How to Become the Office Textpert

How to Become the Office Textpert

As texting quickly becomes the most effective way to nudge all kinds of people to complete a variety of tasks, you need to be equipped with best practices to truly engage your audience given the direct nature of text messaging. Here are the top five textpert practices to help you remain efficient, yet professional when texting.

1. Encourage others to text

When textperts discover the power of texting, they want to tell the world! Textperts encourage colleagues to embrace texting as the most effective way of driving outcomes.

2. Make time for replies

Textperts are always ready to respond within an hour of getting a text message. Textperts block off their calendars when they send messages out so they can reply ASAP.

3. Create message flows

Textperts don’t send every message manually; they save time by letting automation take the lead. Setting up preprogrammed responses to common texts means your intended audience gets answers from you more quickly.

4. Use MMS wisely

Need to advertise an event, send a checklist or share an encouraging GIF to start the week off on the right foot? Textperts know that sending this information via MMS is often more effective than sending the information via SMS. MMS is more likely to grab people’s attention, and it’s more memorable. Use it sparingly or risk diluting your message.

5. Drive with data

Data-driven messaging is a textpert must. A true textpert uses available data to send targeted messages to specific groups or individuals. Take it to the next level by using message analytics to determine which messages are most effective.

No matter what industry you’re in, texting is one of the best ways to reach – and engage – people these days. Before you employ texting as a communication tactic, make sure you have the right strategies and best practices in place to make it truly impactful. After mastering these practices, you’ll be well equipped to bring stronger results to your position and your company.

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