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13 Best Travel Blogs and Bloggers in 2020

“If I were rich, you would never envision me again.” I’m pretty sure during your social media rounds you must have come across this excerpt at least once. Travel has become a favorite for so many beings around the globe to the extent that I’m careful not to say favorite pass time because it has even turned into a professional and self-discovery or spiritual liaison. Some travel to see the world, others to tell people’s fibs, others as rehabilitation, others to make money, and so on.

The world being as vast as it is, there are still several places to visit. Of these, at least we have blogs and bloggers who have gone out of their acces to record their proceeds by either taking pictures, videos, or storytelling.

They even go a step further to make recommendations, review and rate their proceed escapades. You have to agree that this has made activities such as picking your next movement end, projecting, and actual excursion much more straightforward.

That being said, I’ve put together a few of my favorite top roam blogs and bloggers, to acquire your travel plans a little bit more caused, informed, and money-wise.

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1. Legal Nomads2. Expert Vagabond 3. The Voyageur4. The Poor Traveler5. Nomadic Matt6. Hand Luggage Only7. Maptia8. Adventurous Kate9. Dan Flying Solo1 0. Migrationology1 1. Amateur Traveler1 2. Backpacking Matt 13. A Broken Backpack

So let’s get right into it.

List of best movement blogs

1. Legal Nomads

Jodi Ettenberg was a practicing lawyer when she decided to take a whole year to rest and pas the world countries. After saving up, she started on her outing, exclusively to never go back home to practice law. Then her blog Legal Nomads was born. She documented the experience for those who knew her so that they could also have a taste of her travelings virtually.

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The exciting part of Jodi’s experience is that she developed the blog to too share about menu. She believes that food has a way of raising you closer to the people of a neighbourhood as well as their culture. It also increases the chances of sickness during traveling because you are aware of what exactly you’re taking in.

She is passionate about seeing the privilege meat for beings with celiac so you can get gluten-free restaurant cards on her blog. A celiac, Jodi has also developed a long list of gluten-free navigates based on her travellings, to help other celiacs cros safely various regions of the world. Also, she offers trip tips and resources.

Her travel blog has been featured on so many renowned platforms- the New York Times, National Geographic, The Guardian, Fast Company, BBC Travel, CNN, and more. Legal Nomads has pouched several gives: multiple Lowell Thomas Awards and North American Travel Journalism honors for writing and photography.

Legal NomadsLegal Nomads- one of the best travel blogs

2. Expert Vagabond

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Expert Vagabond is the creation of a person announced Matt( full reputations: Matthew Karsten ). His fib is not far from Jodi’s of Legal Nomads. He has a degree in Business, but he one day decided that he would save up, sell his wealths, and leave the US for a year. A year turned into 9, and he has never ogled back ever since. He bought his ticket to Guatemala, and that was it!

He says he aims at teaching people how to realise caches rather than collecting self-possessions. Matt shares his experiences through photography, videos, and sections.

On his blog, he shares on his travels to different destinations: Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, Countries of the middle east, The americas, and the Polar Regions. He likewise features hurtle resources and gratuities.

Besides that, he talks about how to find cheap flights, to book inexpensive inns, the claim roam paraphernalium you need to get as well as travel safety gratuities. What is movement without impeding the reminiscences?

In light of this, he features photography tips, giving you ways in which you can take better photographs and the best travel cameras you can get. On a matter of money, Matt helps you get better at nomadic living by directing you on how to save money, get excursion enterprises, and how to get paid for traveling.

Expert VagabondExpert Vagabond- top wander blogger

3. The Voyageur

This travel blog is a work of art. The minimalistic thing going on with The Voyageur is breathtaking. It is by a damsel living in Paris called Pauline.

In the blog, she peculiarity many countries like Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Austria, and Brazil. Her tours section is unique. There, she opens a snapshot of what you would do in a neighbourhood or country in a certain number of periods, which assisted in planning and getting muse for your next undertaking.

Pauline likewise causes you in on hotels and homes you can consider remaining or eating at during your hastens. Paulina is a photographer, fashion designer, and artwork lead; therefore, the gallery, nutrient, art& design section in her blog is brought forward with so much grace and productivity.

The VoyageurThe Voyageur

4. The Poor Traveler

If you’ve ever wanted to travel the world, but you find yourself mourning about how you have no money, this is one of the blogs you are able to check out sometime.

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The Poor Traveler offers diverse material from different travelers who are on a budget around the world. A pre-eminent perk from this is that you will get to see travel from various views. You will be scandalized at how people are traveling with just enough to get by.

The blog aims to document the mishaps of two friends, Vins and Yosh who give tips on budgeting so that other travelers can have better adventures.

Best travel blogger & blogThe Poor Traveler

5. Nomadic Matt

His goal is to help travelers to get to ends better but with less. With pas ordeal of over ten years, Matt is in a position to give seem passage advice on matters arraying from packing, policy, trip minds, how to get the right travel backpack, cooking tips, hasten scams and more.

Featured on CNN, Times, National Geographic, The Guardian and several other stages, Nomadic Matt is still place of related travel information and inspiration to travelers as well as those who are looking to travel. Impressive aspects on this blog include a couple’s travel, female solo jaunt, and family& major pas.

