Master Google Adsense with These 3 Tips (INFOGRAPHIC)

Master Google Adsense with These 3 Tips (INFOGRAPHIC)

Holiday Season AdSense Tips - 3 Ways to Get Ready for the Busy Online Holiday Shopping Season (INFOGRAPHIC)

The holiday season is finally here, but even more this year shoppers will be heading online instead of to the mall. Is your smalll business ready?

With businesses going all out to woo customers, it can be tricky for you to grab your audience’s attention. To succeed, you need great products and a solid promotional strategy. And part of that strategy must include online advertising,  says Google.

Google has created a neat infographic to help small businesses maximize their seasonal sale performance with AdSense.

Holiday Season AdSense Tips

In an article published on the Inside AdSense blog, the company has shared three simple ways to make the most out of the upcoming holiday season.

Here’s an overview.

Use AdSense Native Ad Formats

You can use this format for a user-friendly experience that integrates with the look and feel of your website. You can get started with in-feed, in-article and matched content native ads.

Improve Ad Viewability

A simple way to gain more clicks and a higher ad revenue is by simply increasing the number of viewable ad impressions.

Improve Your Page Speed

Nobody wants to stick around until a  a webpage slow website gets loaded. In fact, poor loading speed can deter visitors from checking your website again. It’s therefore important to provide quicker load times that can boost user experience. To learn if you have a problem, you can test your site in PageSpeed Insights.

Understand AdSense in Depth to Reap the Benefits

Over the years, AdSense has emerged as a useful tool for small businesses to promote themselves. But to ensure your ad gets featured in the most relevant locations, it’s important to vet your content and stick with a topic that has maximum earning potential.

For more useful insights into AdSense and how it can help you win big this holiday season, check out the infographic below:

Holiday Season AdSense Tips - 3 Ways to Get Ready for the Busy Online Holiday Shopping Season (INFOGRAPHIC)Photo via Shutterstock

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