks ), but they likewise harm other marine wildlife like turtles, dolphins and babe humpback whales.

Scientists don’t have an exact count for how many immense grey sharks are currently circling the world’s oceans — they’re found in every major ocean — but they conceive their numbers are decreasing. The categories is classified as “vulnerable”( one step in severity below “endangered” ).

In 1991, South africans became the first country to pass legislation to protect immense lily-white sharks, and many other nations — including the US — followed suit. Despite such protections, humans continue to threaten sharks by catching them in the process of trying to snare other fish and intentionally hunting them for shark fin soup. While the last one may sound minor, it’s estimatedthat fins from over 73 million sharks end up in people’s soup containers every year.

Humans aren’t the only danger facing sharks; there’s likewise climate change. While it’s still not known exactly how climate change might be affecting immense grey sharks, prove points to negative impacts for naval life.

Some investigates be suggested that rising temperatures and ocean acidification, is generated by increased carbon emissions, could impair shark’s they are able to hunt and ingest target( with one study obtain ocean acidification might corrode the teeth in some species ). Another study hypothesizes that climate change could even fix some sharks deadlier by altering their cognition and behavior.


Shark survival contents, because sharks are improbably important to maintaining health ocean ecosystems. Not merely do they weed out weak and sick animals from the population, they preserve other predators in check and promote high levels of biodiversity.

When sharks are threatened or absent-minded, the entire food web is affected. It’s thought that the overfishing of sharks in the Caribbean may have even contributed to the degradation of important coral reefs.

Even even though we humans “re scared of” sharks, we’re likewise fascinated by them. After all , no other animal has its own dedicated weekon TV every year.

What if we are also able take our nervousnes and fascination and use those feelings to learn about these humen instead? That’s what Dan Abbott wishing to beings to do.

Abbott, who is from the UK, grew up to develop a fondnes for two things: photography and sharks. After he became interested in underwater filming, he moored an internship at a cage-diving operation in South Africa.

There, he became the social media administrator and noticed himself spending his working hours immersed — literally — in the runny life of the great white shark. He became an fervent commentator of shark behaviour and an advocate for them.

“When we stop dumbing these animals down to the mindless chewing machines that they’ve been made out to be for so long and we actually allow ourselves to understand them and even respect them, that’s when it leads to co-existence, ” says Abbott , now an underwater cinematographer, in a TEDxFolkestone talk.

Shark investigates hypothesize that shark-human encounters are more motivated by the animal’s curiosity, disarray and desire to explore their environment and less by their are looking forward to prey on humans.

This level of curiosity can vary shark genus and even by individual shark. “Just like hounds and felines that we are all aware of have temperaments, sharks — and I don’t mean different species, I mean individual sharks — have their own unique identities, ”explains Abbott.

Here, he opens us insight into 4 common behaviors of sharks 😛 TAGEND

advocate for them


Anyone who has ever encountered a kitten or puppy will be intimately familiar with “mouthing” — many swine use their cheeks to explore their smothers and learn about the objects around them.

Of course, a shark’s mouth is a lot more intimidating than a cocker spaniel’s. Abbott believes that some humans who’ve been chewed by great white sharks were on the receiving result of opening , not affects. While speaking affairs can still be damaging, they search quite different from the nature a shark tackles its food.

“When huge lily-white sharks attack their prey, they do that around 30 miles per hour. They punched their prey at the surface with so much force, it takes them down in one smacked, ” says Abbott. Too, humans have a very different composition than the blubber-rich seals and ocean lions that the shark normally consumes.

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We humans use our sense of touch to feel whether objectives are moving or shaking, but a shark relies on observing confusions in the electromagnetic fields around them to “feel” where prey might be lurking. Around their snout, they dominate electroreceptors, which is a component of their lateral-line system — a method that helps them spy electrical signals to feel move and pres the developments in the sea around them.

“Bumping” is another way sharks use their highly sensitive snouts to explore their environment. Abbott says he has frequently investigated sharks bump into the enclosures used during diving expeditions.

