Patreon sells product curation site Kit to Geniuslink

Patreon sells product curation site Kit to Geniuslink

Patreon, the pulpit for independent content makes to operate membership business for their core followers, announced it is selling the resources of to localise affiliate relation service Geniuslink.

Founded in 2015, Kit is a social-shopping pulpit where influencers curate sheaves of concoctions( “kits”) they recommend. When their followers buy concoctions they featured in a kit, the influencer makes an affiliate reward fee. Kit has 2.3 million monthly network guests, according to SimilarWeb.

Among the most notable content developers on Kit, YouTuber Casey Neistat curated a package featuring his favorite camera paraphernalium and author Tim Ferriss curated kits featuring his favorite podcasting equipment and the health concoctions therefore recommends interviewees in his Tools of Titan book.

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Screenshot of’s profile site for Tim Ferriss

Patreon acquired Kit in June 2018 in what Patreon’s SVP Product Wyatt Jenkins described to me during my in-depth series on the company as “close to an acqui-hire, ” adding that “although Kit is a good revenue beginning for a great deal of inventors — so it’s not a shut-down of Kit — we’re maintaining it but not iterating on it.”

Patreon acquires Kit to let authors bundle merch in subscriptions

Kit had previously raised $ 2.5 million in risk capital from sponsors like Social Capital, #Angels, Precursor Ventures, Expa and Ellen Pao. While the Kit site remained active, the team behind it was reassigned to lead product development for Patreon’s merch offering.

It is unsurprising that Patreon noted a new home for the resource. While Kit is a tool for inventors to monetize, it doesn’t enhance paid memberships for fans, and that’s Patreon’s exclusive focus right now. Even Patreon’s merch product is only for present merch as a benefit for membership ranks , not for managing an e-commerce store with one-time transactions.

In a blog post today herald the acquisition, Geniuslink wrote that “The firstly order of business for Geniuslink is to migrate Kit to the Geniuslink infrastructure and work to improve hurried and reliability while our operations unit dives into user support. We look forward to adding added functionality for builders to monetize their paraphernaliums in the coming months.”

Geniuslink launched in 2009, initially labelled as GeoRiot. The bootstrapped busines has 13 employees headquartered in Seattle.

Social commerce is a popular trend right now, with other social scaffolds researching e-commerce desegregations for users( particularly influencers) to feature concoctions. YouTube now has a built-in merch section for a make to sell makes under their videos, and Instagram makes influencers sell makes immediately in the app. These have certain advantages of accommodating influencer-curated shopping events right where influencers and their love previously are.

Those facets assume an influencer is selling their own products, nonetheless, or at least the products of a label they’ve formally been associated with. For Kit and its affiliate tie-up framework, the focus is on influencers as trusted curators for their love. The influencer can peculiarity a much wider variety of products and do so immediately, without negotiating a deal with each firebrand.

That’s also why the simulate likely doesn’t make sense for numerous favourite influencers — they demand more fund for their endorsement of a product than a standard affiliate link fee, and recommending a lot of produces they don’t have formal deals to promote may subvert them in their negotiations with brands.

As Geniuslink supplements more monetization features to Kit, perhaps it will make it a more lucrative business activity for small-minded and gigantic influencers alike.

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