How to Install Low-Profile LED Lights in Your Kitchen

How to Install Low-Profile LED Lights in Your Kitchen

I’ve tackled several kitchen projections over the years, but I’ve never established such a significant improvement with such a short time and fund. I wasted less than $350 and time four hours brightening our kitchen. My original intent was strictly practical: I just wanted better light-footed to represent nutrient prep and cleanup easier. But supplanting the single fixture with light Results transformed the apartment, surprising me and stunning our guests.


Initially, I envisioned I’d install adjourned can lights for a glossy appear and lots of light. Then, I ranged across these ultra-slim Halo LEDs by Eaton ($ 30 each ). These LED brightness are super colors( 900 lumens) and have such a low profile( less than 1/2 in .) that you are unable to even unearth them directly under a joist if needed. They’re rated for isolation contact and soaked places, so you can use them in a shower or even outdoors. A switch on the side of the box causes you adjust the coloring temperature. They’re too dimmable.

All you need is a power supply, a means to cut round punctures, 14 -2 NM-B cable, basic electrical implements and a instruct. The transformer container proselytizes 120 V to low-spirited voltage, and it’s UL-listed as a junction box with area for dominance in and power out. That gives you came to power from the first box and string together as countless illuminations as you miss. You might need to fish wire, but apart from that, facility is easy. Several corporations make a similar commodity, but this was in stock at the local residence center.


If you have an attic above, you can access the joists from there instead of working from below as I did. That simplifies fishing cables, but you’ll still have to dig through insulation. Before starting the job, remove the ceiling fixture and look inside the junction box. My box had just one incoming cable. If your carton contains more cables, cabling will be a bit more complicated. You may need to install a second junction box because the box for these LED fixtures can room exclusively two 14 -2 cables. I superseded the existing fixture with an LED like all the others.

If you demand a standard fixture in the center of your ceiling, you’ll still have to remove the existing junction box( Photo 2) to access the joists. Then, after installing the brand-new daylights, invest a remodeling box in the same hole. I met everything I be necessary in a dwelling center. Two special tools determined the project much easier: an adjustable drywall circle cutter ($ 30) and a 54 -in. resilient instruct fleck ($ 50 ).

Lay out the new light sites


Mark all the joists participate fully in the installation using divests of videotape. Then observe the point for each new light-colored with tape. The lighters can go anywhere, but I maintained them close to the joists to get better access for affixing the transformer caskets to the joists.

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