“A shark might bump into something using those receptors in its snout to feel what something is made of, just like when we get home late at night and we can’t fairly witnes the daybreak button, so we have to use our sense of touch and feel around, ” he theorizes.

auto traffic exchange Spyhopping

“Spyhopping is where a shark will filch its top above the irrigate or merely tilt its heart above the surface to have a better look at its smothers, ” illustrates Abbott. Other swine — like orcas and some whales — exhibit this behavior, but it is rarely seen among sharks, except for immense white-hot sharks.

Animals spyhop for a variety of reasons, commonly to see or sounds activity close to the water’s surface. Spyhopping has been observed as a chase action, but it’s too as a tool for curiosity and investigation.

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Breaching is a common shark behaviour exhibited by a variety of genus — including but not restricted to huge lily-white sharks, thresher sharks, spinner sharks, and blacktip sharks. It occurs when a shark launches itself fully above the irrigate, frequently to catch a meal.

“Great white sharks will infringement to catch their target, but they’ll also breach at other occasions for rationales that we still don’t understand, ” says Abbott. “There’s a lot of theories — like they might be trying to rid their surface of parasites, it might be a communication, or they might be trying to get out of the way of bigger sharks below them.”


While exploration may be the driving force behind these behaviors, that doesn’t mean it’s safe for humans to swim with enormous grey sharks. The ocean is their home, and when we enter it, we are encroaching on their territory. If you’re in a region where enormous grey sharks are active, stay informed and careful about when and where you choose to swim.

For example, in South africans, swimming at sunrise or dusk in areas with lots of closes is no longer an terrible sentiment — that’s feeding time for huge white sharks. “But if you’re dive in an area where the sunlight is high in the sky and it’s the middle-of-the-road of the afternoon, that should be fairly safe, ” says Abbott. When in doubt, check with lifeguards or local authorities.

The keys to shark maintenance: Respect and understanding. Numerous beings go cage diving so they can get close to immense grey sharks, but keep in mind that it’s a controversial industry, especially in terms of potentially modifying shark behavior or injury the animals.

Abbott admits that it has its fair share of questions, but he says that this kind of ecotourism has been successful in one important practice: Attaining sharks more valuable alive than dead. “In South africans, a good deal of the great white shark tour operators used to be fishermen, ” shows Abbott. “They’ve learned they can earn more coin by making parties out to see them than by net for them.”

What’s more, at some shark-diving tours marine biologists and scientists are brought on board to learn beings about the piranhas. Since we’re sharing the planet with sharks and venturing into their environments, we have a responsibility to learn more about them. After all, they were probably living here long before we humans evidenced up.

“Once you start learning a little bit about service animals, you start losing that suspicion and you start gaining respect, ” says Abbott. “And once you have that respect, you have a bit more of an understanding, and then formerly you have that understanding, you’re then more likely to protect it.”

All personas: Dan Abbott.

Watch his TEDxFolkestone Talk now:

dan abbott

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Mom’s Hand Sanitizer Catches Fire, Giving Her Severe Burns & Setting House Aflame!

This is a horror story for the coronavirus age if we’ve ever heard one!

A single baby of three is suffering from severe burns after an incident with off-brand hand sanitizer( photos below, but CONTENT WARNING for graphic idols .).

After saying goodnight to her three daughters, Kate Wise put on hand sanitizer( which she bought to keep safe from COVID-1 9) and went to light a candle when her hand capture burn. In an improbably lamentable series of events, the glows then reached the sanitizer bottle itself, stimulating” a bomb-like explosion .”

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Wise explained to regional CBS affiliate KHOU 😛 TAGEND

” It can be something as small as lighting a candle. Because of the pas sanitizer, it time light my entire … everywhere I had sided sanitizer on my hand, it simply lit my hands with fire . … And it certainly departed all over my face. And, in like such matters of five seconds, my totality torso was just spent in flames .”

