It’s just so unfair

It’s just so unfair

All my( m22) friends have great home lives, mothers who can support them financially and morally, and no mental issues that stop them from contacting their potential. Meanwhile I have to move in with my chilled father which will merely draw my getting better harder. It’s my own fault though for not being able to handle money. Then again, my mothers are just as bad and were never capable or interested in teaching me.

I know they’ve ever simply tried their best good but they’ve too always supported themselves back. My mum doesn’t allow herself to be happy and my father never fucking talks. Meanwhile I’ve had to keep my shit together in front of them for over 10 years. It sucks so much. All your best friend are out living their wonderful lives with no worries while I don’t even know what I’ll eat or if I’ll be able to fight off my considers of suicide in the long run. Why was I the only one in my social curve tolerate into a smash and dysfunctional lineage? My siblings both reasonably abhor my mother and they crusaded all the time, my brother doesn’t even talk to her anymore. But she’s a great person at heart. She merely upsets style too much and I suspect she learnt me that extremely. I fucking hate it. I’ve impelled great progress so this is just a rant at the end of a rough era, but sometimes it just seems like it’s too much to handle. It seems like no one else is struggling this much. But of course I know that’s not true. It just seems like my defend is so much harder than everyone else’s, and within my halo of friends I know that for a fact. But yeah I approximate eventually I’ll be fine. Just have to focus on the things that I’ve fulfilled and that I’m still working for.

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