Mass Protests Can End Vaccine Passports

Mass Protests Can End Vaccine Passports

March 20, 2021, on the 1-year remembrance of the first COVID-1 9 lockdown, parties in more than 40 countries took to the streets to peacefully display against COVID-1 9 lies and inhuman calibrates under the banner of “Worldwide Freedom Day.” While synced various regions of the world that special era, shows are more or less ongoing in various areas.

Peaceful Protests Are Ending Vaccine Passport Requirements

In the U.K ., Britons deemed a “Unite for Freedom” rally in London, Saturday May 29, 2021, as seen in the short video excerpt above. According to, 1 hundreds of no-vaccine-passport demonstrators tided into the Westfield shopping mall in London, while another large gather assembled in Parliament Square.

They were reportedly cleared from the plaza after about 20 minutes by police, but no one was injured or arrested in this particular instance.

As reported by Reuters2 May 30, 2021, it now looks like the U.K. will be scrapping its plan for vaccine passports as a legal requirement for gigantic phenomena, although a government spokesman told Reuters that a final decision has yet to be made and that the COVID-1 9 vaccine certification revaluation is now underway. Why the sudden change? Undoubtedly, it’s because Britons have repeatedly taken to the streets in complain of the medical segregation these passports create.

14 US Country Have Banned Vaccine Passport Requirements

In the U.S ., there’s also good story. A number of states have enacted laws that restrict vaccine passport requirements in order to prevent the creation of a two-tier society of those with the freedom to live as they please, and others whose lifetimes would be restricted based on vaccination status alone.

As of May 28, 2021, the following 14 countries have banned inoculation passports from being compelled: 3 Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Montana, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Wyoming.

Utah has issued a partial ban that applies to state government simply. Merely two states so far — Hawaii and New York — has already been implemented inoculation certification requirements for certain activities.

In Hawaii, only those with proof of vaccination are allowed to travel between counties without pretravel testing and quarantine controls, while New York requires you to be inoculated or have a recent negative COVID-1 9 measure to enter particular sports arena and large-scale conduct venues.

Florida Fights to Make Cruise Lines Adhere to Law

In my home state of Florida, one of the best pro-freedom boss in the U.S ., Ron DeSantis, is now fighting the cruise industry over its proposed vaccination passport requirement. 4 The legislation he ratified into rule May 3, 2021,5 vetoes territory authority from issuing vaccine passports and private business from necessitating proof of vaccination status to enter or attain services.

As such, cruise cables that do business in Florida and want to restrict travel to vaccinated-only are in violation of this new anti-medical apartheid regulation. As reported by NBC News: 6

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention imparted the go-ahead Wednesday to begin work toward restarting sails for the first time in over a year after the massive ships became some of the first superspreader locations for the coronavirus …

To comply with CDC guidance … several cruise liners want to require nearly everyone onboard to be fully vaccinated. But that could now be illegal in Florida, the centre for human rights of the American cruise industry, under a regulation DeSantis signed … that prohibits enterprises from discriminating against unvaccinated customers.

‘In Florida, your personal pick viewing vaccinations provide protection, and no business or authority entity will be able to deny you services based on your decision, ’ DeSantis said of the existing legislation, which codified executive orders he had already issued.

The dispute may end up in courtroom, as the cruise industry argues that the regime statute doesn’t apply to it thanks to federal regulations. In the meantime, corporations may decide to move ahead with plans to require vaccinations, even though it is necessitates racking up violations in Florida.”

A Social Ascribe Arrangement Is the Aim Goal of Vaccine Passports

It’s important to realize that vaccine passports or any other type of certification in and of themselves are not the end goal here. They’re purely a part of a much larger plan to implement a social recognition plan, such as that already implemented in China. First, they’d be expanded to cover other necessitated vaccinations.

Ultimately, the vaccine passport will expand to include not just vaccination status but likewise other medical data, basic identification records, financial data and just about anything else that can be digitized and moved. The aspiration purpose will come to an end freedom as we know it, employing a social recognition arrangement to ensure compliance.