Nomadic Matt - best travel blogsNomadic Matt- best wander blogs

6. Hand Luggage Only

Yaya and Lloyd started the blog while at the University of Cambridge. They desired to travel and photography and so they wanted to see what hasten was like in the eyes of other travelers and to have speeches around the journey with them. So they put up their hasten posts on their blog and voila! Hand Luggage Only was born.

On their blog, they offer expedition advice and inspiration. You can see the travel journal for documented walks. Food and spoofs are also exciting features on the blog.

Hand Luggage Only - best travel bloggerHand Luggage Only

7. Maptia

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This site is inspiring. It brings together the stories of different people and communities. Maptia is in contact with columnists, photographers, fashion designers, art heads, and conservationists to use storytelling to bring out the appeal of the world countries, its challenges and to give inspiration. It is an impact-centered and informative project that sanctions the world to be better.

Maptia features inspiring floors from around the world that are under the editor’s selects. They likewise present a 7-day sequence of short stories in a segment dubbed tours. A speedy view at the floors and photos on the blog will genuinely stimulate your cros spirit.

The best travel blogs for inspiration - MaptiaMaptia- top movement blog

8. Adventurous Kate

Seventy-seven countries and seven continents. That’s where and how far Kate has traveled. Similar to the stories of most full-time travelers, she also quit her job to travel and “ve never” looked back. Kate aims at showing the world that it is easy, safe, and fun to travel the world even if it is solo travel.

With no particular inclination to specific topics she blogs about, you can get just about any fragment of advance advice on her blogs. Adventurous Kate likewise tells of her expedition escapades in fascinating and employing ways.

Best travel blog to follow - Adventurous KateAdventurous Kate blog

9. Dan Flying Solo

Dan left his diner task, picked up his camera, and went to see the world. Today, his passage blog, Dan Flying Solo, offers insight on places to visit around the world.

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He takes photos, videos, and writes articles on his experiences, giving you a thorough account on tips and assignments he’s learned along the way. His blog is big on Asia, Europe, and Oceania’s travel guides.

Dan Flying Solo - the best travel blogDan Flying Solo- top passage blog

10. Migrationology

Food and passage: Mark Wiens is waiting for you to name a better duo. For him, there’s no better path to understand a locate and its beings than exploring their nutrient.

His blog is stirred for people who appreciate both meat and passage. If you’re wondering if some nutrient you’re trying out is traditional and authentic, risks are he has already covered it on his blog, especially for Asia. Mark currently lives with his wife Ying in Bangkok. Together, they frequently travel the world for food.

Mark’s jaunt blog is also instrumental in providing city leader. Above all, a see to Migrationology will give you enough inspiration to travel: food.

Top travel blogs - MigrationologyMigrationology- best passage blogs

11. Amateur Traveler

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Chris Christensen began his adventure by creating podcasts in 2005. I think he was one of the first people to do a podcast at the time :). The Amateur Traveler blog was only generated two years later. It became a great addition to the podcast line mainly because it offered young travelers movies, tour photos, and lots of useful content.As a decision, today, at amateurtraveler.com, you’ll find the award-winning travel blog and podcast that will help real travelers strategy real expeditions to their own backyard or around the world.Here you will find content that will help you plan your journey, save money, or say to you where to go. And also information for people just starting to travel, such as the Travel 101 roster.

Amateur Traveler - best travel blogAmateur Traveler

12. Backpacking Matt

Among the best travel blogs on my listing, there can be BackpackingMatt.com. What seduced me in this blog is fantastic positive power and beautiful photos. Until you want to throw everything, backpack your knapsack, and hit the road.Matt is a guy from Iowa who came to New Zealand in 2010, like he says one of the most beautiful places in the world and unexpectedly lived here permanently. His blog mainly focuses on discovering New Zealand, but not only. You’ll also find tips-off on how to travel around the world, stories of undertakings and investigates, trip inspects, and muses for walk. Through this blog, Matt shares his enthusiasm with beautiful New Zealand and an offbeat lifestyle.

Travel blog to follow - Backpacking MattBackpacking Matt

13. A Broken Backpack Travel Blog

The author of this travel blog is Mel. Melissa Giroux comes from Quebec, Canada, and began her undertaking in 2014 by depart her expedition around the world. This forceful, smiling lady is not simply walks but chiefly lives in places she writes about. She spent two years in Australia, a few months in Southeast Asia, Then a year in the UK, and now lives in Bali. That is why, on her blog, you will also find suggestion for travelers on how to find occasional work to survive and be able to travel further. These are the main reasons why I situated A Broken Backpack on my list of the best travel blogs.

Travel blog - A Broken BackpackA Broken Backpack


Travel is one of those things that have a positive impact on a person, whatever their reasonablenes for moving. People who traveling are happier, appreciate diversity, and tend to find their purpose.

I hope through this collection of blogs and bloggers who are heavy into traveling and substantiating their walks, you will get inspired to leave your comfort zone and all the familiarity it comes with, and bundle a pouch and disappear. Who knows what you will find out there? Happy tours!

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