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Daily Horoscopes: September 19-20, 2020

Sat: Frustration and impatience mix with indecisiveness as the Libra moon opposes Mars in Aries.
Sun: Intense emotions could bubble up unexpectedly as the Scorpio moon opposes unpredictable Uranus.




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Aries Daily Horoscope by The AstroTwins
Aries (March 21 – April 19)

You may be tempted to fly off the handle on Saturday, thanks to a combative moon-Mars opposition. When you hear unsolicited feedback, do everything in your power to play it cool. (Even if that means excusing yourself from the room to call your best friend for perspective.) Firing back emotionally will only increase YOUR stress levels. And here’s the thing: When you’re in a calmer headspace, you might realize that this person actually made some fair points. Politely push back on the notes you don’t agree with and offer to address the ones you do. This could be a positive turning point for your relationship. Money could get funny this Sunday,- as the moon faces off with unpredictable Uranus in your financial houses. Be on the lookout for hidden costs before pulling out your wallet. If you don’t do your homework, you could get wooed into a shady deal. Read the fine print when it comes to a product’s return and exchange policy. Before agreeing to any business partnerships, make sure you’re crystal-clear on the expectations! See the full week >

Taurus (April 20- May 20)

Don’t bite off more than you can chew, Taurus! It’s possible that you’ll be able to pull off the ambitious feat you’re attempting, but you don’t want to overpromise on Saturday, especially as the moon opposes hectic Mars. Manage expectations (even if you actually plan to exceed them). That way, if you DON’T have time to actually turn it in ahead of schedule, you won’t be stressed. Sunday’s opposition between the moon and impulsive Uranus in your sign makes you impatient with people’s immature and capricious behavior. While your reflex might be to read someone the riot act, pause before you go off. People could be oblivious to the fact that they’re offending or annoying you. Once you stop taking their behavior personally, you’ll see a whole array of options for dealing with this creatively. Don’t hate, innovate! See the full week >

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

You’re pumped to make progress, but don’t be surprised if you come up against some unexpected roadblocks on Saturday as a frustrating moon-Mars opposition throws a wrench into your plans. You’d love to ignore this tension and plow forward with your vision, but you’ll never achieve your ambitious goals if you’ve got a crew at odds with one another. The only way out is through! Schedule some time to talk through those frustrating dynamics. Once everyone feels heard, you’ll be able to resume your plan for world domination! You may be feeling frazzled by recent life changes, but Sunday’s stars remind you that rituals and routines can keep your feet planted on terra firma. You don’t need to turn your world upside-down to do so either. Try a soothing cup of herbal tea in the afternoon, ten minutes of meditation in the morning, writing in your journal before going to sleep. Carrying a memento can also be grounding, be it a necklace from your grandmother or a favorite family photo in your wallet. See the full week >

Cancer Daily Horoscope
Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Plans to snooze notifications and deep-dive into a project could be derailed on Saturday as frenetic Mars clashes with the moon. You probably won’t have time to sneak off for that 90-minute massage either. But that doesn’t mean you can’t work some smaller centering moments into your day. Never underestimate the healing power of a five-minute meditation or an express manicure! The silver lining? This sudden busy spell could lead to important progress on a major project. Get ready: You might have to pitch a still-forming idea at a moment’s notice! Sunday’s stars could lure you into other people’s drama—and worse, you could default to playing mediator or trying to make everyone happy. Take more of a leadership role and wrangle this group back into shape. Your vision is sound, so remind everyone of the inspiring principles that brought you together in the first place. And if your diplomatic efforts fail to motivate people to action, just fly solo for the day. See the full week >

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Though you may want to speed toward the finish line, Saturday’s cautionary moon-Mars opposition encourages a more measured approach. It’s possible that you’ve gotten major traction on an important project recently. Congratulations! All the more reason to take your time and make sure those pesky details are in order. If you feel like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, call for backup. A few skilled collaborators could lighten your workload and ensure that things move forward efficiently. If a team of helpers isn’t in your budget, consider modifying your vision just a bit. Could you scale down—or slow down—a little? Keeping your emotions in check could prove challenging this Sunday as the moon opposes frenetic Uranus and throws your plans into a tailspin. This chaotic situation is not a job for one, Leo. Consult a levelheaded friend or call a mentor to help you make sense of what’s really going on. A calm, experienced person can also help you keep things in perspective and NOT take them to heart. See the full week >