Booster shots against COVID-1 9 variances would logically come first, be accompanied by any number of other vaccinations. The sky’s the limit as far as that’s concerned, and countless are likely to be gene-based and therefore hazardous in situations of extreme. Already, inoculation producers have announced they’re working on a combination COVID-flu/ mRNA vaccine, 7 a pneumococcal-COVID/ mRNA booster shot for adults over 65,8 and mRNA/ seasonal influenza inoculations. 9

Ultimately, the vaccine passport will expand to include not just vaccination status but likewise other medical data, basic identification records, financial data and just about anything else that can be digitized and moved. It may even extend to include real-time biological data.

The end goal is to end freedom as we know it, use a social credit organization aimed at ensuring respect. If you resist or act “out of line” with a predominating impose, your democracy to travel, bank, browse, get a loan or even leave your home “couldve been” enormously restricted.

We can see how such a system could use by looking at the Chinese social recognition system1 0 where behavior is electronically observed to assess “trustworthiness” in real-time. Aside from failing to pay taxes on time, score-lowering acts can include such minutia as cheating in an online video game, jaywalking , not inspecting your mothers on a frequent-enough basis, smoking in a nonsmoking zone or strolling your hound without a leash.

Momentary thoughtlessness can also land you on any one of hundreds of blacklists controlled by a variety of state agencies with their own jurisdictions, and if you end up on one, you’re commonly subject to blacklisting across all of them, at which point you won’t be allowed to do much of anything except work to improve your composition. On average, it takes two to five years to get off a blacklist, and that’s assuming you comply with all the recommendations put forth. 11

While the Chinese social recognition score remains of its infancy, eventually, the project is to use it to “search for signs of potentially harmful behavior before it occurs”1 2 — in other words, a real-world pre-crime type of situation as illustrated in the movie “Minority Report.” This is what vaccine passports can lead to, and there’s every reason to believe that is the plan.

As noted by Naomi Wolf, a former consultant to the Clinton administration, in an interview with Fox News’ Steve Hilton: 13,14

“I’m[ the] CEO of a tech firm, I is aware that these pulpits can do. It is not about the vaccine, it’s not about the virus, it’s about your data … What parties have to understand is that any other functionality can be loaded onto that platform with no problem at all. It can be merged with your Paypal account, with your digital currency.

Microsoft is already talking about merging it with payment plans. Your network can be sucked up. It geolocates you everywhere you go. Your approval biography can be included. All of your medical and health history can be included …

It is absolutely so much more than a inoculation pass … I cannot stress enough that it has the power to turn off your life, or to turn on your life, to let you engage in society or be marginalized.”

It’s All Been Building to This Point

Indeed, recreating China’s social approval arrangement here in the U.S. is likely easier at this site than anyone would like to think, and probably wouldn’t make long to implement. Silicon Valley titan Oracle nabbed the contract to be the U.S. Core for Disease Control and Prevention’s central data storehouse for all COVID-1 9 inoculation data supplied by the U.S. earlier today in the pandemic.

Oracle also administers the database for COVID-1 9 the circumstances and the National Institute for Reaction and Infectious Diseases( NIAID) database for clinical research into COVID-1 9 vaccines and drugs, a program overseen by Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Now consider this: Oracle has for many years likewise succeeded the U.S. national defence database, as well as databases for the CIA, Navy Intelligence, Air Force Intelligence and the National Security Agency, plus bank, and a emcee of commercial databases. As reported by The Defender: 15

“’The information about your banks, your checking balances, your saving symmetry is stored in an Oracle database, ’ Ellison was quoted in the 2004 work,’ The Naked Crowd.’’ Your airline reservation is stored in an Oracle database. What journals you bought on Amazon is stored in an Oracle database. Your profile on Yahoo! is presented in an Oracle database.’”

And, as Ellison admitted in 2002, thousands of databases can easily be integrated into a single national file — something he offered to do for free for the U.S. government all the way back then.

The Defender too portrays an aged Protection Advanced Research Projects Agency( DARPA) program called Total Information Awareness( TIA ), which sought to collect the medical record, medicine prescriptions, DNA, financial information, excursion data and media consumption habits of all Americans. 16

The justification for this vast data collection, according to DARPA, was that “the whole population needed surveillance to prevent not only future terrorist attacks, but bioterrorism and even naturally occurring disease outbreaks.” The program was defunded in 2003 after intense public resistance, “but TIA never certainly is away, ” The Defender writes. 17 “Various of its programs discontinued up divvied into a web of military and intelligence programs.”

