INFOGRAPHIC: Worldwide Social Network Users

INFOGRAPHIC: Worldwide Social Network Users

We all know that social media has significantly changed the way the world operates, from the way we interact to the manner in which we conduct business. We have an astoundingly vast amount of information at our fingertips. Fortunately and unfortunately, we get to witness firsthand the beauty (and the horror) of the world, every minute of every day. 

From world leaders offering their opinions via Twitter to viral videos on how to de-clutter your home, the impact of social media is widespread and profound.  

I believe we understand that social media and the use of mobile technology is extensive both in the US and abroad.  And I’m sure that most of you reading this are doing so from your phones.  But if you have ever wondered what the numbers really are, and just how far-reaching social is, keep reading.  This report from eMarketer offers interesting data points to break it all down. 

Check out this infographic that highlights some of the key stats:

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