Rhythm + Flow: Who We Wanted to Win | Screen Rant

Rhythm + Flow: Who We Wanted to Win | Screen Rant

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Season 1 of Rhythm+ Flow was a victory for rapper D-Smoke, who made the top honour, but here’s who we wanted to win.

Flawless Real Talk. With his 50 -watt smile and family appraises, Flawless stressed the importance of winning the prize money so that he, his bride-to-be, two daughters and newborn on the way could have a better life. Watching the strength of his meter and his fiery execution in the rap engagements is a wonder to behold. The Rhode Island native is a melodic dynamo. Throughout the competition, he delivered perfectly implemented verses and ploy through the rest of the serial with nary a stumble. Not merely that, but( spoiler !) Flawless Real Talk made it all the way through to the finale with an emotionally provoking operation that even left his family members in tears.

Rae Khalil. This feminist M.C. from Los Angeles is a sterling example of the strength of her parish. Her grandfather was George Goodman, one of the first blacknes music novelists for The New York Times. Her great-uncle, Leon Washington, started one of the largest black newspapers in the United Commonwealth. Rae’s sense of communal obedience and desire to lift up her people is evident in her melodics. She too removes the notion that a successful female rapper has to sell sex to get ahead. Had Rae Khalil’s talent been nourished a little more on the establish, there’s no telling the elevations she could clamber.

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Beanz. This Feisty Latina acclaims from Reading, Pa. Unlike a lot of the other masters on the register, Beanz is a lone wolf – and proud of it. From her first appearance backstage at the New York auditions, she exposed a no-nonsense attitude. Beanz has an aggressive existence when she raps. Her delivery contenders DMX or Lil’ Kim. Beanz never flaunted her appears or presented a lot of skin like some of the other female rappers on the see. Instead, she had the guess believes in her so much, they situated her in a hip-hop clash against Flawless Real Talk. While she demonstrated it her best shot, Beanz forgot one of her poems and was sent home. However, we would’ve affection for her to get a shot at redemption, merely to be acknowledged that aim flow once more.

Sam B Yourself. From expressions, one might never be supposed that Sam B Yourself was as singular as he is. Chance the Rapper saw something in his perfect lyricism and “normcore” edge. His onstage personality hearkens back to the Beastie Boys and Third Base, with a tiny bit of contemporary craftsmen like Logic and Eminem thrown in for good measure. The evaluates is proposed that he grow a vogue that could meet him more relatable. Sam B Yourself listened to those suggestions and is coming strong – narrowly missing the chance to perform in the finals. He would have been a great winner because – more than the other entrants – he understood the concept of taking analysi and turning it into usable suggestion. Still, any of these rappers would have also made excellent finalists and even winners in season 1. Hopefully, some or all of them will be restored for season 2.

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