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Why someone I love does not get a medical cannabis prescription in Israel

auto traffic exchangeIsrael is either a paradise for people who need cannabis as medicine or that people are smoking up freely as they like.

If you think so, you are both right and likewise totally wrong. I want to give you a few things to think about that I have learned over the years working with scientists and patients who use cannabis as medicine.

On one handwriting cannabis is credited as the secret sauce to Israeli startups. That’s what my co-founder partner told me when I asked him the question. We were constructing a robot to help people grow food with less spray, and also facilitate cannabis growers originate better composites. And, he had to sign a paper in the army that he would not cannabis while in the military or ever again in the future. State mysteries, you know.

When I first moved in 20 years ago, it seemed like every other person in their 20 s was inhaling regularly. According to some estimates that about fixes smell. Not because Israelis are party animals or that they like to check out of life and get stoned. About half of the country is suffering from PTSD( upright agonizing stress illnes) — an after effect of going to the army, innumerable battles, the challenge of life under conflict. They use cannabis( then it was illegally) not because they are stoneheads, but because they are self-medicating. Or looking forward to the secret sauce while programming.

I learned that from a scientist I converged from the Technion. Until then I felt I could be judgemental about people who seemed to be using cannabis for fun. Not the suit he was just telling me. People are finding ways to treat themselves and it’s more common than you think, he illustrated. So when I retain my solicitor sweetheart back then, still in progress his month-long army duty every year, and the things he legislated at work and in life. Emphatically. He was self-medicating. Life is very stressful here.

Israeli cases desperate for alternatives that give them sting relief from arthritis pretty much have to humiliate themselves to a batch of lies, testing and medications before they get cannabis as medicine — unlike in Canada where even before “theres only” medically law or in the grey area — you could Skype call with a doctor from a clinic and get pretty much anything you wanted if you had the right condition- cancer, aching, that sort of thing.

People in Israel who are desperate for relief have to firstly wander through a labyrinth of know a doctor. Dr. Bareket Schiff is one of the best in the field, but she is sometimes mocked because she cries from the experiences that her cases have to go through to get cannabis. She is outspoken and vocal.

So if you do manage to pass the year long quiz with a physician who will put you on a course of excess and potentially addictive analgesics( the smart ones get the prescription replenished and then scatter it out over dumpsters in the city) — then report back saying they don’t work. Who wants to get addicted to drugs?

The ones with equanimity and the time to kill eventually may get the prescription but then find that there is no cannabis available and/ or they have to stand in long strings to get it, and then it expenses a rich. Don’t denounced the growers though. Blame the government for not allowing fairly patients in the system. The growers aren’t making money. Those like Tikkun Olam and Breath of Life make their money in other lanes. In joint goes and IP they sell outside of Israel.

So what’s a person to do in Israel who needs cannabis? Go through the rigamarole I mentioned above with anaesthetics and a doctor you may never find nor be able to access because they are overbooked. Wait maybe a year to get your firstly appointment. Or find a pusher. That’s where Telegrass came in handy. I never used it but I thought about it. Someone I cherished was in an extreme amount of suffering for a chronic situation and the little bit of cannabis I could get her helped. She started the process with Bareket Schiff and then in the end decided not to play the travesty.

She has open eyes and is smart, like a stealthy Israeli. You have to be over here or someone will take your residence in line, pull the carpet out from under you, or stumble you with a proposal you don’t deserve. Or worse convert the law. What happens if you are in the system in Israel registered as a medical cannabis patient and you get in a car accident? Or if you are looking for a position in a special high-pitched protection arrange?

This information will be accessible by someone now or in the future. For those that use cannabis they know that there is a waiting period where it can take some time and it will be out of your organization — the authorities have firms in the US that do this. They can send you a dwelling equipment and you can test yourself to know when you are in the clear. Because what I have learned over the last 5 or six years construct companies in cannabis and then consulting for others — “youve never” know which acces the wind will blow.

I hope that Israel does blow its own smoke or vape or lubricant … in these directions as Canada. That it throws up on holding onto antiquated rules. Those that can help will self-medicate, and those that are really not able will suffer passionately in pain and discomfort or perhaps die from a drug overdose when the opiates stop working. Go the route of Canada, Israel. To the direction where even those in the military can now smoke cannabis freely, without free of criminalization, without suspicion of losing everything.

Cannabis can coach us a good deal. Even if you simply inhale it formerly or a few cases days. Or maybe you will try products high-pitched in CBD( like CBD oil) and low-pitched in THC help you with rash, feeling? For me, I was high when I decided to move to Israel.