According to KHOU, Wise managed to shed her burning clothes and evacuate her pets and daughter, who is disabled, from the burning structure while her other daughters passed to a neighbor’s to get help.

Wise said 😛 TAGEND

” It’s something that you never require your kids to see. Like, you exactly being up in flames so I think that part kind of killed me exactly because it’s something I never wanted them to have to go through .”

No kidding!

We can’t even imagine what an atrocious know that must have been for all of them.

Wise ended up in the hospital with second- and third-degree burns over her entire person. Her friend Kathryn Bonesteel made a GoFundMe page to support Wise and her family’s needs. Describing the incident, Bonesteel wrote 😛 TAGEND

” Kate is in ICU in Austin, Texas. She’s lost her residence, her teenagers are traumatized and she needs major reconstructive surgery. A single mama, she’s lost most of her furniture to smoke shattering and other holds to the fire .”

And they included a picture of the burns. AGAIN, be told such is graphic 😛 TAGEND single mother hand sanitizer burnsPhotos of Wise’s burns from the GoFundMe page./( c) GoFundMe hand sanitizer burnsPhotos of Wise’s burns from the GoFundMe page./( c) GoFundMe

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While the GoFundMe page is raising fund, Wise too hopes to raise awareness so that others might shun feel the same fate. Bonesteel shared on her behalf 😛 TAGEND

” COVID-1 9 bring along countless dangerou products to our shelves. Many of which have not been properly experimented and are not safe. Be careful of what you put on your person. Make sure what you are using is FDA approved. Kate relied the produce because she bought it from a store she trusted. Merely because you bought something from a supermarket you trust, doesn’t mean what they’re selling is relied or safe .”

That’s VERY good advice — with no clear boundary in sight to the coronavirus pandemic, there’s sure to be plenty of snake oil salesmen trying to take advantage of our suspicion to pass off ineffective or even risky makes( like, ahem, the President of the United Commonwealth ). FDA approved is definitely the way to go. But remember Perezcious readers: all side sanitizer has( or should have !) booze in it, so while this may be a freak accident, it’s just good practice to keep sanitizing and open ignites separate.

We’re wishing Kate a speedy improvement, and will be keeping her and her daughters in our thoughts!

[ Image via Kathryn Bonesteel/ GoFundMe& WENN/ Avalon]

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Seven Quick Tips for Winning Ways at Social Media on a Tight Budget

Have a tighten budget? Need to be extra-smart with your social media plan? Check out these gratuities for performing the most of it.

Social media directors rarely boast about sizable plans. Most can be found enviously gazing at the IT team that has been showered with the latest tech tools , no expenditure saved. Your budget may not be pondering of the size of the organization … It may be contemplative of the organization’s view toward social media marketing.

The Gartner CMO Spend Survey for 2019 -2 020 found that 61% of CMOs expected their marketing budgets to increase in 2020, but social media expend overall averaged 11 -1 2% of total commerce budget.

So, what if you have a tight social media budget? Or( dare I say it ?) zero social media budget?

In this article, I’m sharing my insights as chairman of Contentworks Agency to win at social media on a tighten budget.

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But first, let’s take a look at the latest 2020 market plan stats 😛 TAGEND

An average of 2% of all receipt is spent directly on a company’s B2B marketing budget. B2B manufacture professionals schedule lack of plan( 59%) as their biggest obstacle. A 2019 study by Gartner reported that marketing masters has the intention to deplete 26% of their commerce budget on marketing technology in 2020, making it the single largest arena of investment for marketers, followed by labor, authorities, and paid media. Social media advertising investments will continue to grow, with a 17% combination annual growth rate from 2016 to 2021.

Should you be spending budget on social media? The map below shows that email marketing has the highest percentage of Excellent and Good ROI outcomes reported, with social media marketing following closely behind.

auto credit v1

Our agency directs mainly with middle to sizable enterprises. But small businesses, startups, and companies with limited funding often don’t have access to high-pitched social media budgets.

Here’s what they can do.

