Mouse has me feeling defeated. Please help!

Mouse has me feeling defeated. Please help!

Hey all,

I have a mouse in my home. I’ll be honest, I’m a originate men as well as I can’t cure but be afraid and offset uncomfortable by it. It’s not rational and I know but I can’t seem to change it.

Last week I noticed mouse flattens under my settle. I called an exterminator and they came and lay copper mesh into places where the mouse might be moving through. They too laid snarl traps.

After a night of no success, I moved the mouse traps out from for the purposes of the sink because it didn’t make sense to me that they be there since the copper mesh was supposed to block the mouses access to the cabinet. Too, I had appreciated droppings near my oven.

To my rapture, I discovered a mouse dead in one of the catches the following morning, so I scooped the remains into a trash bag, hated of the crate, and cleansed the area.

The next day( as with previous periods) I determined flecks of the copper mesh strewn about the floor. The mouse had been chewing through the stuff and leaving around. I had vacuum-clean the kitchen so this definitely demonstrated there was ANOTHER mouse.

Here’s my difficulty. It’s been periods. My house is starting to smell. I’ve place attentions on this little bastard but never get it. It appears to pick food right out of the move catches, walkings across the glue traps with impunity, and doesn’t appear to go anywhere near the lethal traps.

I’m at my wit’s end with this mouse! Any professional admonition would be super welcome.

Other flecks of note, I bought a scope camera that works with my smart-alecky telephone off of Amazon for like $40. I’ve been feeding into my ceiling and under furniture and gadgets looking for a nest and I can’t find anything!

I’m just soooooo worried this thing is going to have newborns and then instead of one mouse I can’t kill, I’ll have 15 -2 0.

Also, the exterminator is useless. Biggest waste of coin. I wouldn’t have caught the first one if I hadn’t moved the catches they set.

Lastly, I was hanging on to sanity when I thought it was only downstairs but I’ve found evidence that it’s gained access to my bedroom!

Please help!

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