Million Dollar Beach House Season 2: Renewal News, Cast, Release Date & More

Million Dollar Beach House Season 2: Renewal News, Cast, Release Date & More

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It’s barely been a week since Netflix released Million Dollar Beach House, but the curiosity about a season 2 is already at its peak. The show offered fans a sneak peek into the multi-million dollar mansions of the rich and the notorious across the Hamptons, with a leading give that constituted everyone go “wow.” The reality show’s luxury real estate plows and drama enticed Netflix’s existing Selling Sunset fans and more. Will Million Dollar Beach House’s short-lived six-episode season witnes a follow-up anytime soon?

Netflix’s recent glam group of real estate middlemen took gatherings on a starry-eyed tour of the most expensive of assets in the upscale Hamptons. But just like any other binge-worthy reality show, Million Dollar Beach House enlisted on tiffs that accompanied the sales of these homes. With millions in commission money at bet, the bold employees of Nest Seekers International sought out the best owneds for their peaches-and-cream cultivate of purchasers. Time like that, Netflix delivered the “fierce competition” and “undeniable drama” that is promised in the trailer, via its hungry Hamptons dealers. But with the fly-on-the-wall cameras that followed the cast through their home tours or the bureau politics that even certain buyers couldn’t help but witness, Million Dollar Beach House left behind quite a few loose end. However, with a crisis-filled summer that 2020 brought by, is season 2 even a potential?

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The answer is yes. It might be too soon for Netflix to green-light a season 2 for a is demonstrating that just propelled, but they’re certainly considers that it is. Given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the fact that the most marketings in the Hamptons happen in the summertime, nonetheless, time 2020 could be given a skip by the production team of Million Dollar Beach House. If season 2 does happen, it could tell the story of how the real estate agents dealt with their tighten planneds in the pandemic, prepared fees, if any, and hopped right into time 2021 with an heightened aggressive coming. But Noel Roberts has hinted that filming could begin in October 2020 itself. In a conversation with Worth, Noel , not one to mince any words, said, “I hope this vanishes 10 seasons, but we are already looking at a season two, potentially, in September, October, which would come out maybe early next year.”

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Crowd favorite Noel also spoke about all the cast members “taking it up to another level” in season 2. Coming to the cast, the favourite faces from season 1, including James Giugliano, Michael Fulfree, Peggy Zabakolas, and JB Andreassi, can be expected to come back for a resumption of their fibs. Noel, who uttered his dream of having a team with his twin brother, can be joined by modeling Joel Roberts. In an interrogation with Variety, Nick Rigg, exec producer and head of unscripted material, Diga Studios, taunted at season 2 having Peggy capturing the highly-competitive market by overwhelm the challenges she faced in season 1. “The season ends with her driving off into the sunset vowing to take over, and should we get a Season 2, I envisage she’ll make good on that promise, ” shared Rigg. JB Andreassi already mentioned to US Weekly how the upcoming season of Million Dollar Beach House could shine a spotlight on his family life and background. “The most important thing to me is my family. If I’m not working, that’s who I’m with, ” professed Andreassi. “So I review for season 2 if you want to get to know me a little bit more, I’ll have to bring in my brother and sister, my moms and pops and perhaps even my sweetheart, ” the whiz intermediary shared.

However, Million Dollar Beach House is als faced arguing for the microaggressions present towards the only BIPOC realtor on the picture, Noel, from the lily-white assign members, peculiarly Peggy. Follower claim that Noel’s edit also abuses him, which could land the Netflix reality show into trouble, especially given the ongoing push for diversity in entertainment. Although nothing of the cast representatives have commented on this topic, whether these opinions feign the the opportunities of a Million Dollar Beach House season 2 is the question of the hour.

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All episodes of Million Dollar Beach House are available to stream on Netflix.

Source: Worth, Variety, US Weekly

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