“Our cars are not smartphones, we design them to last” – Mercedes-Benz boss Ola Källenius on tech

“Our cars are not smartphones, we design them to last” – Mercedes-Benz boss Ola Källenius on tech

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These are agitating epoches for the car industry, as advances in in-car technology are poised to revolutionise the car as we see it today. Mercedes-Benz is among those producing the charge, and in a roundtable discussion at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show, Daimler chairman Ola Kallenius has uncovered some of the company’s key opinions, as well as the challenges it will face over the coming years.

The 50 -year-old Swede narrated the first time the carmaker participated in the Consumer Electronics Show( CES) in Las Vegas, previously the substitute of tech companies.” The very first time we went there, I think it was in 2008, beings were inviting themselves,” What is a carmaker doing up there ?”

” When I went to the CES at the beginning of this year, it felt like there were more gondolas than other maneuvers! And the tech business exercised gondolas to demonstrate their technology .” he said, referring to the high-profile showcases from tech whales like Nvidia, which roped in carmakers for the indicate.

The reason for this, according to Kallenius, is that the opportunities for the amalgamation to new technologies into vehicles have opened up.” Way back when, the car was a mechanical island. Today, it’s the ultimate portable machine. It really is a smartphone on rotates ,” he said, said the arrival of 5G connectivity will only hasten the development of in-car tech.


We can already hear the luddites reviewing,” But I change my smartphone every year or two, I can’t change my automobile each year !” To which Kallenius replied that while a car of today may have the technology of a smartphone, it has been developed in a completely different way to make it durable and, hence, last longer.

” Needless to say the engineering target of cars was exactly different from, let’s say, the engineering target of a smartphone or some other electrical invention, so we have to design it for longevity ,” he said. As for the growing level of electrification in vehicles these days, Kallenius said that an electric motor can ” more or less go on forever”, with artillery slump over day posing more of a challenge.

” Maybe there will be, at some site, some kind of backwards compatibility or brand-new artilleries in our vehicles ,” he said.” It’s still early days. But we do scheme our motor vehicles and the electrical personas for longevity .”

Another concern users have these days is data privacy. Business like Facebook and Google have gotten into hot soup recently over their alleged sharing of personal information to third parties for monetary advantage, and while Kallenius didn’t rule out Daimler potentially benefitting from the use of their own owneds’ data, he was indicated that at the end, the company must serve the customer first.

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To do this, the company is being transparent by allowing users to opt in and out of individual business as they see fit.” Most apps have one very long terms and conditions that most people don’t read and then they click, and they don’t know what they did ,” he said.” With our Mercedes me services, we allow you to choose what you want, at the individual service level .”

Kallenius adds that while Daimler could still make money through your data, it will merely do so if it supports a meaningful is in the interests of you.” If we can offer you a application action that you want and that is beneficial to you, and at the same time it could be a business case for us, that’s what we’re pursue .”

Mercedes is also in the midst of digitalising its sales and marketing handles in order to improve the buying experience and reduce costs.” You will still have offline[ auctions ], but you will have an even more seamless online-to-offline experience .” he said.

Kallenius added that the company is trialling new ways for customers to purchase their gondolas, following in the footsteps of Tesla’s approach of selling instantly to customers.” Actually, in my home country in Sweden, we’re experimenting with a direct sales model, with tied pricing, where “the consumers ” actually buys directly from car manufacturers, and the dealer acts as an agent.

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