1. Take advantage of economical( and free) designing implements

80% of marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing. And there’s a good reason why. When parties read intelligence, they’re likely to remember simply 10% of that datum. If a relevant image is paired with that same info, beings retained 65%.

Visual graphics are essential for social media. In fact, I would say they are the most important thing you must do to be successful at social media. Large symbols have in-house graphic designers, Photoshop experts, and a video product team.

But what if yours doesn’t?

Use free platforms such as Canva to create your post images, animated stickers, representations, and embraces. I’ve been a Canva advocate since it was launched in 2012, and it time continues getting better. Canva shapes it easy to create visual graphics that size up perfectly for each social media system, so you don’t need to be a graphic designer to make it work.

Though there is a paid alternative, you likewise “ve seen enough” free graphics and templates to get you started.

Remember to add branding via your emblazon palette and emblem. You can also create a design, duplicate it, and simply vary the textbook as I have done below. I’m particularly obsessed with their newest piece “animated stickers, ” which are flying on our social media channels.

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And Canva isn’t the only design program I’m loving. I likewise love Visme. Visme is an all-in-one content creation tool that allows you to quickly and readily compose beautiful graphics, PDFs, and more for your commerce. With projects starting from$ 0, you’ll find something to fit every fund. Check out these huge free templates for introductions, infographics, charts and maps, reports, website, and social media.


Another fave of mine is PosterMyWall . This intend curriculum offers an opportunity to stir still and invigorated advertisements, flyers, promos, and, of course, social media likeness. There are free templates and pay-as-you go options.



Before committing to a pattern curriculum, make sure you get a free ordeal or a free template to work on. Some programs are easier to use than others.( And if, like me, you’re not a decorator, you will need to find one that works for you .)

2. Use stock photos

Speaking of pattern, don’t forget the stock photos to accompany your social media announces. You will need a lot if you’re going to be posting each day on a variety of social media networks.

Sorry for sounding basic–but you need to stop “borrowing” photos from Google. You could be fined for copyright fraud, something that was becoming increasingly likely “the worlds biggest” your symbol is.

Additionally, “borrowed” photos are often poor quality, pixelated and not on firebrand for your company.

Stock photos are licensed and therefore legally free to use formerly you’ve acquired them. But they can be expensive. For example, we moved a campaign that required the use of licensed photos of American chairmen. These were sourced from Getty Images and expended a large chunk of our sell budget. Luckily, there are free stock photos available and you can use them for social media.

Here are my fave inventory photo sites.

StockSnap.io | This website has a ton of exquisite photos and high-res personas, and the best thing is they are completely free. Unlike some free persona sites, StockSnap.io computes the thousands of epitomes each week. The photos they include are under imaginative commons public domain; this means you can use them without ascribing the owner.

PixaBay | I love PixaBay for its stunning high-res personas. On this place, I find that there are fewer epitomes for corporate sell but tons for food, quality, and travel.


Unsplash | This site categorizes likeness, so they are easy to find for your area. For example, Food& Drink. The idols are great quality and good enough for your website or social media.Free Traffic Generator

Splitshire | This site facets photos from entanglement designer Daniel Nanescu and has had over 2,000, 000 downloads, and 6,000, 000+ sheet contemplates. Splitshire offers its portraits for personal and commercial-grade use–something very important to check. Images are unique and don’t have that “stock image” feel to them.

Pexels | I’m always in Pexels finding great stock photos for social media. Each search exposes supportive subsections. For example, a search for finance will highlight business, money, role, engineering, bank, and accounting.

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Make your epitomes on brand wherever possible. This may mean adding your pigment filter, a motto, some verse, a sticker, or a caption. Social media personas on your directs should be recognizable as yours, especially “whether theyre” shared. Decide on your brand’s image style. Is it photos, vectors, animations? Decide and stick with it. find out why teams love managing their social with agorapulse

3. Budget for video

Video for social media is insanely important. 85% of all Internet consumers in the United State watch online video content. 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a firebrand or business they patronage. And, 73% of consumers claim that they have been influenced by a brand’s social media spirit when making a acquiring decision.