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Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

You could be tempted to dig into your savings for a fall shopping spree, but under Saturday’s muddling moon-Mars opposition, you need to guard your green. That amazing blanket coat might look like a million bucks on you, but you won’t enjoy it fully if it cuts into your rent money and leaves you stressed. If a certain luxurious item keeps haunting your retail dreams, start saving for it today. With a few sacrifices (and maybe a quick side hustle), you could be able to afford this a few weeks down the line. And who knows? Maybe it will be on sale by then! At Sunday’s face-off of the moon and unpredictable Uranus, you need to stay on your toes and navigate whatever challenge gets thrown your way. Planning ahead is all well and good—as long as you’re prepared to change course without notice. While it’s no fun to have your plans foiled, see this as a chance to show off your creativity and innovative ideas. Roll with the punches, and your leadership skills could shine. See the full week >

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Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Why so moody, Libra? It probably has something to do with Saturday’s temperamental moon-Mars opposition. If you’re aboard the emotional roller coaster, try not to bring innocent bystanders along for the ride. Instead of taking your feelings out on anyone close by, slip out for some much-needed me-time. Go for a long walk or drive; read a book in the park. If a conflict arises with someone in your circle, call a time-out before things get blown out of proportion. If you fly off the handle impulsively, you could say some regrettablel things that damage the relationship. Sunday’s cosmic clash between the moon and unpredictable Uranus could churn up some high-octane emotions: anxiety, fear, jealousy. All this intensity could find you bolting for the nearest exit—or on the verge of losing your temper. Avoid such breakdowns by eliminating as many stressors from your day as possible. Don’t weather this alone either. Reach out to calm people who can help you restore perspective—not the crisis junkies who thrive on drama. See the full week >

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

The moon clashes with valiant Mars on Saturday, tempting you to play “Scorpio in shining armor.” But under this tricky transit, your noble intentions could leave you vulnerable to getting sucked into others’ dramas. Take an honest look at the people you’ve been supporting lately: Are you fixing their mistakes while they sit back and watch? If so, you need to reverse that trend at once. It’s not like you can’t lend a sympathetic ear and offer any relevant guidance. But resist involvement beyond that, especially if it has the potential to disrupt your own life. Someone in your world could deliver some harsh feedback this Sunday. With the moon opposing volatile Uranus, expect your ideas and plans to be called into question. Sure, this person could work on a softer delivery, but are their concerns worth considering? Ditch the defensive stance and follow a more collaborative approach. Take the best and leave the rest when it comes to this person’s advice. See the full week >

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Reminder, Archer: There are only so many hours in a day. But due to a pressurized moon-Mars opposition, you could feel compelled to take on extra commitments on Saturday. Be realistic: As tempting as this opportunity may be, do you actually have room on your plate right now? You don’t have to take every offer that comes your way, especially if that means adding stress to your life. Sometimes saying no is the most empowering thing you can do. On the other hand, if this is a once-in-a-lifetime break, figure out a way to make it work. That probably means putting a few OTHER things on the back burner. Surrendering is essential on Sunday as the moon opposes unpredictable Uranus and makes any attempt at control futile. Instead of trying to force a certain outcome, just let go and see what happens. You’ll get a lot more insight if you step back and observe—and you’ll be able to see others for who they really are. You could be impressed with how someone steps up, which will strengthen your trust and solidify the bond. See the full week >

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Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Your focus may be MIA on Saturday as a frenetic moon-Mars opposition makes it hard to concentrate on anything detailed. Don’t even try to power through because you’ll only exhaust yourself further. Instead, take this as a sign from the universe to create more flow in your calendar. Cancel unnecessary appointments and stay snuggled in your pajamas all day. Be on the lookout for the muse! Opening up a little more space in your schedule will allow you to download some serious inspiration. Don’t place all your eggs in a single basket this Sunday. You may be the zodiac’s most ambitious sign, willing to risk it all for a promising goal. But with frenetic Uranus scrambling signals, this particular situation could prove more unstable than you anticipate. Check out what other options exist, and get a Plan B in place. Once you see you’ve got a few more alternatives to choose from, you’ll make a wiser decision. See the full week >

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Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

