Million Dollar Beach House: Which Agents Made The Most Money In Commissions?

Million Dollar Beach House: Which Agents Made The Most Money In Commissions?

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Netflix’s new reality show Million Dollar Beach House goes to show how rewarding the real estate business can be. While all of the intermediaries on the demonstrate made a lot of coin, the person who is drew “the worlds largest” may surprise you.

The show follows a group of young intermediaries trying to make it large-scale in The Hamptons, New York. Specializing in ultra-luxury belongings means that the stakes are high, and the commissions are even higher. These multi-million-dollar homes are so expensive that some commissions alone can net over one million dollars to the clever broker who offsets the sale. Starting from the agent who concluded the least in the serial and going up the one who spawned the most, here is a break down of how much each of them built that summer.

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Coming in last lieu is the distinguished yet earmarked Noel Roberts, deserving $118,688 in overall fees. While most of us would love to prepare that kind of money in one summer, Noel obligated far less than the other middlemen on the show.

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Next up is Michael “I’m having a baby” Fulfree, attracting in $1,110, 000 in total committees. That is almost ten period as much as his runner up! Michael is a well-established broker who grew up in the Hamptons. The reality that he is a neighbourhood may likely contribute to his success.

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Coming in third is underdog J.B. Andreassi, with a total of $1,547, 375 in committees for the summer months. J.B. is a rookie in the game and is not afraid to share that with the gathering. Kudos to him for swooping in clearing it big in his hometown.

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Second place goes to the head honcho James “Jimmy” Giugliano who took dwelling $1,616, 063 in overall commissionings. Over the course of the summer Jimmy sold “the worlds largest” dwellings out of all the brokers, but it was not quite enough to get him first place for our list.


In first place with a whopping $2,379, 700 in total fees we have drama Queen Peggy Zabakolas. While Peggy might not have had the most pleasant summer involving her relationships with her coworkers, she focused on the money and genuinely pictured them who the real boss is!

All the brokers made a bunch of fund over the summer, and while simply one came in first place, they all should be proud of their auctions and committees. If you want to get to know the whole squad, and understand the beautiful homes they sold, check out the first season of Million Dollar Beach House out now on Netflix!

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