Doubling Down With the Derricos: Karen & Deon Don't Get Government Aid to Raise 14 Kids

Doubling Down With the Derricos: Karen & Deon Don’t Get Government Aid to Raise 14 Kids

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Raising a couple of children can be a handful, so imagine what it costs to raise 14 of them! Deon and Karen from Doubling Down with the Derricos often get asked how they manage its own budget with 14 children. “How the inferno can they afford all those minors ?! ” is a question that was on everyone’s mind when they firstly met the TLC trailer. The Doubling Down with the Derricos mothers claim that they certainly don’t rely on government assistance to help them out.

The various have multiplied each time Karen Derrico has given birth in her lifetime. Karen and Deon’s family gradually flourished from merely two singletons to twinneds to quintuplets, twinneds, and triplets into 14 children. TLC’s decision to get the Las Vegas family their own show, Doubling Down with the Derricos, has been a great decision too, as love are absolutely in love. But when Karen and Deon shared how much it takes to feed 14 hungry cavities per month, the digit promoted a few concerned eyebrows. Hearing about the $3,500 spent per month on merely groceries with 40 buns of bathroom tissue, and 15 containers of waffles a week might make any new mother break a sweat. However, ascertaining how well-mannered and glad all the 14 children look upon Doubling Down with the Derricos, anyone can tell that they live a very comfortable life. And no, Karen and Deon have never depended on public assistance to pay for their super-sized family’s never-ending bills.

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The Doubling Down with the Derricos mothers recently spoke to Fox News where they addressed fund matters and some other misbeliefs spectators might have about their family. “One of the errors is that we’re receiving government assistance, ” mentioned Deon, before adding, “We’re not.” The reality TV family’s commerces are singlehandedly managed by Deon, who’s a real estate investor. Deon, who’s always wanted to have a large family with Karen knew what recline ahead for their future family and seems to have worked meticulously to pay for it. While the resourceful Doubling Down with the Derricos dad dabbles with property distributes, mom Karen, 40, is the busy-bee stay-at-home mom. This practice, the family does what they call “the balancing act” in the most efficient way possible.

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Deon, who’s previously, had business as a school bus driver, salon owner, and hairdresser, too spoke about the wrong theme that some actuality Tv fans have about their family’s cleanliness. “Another misconception is that because we have so many children, our residence is either nasty or there’s no guild, which is totally opposite, ” shared Deon. “I have OCD and[ Karen] has only one excellent ability to organize and name, ” mentioned the 49 -year-old TLC star.

The delectable Derricos have handed such a variety of excitements across their four episodes so far that it’s hard for anyone watching not to feel like they’re very, a part of the family. Be it the immaculate procedures that the family follows for the children, Karen’s emergency pregnancy, Awesome Dawsyn’s sentimental storyline, every bout of the TLC show is a lesson in itself. With the notoriety that is coming their lane with Doubling Down with the Derricos, it’s easy to see that the family won’t ever need any kind of government aid even in the coming future.

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Doubling Down With the Derricos airs Tuesdays 10 pm EST on TLC.

Source: Fox News

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