A 30 -second mainstream TV ad, who are not able to even contact your target audience, will cost around a third of a million dollars excluding setup expenditures. On the other hand, targeted YouTube ads expenditure on average, $0.10 -$ 0.30 per look. Reaching 100,000 YouTube witness will cost around $20,000.

So, you need video. But what if you don’t have a videographer, studio and editing application?

Here are my gratuities …

Go Live | Use your smartphone to go live on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and now even Linkedin! Going live is easy can reach massive numbers of parties. It’s free, so all you need is a good quality smartphone and a intention. I have gone Live with my symbols for behind the scenes, store opening, Director AMAs, Takeovers or simply a silly place dance on TikTok.

Video Creation Tools | Video creation tools are rarely free( not the good ones, regardless ). However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get them for cheap. I cherish Powtoon for creating high-quality videos for our social media channels. Powtoon isn’t free, but, it’s low cost and scalable 😛 TAGEND

How To Make Money Online Fast And Free

Other good tools include Animoto,Biteable,VideoScribe, and Crelloto refer a few.


Keep your social media videos short-lived, ideally 30 seconds or less. One of the best ways to do this is to create a rolling GIF. Simply procreate your labelled idols in Canva( square immensity works best ), upload them to gif maker, choose your accelerate and establish. Gifs, especially amusing ones, are standard for programmes like Twitter.

4. Invest in paid marketing

Let’s talk about paid advertise. Notice I didn’t list this one first for a conclude. Paid advertising should not be your first envisage when creating a social media strategy. Great content, catchy blueprint, solid branding, and community interaction always come first.

You should also know where your target audience hangs out. For example, Gen Z is all over TikTok, and the Boomer generation flocks to Facebook.

It also depends on the commodity. From my experience, B2C product sales progressing well on Instagram, but B2B business less so. Knowing this will make a more targeted advertising approach and less wasted budget.

So, what hands the most bang for your buck? Now are some penetrations 😛 TAGEND

Instagram triumphs on commitment right now. Symbol are driving a median commitment of 1.60% across all industries on Instagram. On Facebook, anything above 1% participation rate is good, 0.5% -0. 99% is average. So, it’s not a astonish that Instagram is determining an increasing trend in ad revenue-jumping from $23.66 billion in 2018 to $28.52 billion in 2019. Harmonizing to projections, Instagram will likely web $33.71 billion in ad receipt during 2020. The norm CPM( cost per thousand) across Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are $ 8.26 per 1,000 impress. This is cheaper than the average CPM with a major periodical of $1.09 per intuition and the average broadcast TV CPM of $17 per 1,000 observers. Opt for Carousel ads for Instagram tales over single-image link ads. The former drives 30 -5 0% lower cost-per-conversion and 20 -3 0% lower cost-per-click. Don’t dismis channels like Pinterest. The canal has really advanced innovating exciting brand-new implements and analytics. In fact, half of Pinterest consumers deserve $50 K or greater per year and each rod is worth around 78 cents in auctions !


Know your gathering and target them on the platform( s) they love most. Trying to expend across all channels is costly and will dilute national budgets. Split test adverts on the same platform apply different likeness or territory pages then direct more funds to the one that works best.

5. Inspire user-generated content

I love user-generated content( UGC ). It’s commit, composes cartel, wins auctions, and is FREE!

In marketing, UGC refers to content related to your brand created by someone. It could be a social media update, its consideration of the item, a video, a podcast, a commentary, or a tagged pole. If it involves your symbol, and nothing of your employees reached it, it’s user-generated content.

85% of consumers encounter UGC more influential than any form of firebrand content.

According to investigate by Travel Counsellors, 96% of travelers are more likely to trust a recommendation from another person over branded content.

User-generated content exposed as social proof on commodity sheets increases the time spent on site and drives conversion paces by 20-30 %.

Example: FIFA Museum

UGC is great for your affair advertisings on social media because it creates a big buzz and a savory clod of FOMO.

