Holiday Marketing Strategies Every Small Business Can Deploy

Holiday Marketing Strategies Every Small Business Can Deploy

Holiday marketing doesn’t have to mean big-budget TV ads or buying a float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. There are plenty of holiday marketing strategies that businesses of every size and budget can deploy to drive more holiday sales. Here are six easy and budget-friendly marketing tactics to try this season.

1. Holiday product imagery

Between your business’s social posts, email outreach, and holiday landing pages, feature seasonal product shots. Place your products in the snow, surrounded by tinsel or ornaments, or in gift boxes to get your customers thinking about your products as gifts.

2. Sample strategy

Offer sample-size versions of your products and services. Sampling is growing in popularity, especially as gift sets. This not only frames your goods as gifts but can help a potential customer overcome their fear of commitment to a full product or service. Beauty products are seeing especially high demand for sample or gift sets in recent quarters.

3. Gift guides

Just about every product or service can be given as a gift. Create a gift guide complete with photos to make gifting your goods top of mind. Facebook makes it possible to target your gift guides, or other marketing collateral featuring your goods as gifts, to the household of your usual customers. You can also run search ads featuring your gift guides for gifting keywords like “best gift for mom” or “easy Christmas presents.”

Promote your gift guide in places frequented by your target customers’ families, such as quick-serve restaurants for kids or hardware store for husbands.

4. Partner in holiday sales

Partner with another store whose customers complement your own to cross-promote each other’s goods this season. For example, you can promote a local brewery’s special holiday brews with flyers, and the brewery can promote your holiday sales and gift options. Each business will be able to tap into a new, valuable audience.

Two businesses can also partner by throwing a joint holiday event or party. Two combined customer bases mean exposure to new customers for both participants.

5. Holiday fairs

Participating in a hometown holiday fair, market or other festive events not only presents new sales opportunities but will also earn you some hometown goodwill from your customer base. Street fairs or holiday festivals also see high numbers of tourists and locals who live outside of the immediate commercial district.

Street fairs and festivals are especially popular with millennial customers. An Eventbrite study found that 50 percent of millennials said they would purchase products they liked at an event, 60 percent said they would likely buy again after the festival, and 82 percent said they would frequently or always buy something they loved from a local retailer.

6. Holiday cards

Mailing out holiday cards is a long-standing tradition in most of the country. Send your customers or potential customers a card wishing them well this holiday. Include personal touches, such as “from our family to yours.”

Cards can be turned into coupons if brought in. Avoid traditional gimmicks and offer recipients a free cup of hot cocoa if they stop in with a card. This will get customers in the store and within view of your goods and sale promotions.

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