Is Guadalajara Safe 2019?

Is Guadalajara Safe 2019?

Are you wondering if is Guadalajara safe or not?

is guadalajara safeis guadalajara safe?

When you travel anywhere, you want to make sure everything is safe.

In this article, I’ve listed tips about staying safe as well as everything you need to know about Guadalajara and what to do while you’re there.

Quick Answer: Is Guadalajara Safe 2019?

How Safe is Guadalajara – See the Statistics
Crime Statistics for Guadalajara – Is Guadalajara Dangerous?
Guadalajara Travel Risks – How to Avoid Trouble
Things to do in Guadalajara – Tourist Sites in Guadalajara

Guadalajara is Mexico’s second-biggest city, home of the much-loved tequila and well-known historical sites like Zona Centro to Zapopan with a growing nightlife and arts scene.

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Is Guadalajara Safe?How Safe is Guadalajara Statistically?Is Guadalajara dangerous?Where is Guadalajara? Guadalajara WeatherHow safe is Guadalajara in 2019Overall Risk – MediumPick Pocketers Risk – MediumTransport and Taxis Risk – MediumMugging Risk – MediumScams Risk – MediumTerrorism Risk – LowNatural Disasters Risk – LowPlaces to visit in GuadalajaraTravel to Guadalajara SafelyUnderstand the Local LanguageGuadalajara Safety

Is Guadalajara Safe?

Like everywhere, before you go somewhere, you need to make sure that you are safe. Be it from pick-pocketers to more severe crime, you can find yourself asking ‘Is Guadalajara safe?’.

Here I’ve compiled the ultimate checklist on going to Guadalajara as well as keeping yourself safe and secure.

The last thing you want to do is worry that when being in Mexico, Guadalajara isn’t safe.

This worry can sometimes be enforced because of the Guadalajara crime rate is known to be high, which can be a concern when it comes to Guadalajara safety.

guadalajara safetyAre you flying to guadalajara soon?

These worries are precisely the reason this go-to guide has been created. So that you can calm any concerns about traveling and prepare for any curveballs that Mexico may throw your way.

I’ve packed in the best places to go, and where to stay in Guadalajara, from how to use the transport to what to avoid.

Whether you’re traveling as a backpacking group, or as a single female traveler, I’ve got you covered.

How Safe is Guadalajara Statistically?

Did you know that Guadalajara is the second biggest city within Mexico? Guadalajara has been ranked the 6th best place to visit in all of South and Central America, and Mexico!

Filled to the brim with history and traditions, never is there a dull moment between the gorgeous cathedral and stories behind the architecture of every building.

As of 2019 however, tourism in Mexico has dropped.

While this initially may seem like a bad thing, for those of you looking for a unique adventure, having fewer tourists makes that journey all that more special to you.

guadalajara streetsGuadalajara Street Art

You get priority for whatever you want to see and has nothing to do with Guadalajara safety.

Is Guadalajara dangerous?

Keep in mind though, when traveling, it is essential to know that the Guadalajara crime rate is known to be quite high, and can make you think ‘is Guadalajara safe?’.

However, it is lower than the biggest city in Mexico, Mexico City, which is an even more popular tourist destination.

From 0 being not a concern, and 100 being a severe concern.

Numbers from Numero show the overall crime index of Guadalajara to be 59.52, compared to Mexico City with 67.83.

Take into account that Mexico City is visited by many more tourists each year.

Consider staying at a hotel or a more secure location when considering where to stay in Guadalajara.

So long as you take with you your common sense when thinking of your places to visit in Guadalajara you’ll be fine.

guadalajara safey tipsGuadalajara, Saftey in the Streets

Also, learn to understand the culture and not to disrespect it. I recommend you protect your valuables, and triple check before getting into a taxi.

That way you are as safe as you would be in another city in Mexico. Just keep your wits about you.

Where is Guadalajara?

Located in the center of western Mexico, Guadalajara is the capital of the state Jalisco. Also, a popular tourist destination located 200 miles east of Puerto Vallarta along the Pacific Ocean.

Many people think of it as one of the most beautiful places to visit in Mexico. You will find that not only is Guadalajara the largest city in Jalisco but it is also Mexico’s second most densely populated city.