You’re no stranger to serving up blunt feedback—and it’s usually pretty spot-on. But watch how you wield that sharp tongue of yours on Saturday, Aquarius. Your frank perspective could lead to a heated conflict as the moon opposes explosive Mars. Take a breath: Is there a more constructive way you could offer your criticism? Hold the Tweetstorms and resist the urge to jump into a time-sucking argument in that comments thread. Instead of entering attack mode, approach this situation peacefully. Search for common ground and build from there. Home doesn’t feel like much of a haven this Sunday, thanks to a face-off between the emo moon and erratic Uranus. If your work has been all-consuming lately, a close friend or relative could feel hurt and sidelined. But maybe they just don’t understand how busy you are—especially if you’ve been silently (and thanklessly) making their lives easier. Don’t be afraid to remind them how much they’ve benefited from your long hours at the office. That said, if you’ve been remiss in spending quality time, a spontaneous dinner or an evening of bonding could rekindle the good vibes. See the full week >

Pisces Daily Horoscope

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

You could be feeling a pinch in your pocketbook on Saturday as fiery Mars battles with the moon across your money axis. Did recent splurges leave you in the red? Instead of wringing your hands, get proactive about bringing your books back to black. Does a client owe you money for a past-due invoice? Or maybe your friend STILL hasn’t Venmoed you for her half of your summer vacation rental. Collect any cash that is owed to you. While you’re at it, cut any needless expenses from your budget. Do you really need to pay the pricey delivery charges when you’re ordering from a restaurant that’s just a few blocks away? Don’t operate on assumptions this Sunday. Under a tricky face-off between the moon and volatile Uranus, it’s important that you get all the details up-front. People might not be completely forthcoming, which will get you into trouble down the road. Play it safe and get everything in writing. It doesn’t need to be a formal contract; even an email will do. Take extra care with your own words and keep the sarcasm to a minimum. One of your off-the-cuff comments could mislead someone or even hurt their feelings. See the full week >

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In a bit of a pickle… it all seems so hopeless. Help?