Deep in the middle of nowhere in Switzerland, with the donkeys and the light-green ridges … I knew I needed to change something in my life. I was how do you say it, fully stuck.

swiss village with mountains and water running through it

The ideal place to use medical cannabis, guess large-hearted thoughts and figure out how to change your life.

A few inhales last-minute from my Canadian friend and I was meandering home back to my village. I was processing how to be unstuck, how to deal with what needed to be fixed. I’d inspected Israel once, I’d loved it. But could I move there with no VISA, or task? Sure you can, cannabis mumbled in my hearing.

Cannabis showed me my heroism. And over the years it brought along me to tears matching people like Dr. Alan Shackleford who saved a little girl’s life, with cannabis.

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New Yorkers go hard against fossil fuels, divest $215.5 billion pension funds from fossil fuels

actNew York, dwelling of solar dreamers?

You got to adoration New Yorkers. They are real, and they are often serious. And they like to walk the step. So New Yorkers have a lot to celebrate now that their elected mayor Mayor Bill de Blasio declared that he will stop all brand-new fossil fuel jobs within and serving the city.

This is the largest municipal ban announcement of its in the world. building on the mounting world move for a time change off fossil fuels to a renewable-energy economy that works for all.

“This is a majestic step for New Yorkers in stimulating our dwelling a simulate for real climate leadership, and a massive succes for frontline communities and climate activists everywhere, ” said Dominique Thomas, a 350. org organizer and New Yorker.

“As we enter the climate decade, the work requires transformational climate act, and now the financial center of the world is moving to stop all new fossil fuel projects. This move invigorates us to protect our communities from all gas, lubricant, and coal projections, including the Williams fracked gas pipeline, and implement a Green New Deal that works for all New Yorkers.”

What the hell is New York do?

They are taking concrete atmosphere action by divesting its $215.5 billion pension funds from fossil fuel, ordaining nation-leading legislation to slash pollution from large-scale constructs, engaging Exxon and other Big Oil business in court for climate costs and damages, while expanding investing in air and solar.

Community resistance to fracked gas projects within and around the City continues to grow, including over 70 elected officials opposing the Williams fracked gas pipeline and tens of thousands of New Yorkers holler on Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to stop Williams and all fracked gas projects.

A wake up call to Wall Street, lives in a latitude macrocosm

“The Mayor of New York City announce a ban on new fossil fuel projections will resound across the nation and around the world as a claw in the coffin of the fossil fuel economy, ” said Tamara Toles O’Laughlin, 350. org The americas Director. She is also a New Yorker 😛 TAGEND

“As our communities protect our health and safety by continuing fossil fuels in the field, Wall street banks and insurers enabling projections like Keystone XL, Line3, and coast to coast fracking need to wake up. The writing’s on the wall: move your fund out of poison fossil fuels and into real environment solutions.”

The Mayor is set to issue an executive require to implement this ban. This will be a critical step toward climate activity, including ordinances, regulations, improving code changes and legislation, to maximize the effectiveness of a proscribe and to ensure all staff and city authorities use all tools at their jettison, including the way in which they engage in rate examples public service hearings.

In New York, utilities National Grid and Con-Ed have attempted to hold New Yorkers’ power needs hostage, especially for small businesses, and Black and dark-brown parishes, says 350. org. We interviewed 350. org benefactor Bill McKibbens now.

Interview: Bracing For A Warmer Future With Bill McKibben

Governor Cuomo and the New York Department of Environmental Conservation( NYSDEC) retain overall decision-making on new and present assignments. Now, New Yorkers are escalating the demand for Cuomo to stop the Williams fracked gas pipeline once and for all, and build on this announcement by declaring a ban on brand-new fossil fuel jobs across the state.

New York- we are cool. We looks just like you. On second thought , no. We LOVE YOU. But if you look to your rooftops, they are less than impressively vigor health. For times the city has been talking about lettuce ceilings, but simply a handful like Henry Gordon Smith from Agritecture are attracting any weight.

Where are the passive solar sea heaters, solar panel for collecting strength? New York – it’s good to make bold accounts, but exactly what we citizens doing locally instead of exactly blaming Wall Street?

americas Director

What’s the next steps for the eastern West?

Use available resources from selling oil and gas and invest in renewables. There is no reason why the heated climates of Northern africa, the Levant, the former Middle East, the new western east can’t make this happen — with all the sun that radiances virtually time round. What happened to Desertec?

Meet DESERTEC’s Oliver Steinmetz: Openings for Countries of the middle east Countries

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