Four Ways to Grow Your Business in 2018 with Online Video

Four Ways to Grow Your Business in 2018 with Online Video

2018 is around the corner. As an entrepreneur, have you examined your business strategies? In order to really succeed with an online business, there are a few areas to solidify and master. Your business needs a form of monetization, a strategy for delivering valuable content to an audience and adaptability. What worked for online businesses back in 2014 is different from what will work in 2018. Sure, there are certain principles that matter (work ethic, dedication, etc.), but embrace change. A prime example involves video. Video content is in demand, and people will want more of it in 2018. 

To many, this fact is common knowledge. However, many entrepreneurs struggle to figure out content creation strategies within their existing business model. Smartphones, tablets and social media are dominating the market. As a result, more people are accessing the internet and will want online video in abundance. Because of this demand, your business must focus on creating video content that’s captivating. 

If you’re already feeling like you’re behind everyone else, don’t worry. You can start implementing strategies now. In fact, we’re going to help you get the ball rolling by looking at four ways you can utilize the power of online video in 2018. We’ll also review some of the best tools and resources to get it all done. 

1. Create an online video course.

If you think this option doesn’t apply to your business, think again. It truly doesn’t matter what type of business you have. It’s so important to use video as a means of communicating with your customers and audience. Using an online video course is beneficial in many ways. It gives your audience content they can consume. It also tracks their progress through the use of PDF files. 

Yes, there are many different solutions and applications you can use to create a high-quality online video course. There is one particular platform, Kajabi, with an incredible drag-and-drop interface. You can easily record videos from any mobile device or your computer. To take it a step further, you can create video screen recordings from your computer. Once you complete the process of recording a few videos, you can easily bundle them together and post them to your website as an online course.

You could also consider creating a membership site just for the material. 

2. Utilize online video creation tools. 

There are two factors that are revolutionizing how content creation and sharing happen: software and automation. Take a look at WordPress. It combined the process of creating a website and/or a blog and made it a lot easier for brands to innovate. Many brands are implementing similar concepts to their video platforms. When you’re creating a video that’ll help you connect with your audience in a deeper way, video creation tools and simplification are extremely helpful. Unfortunately, there are too many business owners and internet marketers who just don’t have these skills. 

Take the example of mysimpleshow. The creators of this online video creation tool have put this application on the map because of its drag-and-drop interface. It’s easy to create whiteboard and explanation videos. This process can happen within minutes. Entrepreneurs who are technologically challenged can breathe easier knowing that they don’t need video design or technical skills to make things happen. Furthermore, there’s no need for a graphic designer or vocal talent to record narration. All the services are offered within the in-browser solutions. You can also customize any features to your own personal preference. 

If you’re wondering about whiteboard and explainer videos, know that they are quickly becoming the standout options for increasing conversions on landing pages. They’re also excellent for bringing personal and commercial stories to life. This one facet will really help with the brand-to-user experience. 

3. Host your very own live webinar. 

There are tons of ways to consume online video content. Rather than sticking to one method, it’s best to explore and try other options. One such option – and an excellent way of increasing engagement from viewers – is conducting a live webinar.

Clickmeeting is a dynamic platform for entrepreneurs who desire to run a webinar and still engage with a live audience. Forget about asking your audience to download and install webinar software. Throw the idea out the window of being able to engage with an audience who has to sit and stare at slides for 30 minutes. People want to watch you as the host. They want to ask you questions and get information. They want to put in their two cents (i.e., chats, polls and surveys) and see the results in real time. Webinars can work for any brand or business. At the core, a live webinar is about developing trust and gaining a better relationship with your audience. When this happens, your audience becomes your loyal tribe. 

4. Start a YouTube channel. 

It’s no secret that YouTube is owned by Google. According to, Google is the most visited website in the world. With Google owning YouTube, the video platform easily stands in second place. As the largest video search engine in the world, many people might be hesitant to create a channel because of the sheer number of other people and businesses with channels. What many fail to realize, however, is that there are millions of people who don’t have a channel. Whether you’re a business, individual or brand, you absolutely should start using this platform, because it really is one of the best social and community platforms on the market. 

There are a few reasons why you should leap into the world of YouTube. First, it will help you build a large brand. Second, targeting a YouTube audience is easier and faster than garnering attention from other social platforms, email lists and search results. When a person comes to YouTube, they come with the sole intent to watch video content. Plus, the fact that Google owns YouTube provides an additional bonus since there’s naturally a ton of traffic the website receives. This bonus will allow you to attract lots of free traffic and exposure to your videos as well as other content on other platforms. 

How to make the most of online video in 2018 

It’s clear that some of the most dynamic methods in building a strong business or brand online involve the use of online video content. To prepare for 2018, you’ll want to get started right now. Too many people are apprehensive because they’re camera shy. However, getting in front of the camera isn’t necessarily essential. Thanks to animated videos, screencast videos and videos where you record your voice, you don’t have to put your face out there. As long as you are consistent with your content and provide value to your audience, your brand will grow. 

Video isn’t going anywhere. It’s only going to continue growing as the main portal for content. On the other hand, desktop usage is declining. Don’t forgo the benefits of online video content and what it can do for your business. Further, remember that your competitors know how dynamic video content is and will use it to zoom past you. Jump on the bandwagon now, dominate the competition, and grow your business in 2018.

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