FIFA Museum presents social media feeds on a digital showing. This welcomes museum visitors with a series of arousing social media material and causes them to share their favorite football times, too.


Utilize user-generated content by …

Searching your brand’s name, safarus hashtag, or product to see what’s once out there. What’s the conversation about? Creating a feed gleaning UGC by hashtag, announces mentioning a username or posts published by a specific social chronicle. Hint-you can do this in your Agorapulse dashboard! Embedding UGC social media posts, inspects, and videos on your website or embed in a blog. Encouraging supporters to try your produces and upload photos to an app or in sheet rival. If you have a physical point, you can use Instagram’s geography labels to pull in personas shared in one of your physical locales. You can then comment, share, or recycle later. Adding messaging in-store that incentivizes UGC on social media. This could be a social media rivalry or an in-store discount. Name and approaching micro influencers who are talking about your brand or commodities like yours.


User-generated content isn’t all about you. It’s about your customers. So, don’t be too grabby for notice. Consider a non-branded hashtag that customers is perhaps more included to tag or a TikTok challenge that’s most likely to provoke attention.

6. Get micro influencers involved

We are all getting tired of celebrity influencers, aren’t we? Exchanges around influencer marketing have dropped in the last year, according to a new report. The report found that social mentions around influencer sell are on the wane, drooping 42% across social media channels this year from the same period a year before. But we couldn’t afford it regardless, right?

Selena Gomez supposedly bills AUD $724,000 per promotional Instagram post, Mariah Carey mentioned Airbnb on Instagram when they cause her remaining in a $22 million residence during her expedition to Aspen Colorado. Kendall Jenner has been paid $ 250,000 for a single promotional post.

Enter micro influencers, your cost-effective, sincere and favourite influencer marketing tool.

A branded video promoted by micro-influencers on TikTok normally costs between $200 and $2,500. Micro influencers are the most hiring group of influencers that likewise create greater ROI. On average, micro influencers penalty 1.5 x little than macro-influencers and 7x less than luminary influencers on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Micro influencers generally drive 7x more engagement than macro-influencers. Micro influencers deliver 30% better ROI per$ 1 waste than micro-influencers and 20% better ROI than fame influencers.

Example: Miette Dierckx

Travel and food micro influencer Miette Dierckx is a Coke brand ambassador with more than 35,000 Instagram admirers. Abusing Instagram posts tagged with #cokeambassador, Miette captivates happy instants while sipping a refreshing Coke.

You can see the below upright received 1,261 likes and an action frequency of 3.6%.

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For amazing gratuities on snaring your own micro influencers, check out Dhariana’s recent article .


Micro influencer marketing is great–but be careful not to mislead admirers. Influencer berths should be labelled as such, false claims evaded, and idealistic photos or aftermaths not included. The Advertising Standards Authority has laid down some very clear guidelines which you can read here.

7. Recycle content … but make love properly!

Lastly, recycling material is a huge money-saver, and I’m a fan.

If you’ve gone to the trouble of researching and creating a fact sheet or blog, then recycle it. Pull stats out and tweet them, create an infographic for social media, and perhaps even a short video talking about it.

Here are some more ways you can recycle old content and save money 😛 TAGEND

Repost material that your influencers have shared. Not exclusively does this give you free content, but it also increases your contact. Rework your best blog post and bring them up to date with the most recent stats. This will swell your SEO higher-rankings and ensure your content is on point. Turn blog snippets into Twitter placards. Turn berths or tweets into infographics. Relate a blog to a Facebook or Instagram poll. Upright older content with media like GIFs, videos, images, etc.

I love tools like Click to Tweet, which give snippets to be easily shared to social media from your articles.

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internet marketing articles

Takeaway: Decide whether your material is evergreen or trending before you repurpose it. For speciman, a examination published in 2017 wouldn’t fit for recycling as the facts of the case and minds progress in it most likely would have changed.

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This article was published primarily in 2015 and has been updated for 2020.

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