Here are a few more connections to consider when trying to decide whether a social credit structure is truly in the works, and why a inoculation passport could suffice a central function.

Oracle Labs, the research arm of Oracle, is partnered with DARPA to create an “optically interconnected supercomputer” — something that would come in handy if putting together a massive social ascribe system that expects interconnectivity between thousands of databases.

DARPA is also working on boosted pandemic surveillance and biological menace spotting. 18 In fact, it has an entire division specializing in biological engineerings — the Biological Technologies Office( BTO) — which developed hydrogel, an implantable type of nanotechnology that channels light-based digital signals through wireless structures. 19

It’s mostly a gel-like biosensor that can both record and share biological data. The hydrogel is manufactured by Profusa, which is partnered with the Bill& Melinda Gates Foundation2 0 and backed by Google, the most crucial data mining companionship in the world.

In 2020, there were rumors that this hydrogel would be part of Moderna’s mRNA delivery system. 21 DARPA, by the way, actually money Moderna very. 22 However, it is unclear whether hydrogel actually culminated up being used in Moderna’s or any other COVID-1 9 vaccine. At any pace, it could be used, if not now, then in the future.

Now, ask yourself, considering all of these various data points that I’ve enveloped — which by no means includes everything — just how likely is it that their own nationals social ascribe system based on digital surveillance, including medical and biological surveillance, is NOT in the works?

Vaccine Passports Spell the End of Freedom

I recently interviewed Wolf about her notebook “The End of America.” The book, published in 2007, was a prescient admonishing about the very day we now find ourselves in. In it, she laid out the 10 steps toward tyranny that have been followed by virtually every modern-day would-be tyrant.

“They all took the same 10 gradations, and they ever run. I alerted beings that when you start to see these 10 paces, you have to take action, because there is no way to recover once things go too far without a cruel revolt or a civil war. We are[ now] at Step 10 … and once Step 10 locks in, there is no going back, ” Wolf says.

The 10 steps toward tyranny start with the invocation of a terrifying internal and/ or external threat. It may be a real threat or an imagined one, but in all cases, it’s a hyped-up threat. From 2001 onward, that threat was terrorism, which was used as the justification for stripping us of our liberties.

The last and final step in the implementation of tyranny, Step 10, involves the creation of a surveillance regime where citizens are under constant surveillance and critique of the government is reclassified as dissent and subversive activity. Vaccine passports are clearly an integral part of that surveillance apparatus, and a precursor to a social approval system.

There simply is beyond doubt of that, and if we don’t put a stop to it now, we’ll be locked into not just a national dictatorship but a world one, run by unelected, primarily unknown individuals and Big Tech oligarchs. There will be no one to help anyone else, because all nations is in accordance with the same boat.

Peaceful Protest and Legislative Action Are the Remedy

To avoid the fate that comes next, everyone everywhere needs to recognize the hazard and taking any decision. Such war includes peaceful protest and civil disobedience — simply not complying with mask mandates, social distancing, lockdowns, vaccination or anything else.

We must also fight through legislation. As mentioned earlier, 14 U.S. regimes have already passed laws banning requirements for vaccine passports, which protects the freedoms of everyone within those states. While that’s a good start, the report contains dozens more to go, and other countries need to enact such ordinances as well. As noted by Wolf in my interrogation with her 😛 TAGEND

“Once[ vaccine passports] are launched … people like you and I, Dr. Mercola, will be switched off of civilization.’ Oops, my vaccine passport is positive. I guess I can’t travel food shopping for my family.’’ I said something critical of biofascism on Dr. Mercola’s show, so now their own children can’t get into school.’

Just as in Israel, where people who are commentators are being surveilled[ and] marginalized from society, it has turned into a two-tier society. If you choose not to get inoculated, then you’re actually in a marginalized minority in an apartheid state.

The more we know about these vaccines, the scarier it is to have coercion that is social. It’s also illegal. In America, we have the Americans with Disorder Act. It signifies it’s illegal to even ask me anything about my medical status. You can’t ask me if I’m pregnant. You can’t ask me if I’m incapacitated. You can’t ask me if I have diabetes or HIV. You cannot ask me anything. By definition, these obtrusive measures are unlawful.

We have to use the law to save the law, mostly … We have to fight before we are living in fascist regime where every move is tracked and we’re marginalized from society.”

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