u/ milehighPapi

Sooo where do i begin … I am a 30 ish year aged male partner and father( lad is 5ish) i circulate for succeed and am leave alot of the time. I have field tomorrow over a misdemeanour Domestic violence event in which was brought about in early July. I am not a man who believes it is right to made women and have not smash her. She says however narcicisstic and emotionally abusive and have been over the last 8 years of such relationships. Now i dont personally think i am either of those( although i may be frugal) i have never been seeking to divest her of her money or tell her that she can and cant spend her fund on what she misses. I pay about 75% of the legislations and have for the last 5 years weve been living together. We have separate reports, i predict we are only never get joint histories and i do not have access to her main checking account( i would think i business dictator would ?). In the last 3 years “weve had” bought a house and have been okay in terms of finances, never been rich or rich but we do okay and have the things we like and neat robes and the refrigerator remains stocked) I came from a good upbringing and guess i have always just wanted to have a cushion and i think thats where my prudence comes from. I have worked 12 hr+ eras for most of my adult life and in recent years have given it get to me a little more than regular. I guess what im saying is in reflection i think i was an asshole sometimes and maybe a little impatient with their own families( This is something i remember from my father when i was young, he was a good leader but i was always scared to ask things of him and we werent peculiarly close as he was always tired after use and wanted to relax ). I is well aware that he attended about and cherished me and tried his hardest( he was a young father 15 years old when i was born ). She has always said that it shouldnt problem if im tired and that i still have responsibilities at home. I do agree with that as it is true and logical …. i approximate i just wanted her to cut me a little break sometimes. As far as i view relationships and how i discussed ours … it is 2019 no longer should there be gender roles i.e if i get home first i cook, clean-living and vice versa. If you cant view a partner as equal than thats not much of a partner right? In 2012( the year she became pregnant with my lad) i developed a bad dres while i was away working and she was alone at home most of the time. I started doing methamphetamines and it spiraled out of control pretty quickly to the point we lost our apartment and she had to go through the later part of her gestation and the early months of our lads life at her parents residence. During this time i was not myself, i went through being homeless, and alot of other frightful trash that hurts to think about. She was there for me and stood with me through alot of shocking shit( i chiselled, i lied, and was an overall piece of shit until one day my papa finally tracked me down and somehow convinced me to go to treatment for my addiction) My dad saved my life and i went to a program in my hometown where i lived in a dormitory and paid tariff and relearned alot of important abilities that are vital for a ordinary epoch to era life. I attented regular satisfies and was made to take regular drug tests and hindered accountable. I was released from the program after about 4 months and went to live with family in the same town. At the end of the same year i had gotten a really good job and we were able to move out to a condo and we have lived together since. I had a very good job throughout this whole time until about 4 months ago when i left to get back in an old-fashioned industry where i am currently and where i travel alot but make a pretty good annual salary. over the years we have doing well and been overall fairly fortunate( i think ?) and achieved a lot of things like i said( buying a house et .) that we wanted to. Well around last october my mom was released from prison and the stimulant gradually pussyfooted its action back into my life …. on halloween i used meth before we went to see one of my partners friends parties … she found evidence and announced me out on it in a very concerned manner … commonly she wouldve flipped her shit, left and made a big deal out of it but this time she was truly concerned. She adoration me alot this i know. I told her the truth and said i was just curious and it wouldnt last-place. It is now august and since then she has found meth hidden in my truck or other situates multiple times …. she has been upset about it but for the most part was able to look past it because i am still successful and have determined sure the proposals were paid and saved operating regularly. A few goes “shes had” discovered quite substantial amounts and was indicated that she reddened it or had moved spray on it and gone rid of it. A little embarassing but the main reason i tried it again was to use it as kind of a viagra if you are able to. Our sex life became a little boring over the last year and i could sense that she wiould move back and was not interested in me the majority of members of the time( i.e tired , not tonight and only overall not very excited to bone) in october when i tried it again this did conversion and things between us in the bedroom have been totally different) In may i left my job i was at for about 5 years and went back to the job i was at when i started expend( got a nice offer and figured i would get away and do the right thing and cease exerting alltogether. I was working a rotational planned where i would work about 30 daylights and then come home for a week or so. In july when i came home right before the 4th of july i was out very late one night on a sunday i think has and she had work the next day i got a text from a friend who had gotten a duet and went to pick him up and make him residence … i got home about 6am as she was getting ready for work i could tell that she was pissed. She said she wasnt mad but something did seem curious. She went to work and i started cleaning up the house and working on a vehicle thats been sitting for a while at the chamber of representatives. I fell asleep in our bed and objective up leaving my paraphernalia on the dining room table … turns out she came home and obtained this as i was sleeping so she announced my pa to have an intervention. I woke up after succeeding 31 periods straight-shooting 15 hourish days … and then driving 12 hrs straight-shooting from work on the last … to an intervention i was not ready for. My dad and partner were in the living room asking me what i was doing and telling me i should come home from where i was working( if i could i would change what i did next a million times over, it recurs me to this day) i first disclaimed the drug use and said i had just been working alot and then my spouse started to pack her substance and said she was leaving with our son. At this time i freaked out, questioned my pa to leave and when he wouldnt i hit him and saw him leave( this i am absolutely ashamed of) just leave and my bride called the police. I shoved her on the way out( not very difficult but still shouldnt have) i got in my vehicle and left. About a block away i realized that i had no wallet or phone so turned around to grab them i figured i would go eat and clear my front. As i get back she is on the phone with 911 and in a madnes i approximate i affect her vehicle( area swiped it pretty good and then got out and proceeded to kick the door which