Most Exciting Business Tech of 2018

Most Exciting Business Tech of 2018

It’s still early, but a lot of exciting technology has already emerged in 2018. From over-the-air charging to digital whiteboards, businesses everywhere will have the opportunity to improve business operations and increase efficiency. While some of this technology is still being developed, its slated for release and possibly even adoption in 2018. 

D-Link’s 802.11ax routers

802.11ax is a new standard in Wi-Fi development that could bring speeds up to 10-times faster than traditional Wi-Fi. For offices with a lot of employees, or small offices with a poor Wi-Fi, 802.11ax will revitalize your internet connection and could even save your device’s battery life. This technology isn’t expected to be adopted until 2019, but companies have already begun releasing hardware that can support this new standard. D-Link unveiled two models during CES 2018: the AX6000 Ultra Wi-Fi Router and the tri-band AX110000 Ultra Wi-Fi Router. These routers will increase speeds to 6,000 and 11,000 Mbps, respectively. Depending on your router and connection, current Wi-Fi supports speeds up to 2,100 Mbps.

Using these new D-Link routers would mean that your business would be able to operate without any slowdowns or technical hiccups. Increased speeds could even improve the battery life of your devices because they aren’t working as hard to receive and transmit data. While this technology is on the horizon, it may not be worth it to hold up for a full-scale 802.11 upgrade. Despite this exciting new hardware and technology, it may take a while for everything to be implemented. D-Link said it would release the two router models in the second half of 2018.

Ossia Cota: Over-the-air charging

2018 may be the year of the wireless charging pad, but over-the-air charging is an even more practical and exciting technology. The tech, which also emerged during CES 2018, could make charging more efficient and more practical.

Ossia revealed a new over-the-air charging solution Cota. Cota is a transmitter that connects with a small antenna on a battery and charges it over-the-air. The company unveiled its Forever Battery at CES, which can be used to charge AA batteries up to 30 feet away. The company hopes to partner with smartphone manufacturers to integrate this technology with smartphone batteries. In addition to Cota, Energous recently secured a patent to make a transmitter to send power to devices at a distance. It is only for 3 feet, but would work with most high-end and some mid-range phones. 

Vizux Blade Enterprise AR Glasses

Augmented Reality is poised to have a significant impact on business. As more companies invest in the technology and it develops, businesses everywhere will have the opportunity to implement this technology into their workflow.

Already, Google has introduced Google Glass Enterprise, a product that streamlines manufacturing processes and allows for easy communication between members. Vizux is the latest company to release AR glasses that could have an impact on business. The Blade Enterprise glasses, which won International CES Innovation 2018 Awards, overlay data over a workplace environment to improve efficiency. The glasses also come with a fully integrated Alexa voice assistant so they can be used completely hands-free. While these glasses haven’t been released in full-scale, businesses can reserve a developer kit for $495.00.

HP Pavilion Wave laptop

HP integrated Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa into this new laptop and included special Intel audio processors to ramp up the device’s listening capabilities. The integration of the Alexa assistant into the laptop is just one example of the company’s push to move its voice assistant into more third-party devices. For small business owners, using laptops with the voice assistant means extending an Alexa for Business account across even more devices. Users can use voice activation to play music, podcasts, have their schedules read or order new business supplies.

Google Jamboard

Whiteboards have been an important tool for businesses everywhere – illustrating points with a marker is a great way to visualize problems and work through solutions. Google has introduced a digital version of this idea in Jamboard. With Jamboard, users have the flexibility to write, erase, move and draw in real time from separate locations. Teams can also video chat using Jamboard and collaborate on projects at the same time. It’s fully integrated with G-Suite, so information from Docs, Sheets or Slides can be easily accessed and added to the Jamboard.

Jamboard also saves work automatically and can be shared with team members instantly. The 55-inch model, which is available in three colors and includes a wall mount, is listed at $4,999. A rolling stand is available for an additional $1,349.

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