Guadalajara Weather

Guadalajara ranges from 12-35 degrees Celsius all throughout the year, says travelsafe-abroad, which ranges from 6-8 degrees changes on average from one season to another.

Summer months are when it rains the most, July tends to be the wettest with May being the warmest.

According to winter’s are usually temperate and dry with January being the coldest month all year round, and March the driest.

Take into account the weather which you are hoping for when you travel.

For example, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to pack shorts and vests for your entire journey only for it to rain the whole time you’re there!

How safe is Guadalajara in 2019
Overall Risk – Medium

All types of crimes and risks considered when thinking about Guadalajara’s safety, especially considering the Guadalajara crime rate.

Still, it can be regarded as a medium to safe city based on current events.

This takes into account the low risk of terrorism and natural disasters. But also, understand that some robbery, drug-related crimes, and pickpocketers can be worrying for tourists who wonder is Guadalajara safe.

As it is a large city, Guadalajara is expected to have crime, and as mentioned before has a lower crime rate than in Mexico City.

Pick Pocketers Risk – Medium

As in most tourist locations, pickpocketers will use the big distracted crowds to their advantage.

Sometimes they may even work in large groups, spill drinks to cause a distraction, or also have a motorbike to make a quick escape.

Make sure that you keep your valuables on your person if you need them in a place that cannot be reached by somebody else, and know where it is at all times.

Transport and Taxis Risk – Medium

Always check that any taxi’s that you enter are clearly marked and registered. This means they are safe and reliable for you to use, whereas modes of public transport tend to be a lot more unsafe, due to overcrowdedness.

guadalajara streetsVW Beetle in Guadalajara

This can lead to from pickpocketing, bag snatching, even to armed robberies. However, when getting in a taxi, it is best to make sure that you know where it is exactly you would like to go.

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The driver may not take you a direct route as they sense you are not very aware or knowledgeable of the area. Make sure to stay alert and possibly have the way planned.

For example, when deciding where to stay in Guadalajara, ensure you know the route there. That way you can make yourself aware of any changes that may happen.

Mugging Risk – Medium

Kidnapping and mugging can be a real problem when thinking about Guadalajara is safe to go to. As soon as there has been any type of kidnapping, virtual or real, it should be reported to the police immediately.

An example of a virtual kidnapping would include sending a text to loved ones on a stolen phone, demanding money from their families.

A lot of the time, the victim who they are threatening doesn’t exist, and thieves rarely do any physical harm. All they are after is money after all.

Scams Risk – Medium

Scams can include the following:

A taxi driver taking the long route towards a destination
scamming more money out of you
somebody charging extra money for an attraction

All because they think you don’t know, the real cost or simply because you are a foreigner.

Or, even somebody calling you up, tricking the victim into transferring money to save a family member.

These types of ransom calls are on the rise, so be sure to let the police know as soon as possible as you get a call like this.

Terrorism Risk – Low

Terrorist threats are everywhere in the world, so Guadalajara’s safety isn’t an issue as it is considered to be one of the low-threat locations in the world for terrorist activities.

Natural Disasters Risk – Low

Guadalajara has barely any hazards when it comes to natural disasters, the closest thing to anything that may cause a threat is some of the Pacific hurricanes that may occur or earthquakes.

Still, it is best to check up on what is predicted to happen whenever you are traveling, as you don’t want to show up just after an earthquake has struck.

While this may not be anything significant, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to traveling anywhere.
Women Travelers Risk – Low

Female travelers, especially when by themselves, need to be cautious in any setting, this can be even truer when traveling to another country.

safety in guadalajarasafety in guadalajara

Unfortunately, there are reports of sexual harassment, usually centered from bars and nightclubs in the area.

If you remain vigilant and avoid areas like this without the proper precautions being made, then the risk of anything happening is low.

Especially during the day time where there are many people about.

So don’t feel like you have to change your plans on places to visit in Guadalajara because you are a woman.

Places to visit in Guadalajara

If you are going to be looking for things to do in Guadalajara, here are some great ideas.

Usually, I find that very individual place I visit when traveling has a set of things to do that are not to be missed.

