I have no common sense. I can’t do simple things well. What is wrong with me? can anyone relate?

I have no common sense. I can’t do simple things well. What is wrong with me? can anyone relate?

I have no common sense and feel like a moron

I am trying so hard to help out around the house and time generally to get better but right now I definitely sounds like I can’t do anything right. My mommas recovering from surgery and I’m the one taking care of her and I feel like an idiot. She maintains hollering at me because I do everything wrong and even though I’m trying really really hard to do everything right I definitely sounds like the worst caretaker ever. I have to ask so many questions about how to do things because when I try to figure them out on my own I always be brought to an end doing material wrong and she’s told me a million times to ask for help but I can tell she is so irritated with me when I invite her questions. Im trying to order her remedies and I did everything wrong. She’s probably had to yell at me 5 times today for messing something up that I was trying to help. I’m 23 but I feel incredibly incompetent. When I’m with my friends, at college, I feel the same age as them. I feel normal and not any less competent, maybe more competent in some areas even but then I get home in the real world and I can’t even assimilate what my mama is telling me to do half the time. I am so nervous and emphasize that I rile her more and when she howls at me I am extremely sensitive and have trouble shaking it off.

It’s not like these tasks are undoubtedly new for me either. I’ve always been expected to do this sort of thing but it’s never specific thing so I have to adapt to the context. Maybe it’s because we are always moving houses and states and our situation modifies a lot but it feels like everything is situational and I can’t merely follow a notebook of rules.

For instance ima always expected to help navigate when in the fare sit but I still struggle to read even simple maps. I can’t think of the self-evident highway to set something together( like a food processor ). I blemish the pans and cannot retain what tools to use in which no matter how many times my mommy tells me. I fold the towels wrong. If we are brainstorming my notions ever suck and stir the least sense. I seem like an airhead no matter how hard I try to be helpful and useful and smart and I really don’t understand how to to be all right at this sort of skill. It’s not like I’ve been sheltered or lives in a convent. I’ve lived in all sorts of different territory, slept in vehicles/ on the street, had to find a way to live off no money for a while, was just going to a reputable university, lived with other categories, etc. and I’ve had to adapt to a lot of different things I’m merely not very smart…

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