i likewise messed up pretty good) i was looking at her hurt and shocked questioning her why she was doing this. She told you did this … you did. I left the house again without getting my keys or wallet and then eventually stupidly decided to come back. This time i was gathered over about a block away from my house … the police made a look at her auto and said they were similar to the size of my feet and i went to jail that day. Fast forward I have not been able to go home since the working day and simply been able to see my son one time( that was nice 😉 ). Since then my spouse has made it clear that she is scared of me and has been very adament about enforcing the protection degree issued by the state in any DV case. She has made it clear that she requires a breakup and eventually to hire a mediator to separate assets and figure out a parenting schedule. This killed me …. i love my family and want nothing more than to try and fix things. I have been willing to acknowledge that i do have issues with anger at times and craving and have made very clear that i am willing to go to therapy, counseling and to the things it will take to illustration things out. She has said that she cannot forgive me and doesnt believe we will ever be back together. Over the last couple months i have been a shell of myself still having to travel to a lieu i dislike, exertion long hours and offer all of our mutual bills with no help from her. Havent been able to speak with my lad much and she is using the protection order to enforce that. I dont want to accept the divorce i honestly cant believe this is real … it all happened so fast and i am very sad and lonely at this quality. Now i must add that there were a few terms since about april i had noticed my wife acting strange( shaking while putting on makeup, the practice she was having sex was much more intense than normal, and one time when we were arguing she said without realizing “maybe youre the one thats on meth !!! she realized what she said and then came actually hushed. i rejected this and entered it apart. One of the last periods i was home with her we sat and i mentioned in a roundabout way that i know what was going on and i know what this shit is and does … that i blamed myself for producing it around and that “shes not” me she was better than me and that she shouldnt do this shit. She did not deny she hung her premier and stood placid. One of the times i was home last-place( after the incedent) she let me to grab some invests of mine and in one of my laundry basket was her fuzz brush … a touch id investigated her abuse everyday for the last 3 years. I took tests of her hair off of this brush and send it in to a government grade forensics lab. This lab does toxicology, dissection, dna, assault equipment testing … the whole shabang. The rationale i moved this in is because i had to know for myself what was happening. She is at our house with my lad and she has not been willing to talk to me not even once. I have told her that i will file for a joint divorce( she queried and was being very pushy about me doing it fast) i asked her if i could call and speak to her about the mediation and what to expect she said she wasnt ready to talk to me. She has said this everytime i ask and it has been a very painful thing for me emotionally. There was a time about a month ago i spoke with my son on skype and he was acting like he had come into contact with meth … so i saved the videos. Fast forward a little bit 2 days ago i got the results in for the mane follicle exam i submitted of my wives hair … the levels of thc were pretty high( i expected this as we both smoked marijauna together for a very long time ). The levels of Methamphetamine that came back were through the roof … 2000 pg/ mg and the cutoff for testing is 200. This whole time i am beating myself up …. thinking of what a piece of shit i am and how ive let down and ruined my family( which i did afterall) and she is doing exactly what she is accusing and executing me over. My son when we hung out told me he “ve missed” … i said i miss you too buddy well be hanging out alot more here soon. He then said … i miss my momma extremely …..? i said what are you talking about you guys are together all the time. He siad she always takes me to papas house or she stays in her room with the door fastened and wont let me in. She has been acting different and now i know why …. i am worried about her as she is completely pulling away from me and opposing me on all levels possible. Last week i was taken to jail on the day i got back form operating another hitch and was getting ready to pick up my lad from clas … i was parked in the driveway of my house when the local pd pulled up and took me to jail for violation of a defence degree. I ligament out the next day and then sunday before “i m leaving” back to work i was dropping off coin, a couple of other things for their own families. The next day about 30 min after i got the results on the “hairs-breadth” follicle test i got a call from my advocate informing me my bride called the DA said she saw me at the chamber of representatives last-place night and they were filing a motion to revoke my bail. i have been working through all of this and paying all of our reciprocal monies …. killing myself inside just scared of the future without my partner. Come to find out she is flying high as fucking on meth …. I have field tomorrow and may go to jail for awhile because of the whole bond thing … the only reason i was close to the house was to drop off money for her and my lad at a neighbourhood where she asked me to drop it off …? I am scared and if i go to jail i may lose my job …. ultimately i am scared of losing my family but it seems that may once be the case. There is more to the story i am not sure and unable to prove but judge she may be pregnant …. and i also think it is another mans baby.( this i am unsure of but have a suspicion that is why she wanted me to file for divorce so fast ). She has been solid for 8 years and stood by my back through alot …. with this evidence i have of my son looking high-pitched over video chat and her hair follicle results i have a good chance at repudiating anything she says tomorrow at tribunal but this would ultimately ruin her life( especially if shes pregnant and ultimately that affects my lad) i would like to get ahead of this and somehow get ahold of her( i was just thinking about announcing her brother or momma perhaps) to let her know that i love here and have this info and i can prove shes been going high-pitched and that she shouldnt try to lie tomorrow at field to get me put in jail because i will have to use the info i have against her to save myself. Ultimately that they are able to most likely set my son in stimulate charge … I cant contact her because of the restraining order and it is showing that she is not playing nice … she isnt thinking straight-out. What should i do ????? should “i m calling” her friend tell him what i know and that im perturbed and ask him to talk to her? Does she still adoration me and precisely not belief straight-out or is it over? I feel like if she is pregnant from somebody else i could at least try and look past it and truly forgive her and move on … doing things differently and sober and be happy. what do i do? how can i save my bride and kid. I feel like she is seemingly happier without me but i also dont conceive she is herself … can it be saved? Should I just chill TF out?

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