So, while you’re looking for things to in Guadalajara be sure to check out the following.

#1 Day Trip to Tequila with Tasting

Lasting 8 hours, taste the various tequilas that Mexico has to offer, the very thing that makes Guadalajara popular.

Explore Jalisco, the renowned tequila production region and stop for tasting at one of the most famous tequila distilleries worldwide, one of the perfect places to visit in Guadalajara.

#2 Half-Day Tour in Guadalajara and Tlaquepaque

A half-day tour around some beautiful historical landmarks including Guadalajara cathedral.

5 hours of amazing monuments, finished off in the village of Tlaquepaque for unique souvenirs and perfect photo-taking opportunities.

#3 All-Inclusive Zoo in Guadalajara

Perfect for a day out with the family or those of you who are marine enthusiasts.

Home of over 390 species, a relaxing train ride throughout alongside an opportunity to see animals from above in an exclusive Sky cable car, both trips included in the ticket. A perfect day.

Travel to Guadalajara Safely

Here are some tips practical tips that you should consider whilst you travel. Whether you are visiting Guadalajara’s tourist sites or simply visiting family or friends.

This tips can also work in South America or any other place you travel to for that matter:

#1 Check and Double Check Taxis

Whenever going to take a Taxi, always make sure that they are clearly marked and licensed before you even consider getting into it.

Another tip, take a picture of the number plate, send it to a friend, and call somebody to let them know what you’re doing (or pretend to call somebody).

This can make the driver feel like they can be tracked if they ever do anything.

Understand the Local Language

Knowing a little bit of Spanish, be it just ‘please’, ‘thank you’ or other common phrases could take you a long way when it comes to traveling.

It is not only polite in Mexico, but it makes you more than just another ignorant tourist that is visiting.

Knowing some basic Spanish phrases will make the locals happy to know you are putting the effort in to understand.

#2 Limit the Amount of Money you Carry with You, Cash and Card

Try not to carry a million and one cards in your wallet or cash, because it will make you a bigger target for anybody wanting to steal from you.

By having a lot of money, especially if you are showing off the amount of money that you have.

#3 Hide Any of Your Valuables from Sight

If you have any expensive watches or your wallet, keep it out of sight so that you blend in as much as possible.

By keeping these things on display, it makes you a large target for organized crime, so the easier you mix in, the better

#4 Close your Bag and Keep it Close to You at All Times

Keeping your bag closed is another layer of security if your bag is open, it makes you an easy target for those who aren’t “skilled” in pickpocketing.

If you can, keep any zippers or buttons facing your person at any one time.

It will be much harder to access and will turn away those looking for something easy to steal in a crowd.

#5 Keep an Eye out when Withdrawing Money from an ATM

When taking money from an ATM, it can be different from at home. Make sure there are no hidden cameras pointed towards you, and no people watching.

There will be those trying to know your PIN so that they can take your card and spend it before you know it is missing.

#6 Keep your Phone in your Pocket or Bag as Much as Possible

The last thing you want to do is to have your phone out, broadcasting the fact that you not only have a phone but that you are distracted as well.

By having your phone out, you are oblivious to your surroundings.

This makes it easy to snatch your phone from your hand and make a run for it, or take other things on your person, like sneakily take stuff from your pocket and bag.

#7 Stay in Tourist Areas if you are Ever Unsure

The last thing you want to do is to travel somewhere without being sure what will happen.

People may take advantage of you by leading you astray, charging more, surrounding you so that you are distracted and take things from you in an unfamiliar area.

Things which are much less likely in a more tourist area, as it is more controlled.

#8 Don’t Drink too Much as it is Easier to Influence you if Drunk

Drinking in a typical environment makes it easier for people to influence you into anything, and so getting drunk, even tipsy, can be a risk in unfamiliar territory. So, make sure that if you are drinking, you are doing so safely.

Guadalajara Safety

So, how safe is Guadalajara? Now you have a better idea on what to look out for. Plus, the risks you run by not considering some of the safety tips, you should feel more at ease.

Most pretty crimes and scams happen to people who don’t follow simple safety rules and take precautions when on road.

I hope you have a good experience in Guadalajara and have some great stories to tell.

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