Sprint is really putting it to me when I did everything we agreed to. They are now reporting inaccurate info regarding my account

Sprint is really putting it to me when I did everything we agreed to. They are now reporting inaccurate info regarding my account

In January we bought a house and moved in. Once we did so we realise our cadre provider had ZERO service on our owned and in turn my wife was at home with our son with zero means to call for help in an emergency.

I contacted Sprint and they told me a pillar was down and it should get better in a few daylights and that I would get a bill credit for the issue.

A few epoches gone by and it didnt get better so I announced back. This time I was told that there was never a cell fortres down and that assistance was fine at my address. They cited their coverage locator delineate online so I proceeded and verified it out to find they were advertising 4G connectivity at our address when we were lucky to see 1x which was obviously uncommon compared against no assistance. I called them back and let them know there was still an issue with my busines, at which point they stated this needed to be escaleted to their “tier three” team for investigation and I would get a call back within a few days.

When the rank three team called me after the investigation they were very apologetic. They explained that there were in fact no castles close enough to my home for me to have 4G assistance, and that I was mostly luck to be seeing 1x. They explained that the service locator map on their website had a backend glitch and that my persistence was the same reasons they became aware of it. I was stunned they acknowledged this. I was told on account of their inability to provide service they would be putting me through to the account business squad who are capable of secrete my from my contract without termination rewards, maneuver buyout rewards, or any other penalty so long as I returned my devices.

It took them over a month to deliver the phone return paraphernaliums to the correct address, some lights I invest more than two and a half hours on the telephone with their reps trying to work through this. After their outright dishonesty through the process I downloaded a bawl recorder and began keeping records of their promises. I using them to recorded a number of goes territory their “couldve been” no penalties and that any lease buyout fees “couldve been” ascribed back to me once the inventions arrived in their storehouse. I watched the tracking amount closely and upon calling after they received the package was told they never recieved it despite what the moving info shows.

I continued to follow up on this to try to make sure it wa a clean breakup but sprint spawned it nearly impossible. I couldn’t even get an honest answer about how much of the amount owed was for services interpreted and how much was for garbage rewards they predicted wouldnf be charged.

Fast forward 90 daytimes and I get a announce from a debit collector about a roughly $900 debit to sprint for three machine rewards( lease buyouts ), cancellation costs, and a minimum past due busines equilibrium. I illustrated the amount was wrong and that I did not owe that amount.

I immediately called sprint and voiced my concerns about the situation. The person on the other end said they needed to investigate it with the back office and would call me back. I never recieved a phone call from them and unquestionably never recieved a voicemail indicating they had called.

Now my credit composition has learnt significant damage from the collect fellowship trying to collect on s obligation of which the majority of members I do not owe( and have multiple recorded requests with a myriad of Sprint reps assuring me this wouldn’t happen ). I’ve carried numerous experiences I’m happy to pay any past due extent for services however am not paying the device costs. Had they not offered me out of the contract and met the assurances they did I would have stayed with them and bought a landline for emergencies.

I’ve disputed the collect as inaccurate with the ascribe bureaus and am waiting to hear back but after all of this I have a pretty good feeling how it will come back.

I’m located in Texas and would be appreciative of any assist anyone can offer. I dont have a ton of money to invest in rectifying such a situation, but I likewise cannot have seven years of this on my recognition reports( not to mention the recited provoking phone calls ).

What recourse do I have if the dispute comes back adverse? How can I resolve this? Why is it ok for big companies to lie to their customers and cause damage to their lives?

I’ve disputed the ascribe reports and am waiting to hear back, however I dread it will not resolve this. Any recommendations for how to handle this?

Thank you!

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