Crypto’s Favorite Playboy Is Getting His Own Reality Series

Crypto’s Favorite Playboy Is Getting His Own Reality Series

Jeremy Gardner is no stranger to the spotlight. The 27 -year-old cryptocurrency millionaire has often lied in the attention of mainstream and crypto-specific media alike. This is, in no small-minded division, a consequence of a personality that mingles music gala bohemianism( think healing quartzs and Rastafarian appropriation) with Silicon Valley VC opulence. The terminate reaction is a cocktail of mannerisms that, to outside pundits, emblemizes the absurdity of the overnight riches crypto has lavished on its earliest acolytes.

Yes, Gardner is no stranger to paparazzi and columnists bent on presenting the crypto manufacture as a cesspit of degeneration. Which is good — because now he’s get his own reality show.

The Crypto Castle Chronicles

Or, preferably, he’s creating his own world succession that, for now, is available on YouTube. One which — much like Gardner’s kaleidoscopic interests — desegregates the day-to-day with entrepreneurship, philosophical awarenes and life as a VC/ financier on the forefront of burgeoning technologies.

“What we’re aiming for with the Chronicles is a nuanced equilibrium between recreation and meaningful penetration into the world of startups, entrepreneurship and investing, ” Gardner told Bitcoin Magazine. “This isn’t Shark Tank, this isn’t the Kardashians. It’s really merely three weeks of my life on camera, in which I discuss everything from business to relationships to even philosophy. I certainly be suggested that an honest look at the suffering of building startups, the realities of causing and investing coin, could be given a’ real’ inside look. We don’t gloss over all things that go wrong, and don’t overplay the blessing that goes into things travelling right.”

The 12 -episode series, dubbed Crypto Castle Chronicles, is produced by Adrian Baschuk, a onetime Vice producer who is now in charge of CNBC’s Crypto Trader and has his own production studio in Miami. The show is appointed after Gardner’s San Francisco abode and its successor, the newly built Miami Crypto Castle( which is much nicer than the original and the primary adjust for the support ).

Nestled in the tech mecca’s Potrero Hill neighborhood, the original three-story “castle” has played home base to Gardner’s own assignment, Augur, and a legion of others, including a self-driving car startup and a handful of blockchain ventures.

This vibrant headquarters, which houses an eclectic community of coders, industrialists and non-crypto folk, has been the primary point of the media attention that orbits Gardner’s life; as Gardner told Bitcoin Magazine, the original palace and its Miami counterpart have “taken on a word of their own as a brand and a lifestyle.”

And, in turn, this brand and life-style have taken on a media life of their own. Gardner’s unconventional living once aroused a Business Insider feature, which described the San Francisco Crypto Castle as a arrange “where young bitcoin inventors party and scheme the future of money.”

In perhaps one of the most famous “look at how crazy this crypto bullshit is” articles from the 2017 patrolman flowed, the New York Times framed Gardner as a wanderlust party boy, with the first Crypto Castle acting as his own personal Gomorrah. The commodity, “Everyone Is Getting Hilariously Rich and You’re Not, ” draws the millennial millionaire boasting about his success with ICOs, his net worth and a appointment with supermodel Bella Hadid. A illustration charts the then-2 5-year-old Gardner lounging in front of a cabinet well furnished with booze.

A more careful fragment by the now-defunct BreakerMag traded in the brew cans for the liquor containers — gravely, the author, Jeff Wilser, is offered juice in the fragment. It presents a( literally) more somber depiction of the house and what goes down in it. Wilser’s experience was similar to my own when I called the chamber of representatives at the beginning of 2019; like Wilser, I procured a collective of focused, hardworking millennials who would rather hit the books and crunch budgets than pound shoots( though admittedly the liquor locker was still very well stocked, it get untouched by the house during my remain ).

Bitcoin Party Boy or Business Mogul?

This dichotomy between the mythos of Gardner’s hedonistic living illustrated by the New York Times and the unflagging hustle of the modern tech inventor profiled by BreakerMag impresses at the heart of Gardner’s two-part public persona.

This persona, and its Janus-faced depiction in the press, is the intrigue of the new reveal. In the Times piece, Gardner touched off the prospect of a reality TV show( having ensure a time with a supermodel without such excess attention, Gardner was skeptical of how it may “add to his life, ” Nellie Bowles wrote ). He has been approached by a dozen or so different makes over the years. But their degrees never aligned with Gardner’s own imagination for what a day in living conditions of an industrialist should look like.

Like the media attention that sets the stage for reality TV( or, as the more astute farmers would pitch it, “unscripted television” ), most of the ideas diverged toward glamorizing the riches without examining the afflictions and bang of Gardner’s work. To him, each producer’s pitch “ended up being too vapid.”

“When it came down to creative see, my desire to create entertaining content that was also thoughtful and school, I ran into a wall, ” Gardner told Bitcoin Magazine. “It’s unsurprising that none of the’ unscripted’ projects proposed to me, or related to crypto, have ever come to fruition. And that was probably a good thing. Trying to captivate a assortment of geeks speaking about esoteric engineering or, worse, partying, resounds cringe-inducing at best.”

Hoping to avoid the cringe, Gardner has decided to take control of this narrative by producing the establish himself. As with the incentives that led to his other dares, Gardner has money this project “a force for good.” Reality TV, which he calls “a powerful medium, ” has created “unparalleled influence and wealth” for some of its more bombastic ambassadors( for his own lesson, Gardner cites Donald Trump and the Kardashian/ Jenner lineage ).

But conversely, he believes it can also be a catalyst for positive development.

“I recognize that this is a hard-to-swallow suggestion — that an oft-disparaged form of amusement petitioning to the lowest common denominator is in fact a operator of unparalleled influence in the most powerful nation in the world, ” he said. “But amply revaluing that fact, I believe it can be a force for good. That is why I’m creating the Crypto Castle Chronicles.”

Shot over a period of three weeks, the appearance will peculiarity 12 ten-minute episodes on YouTube. Gardner, who’s vying to air the streak on major structures or streaming programmes, said the team killed “endless content” and may construct more bouts depending on the show’s popularity.

The Pursued, the Pursuing, the Busy and the Tired

The pilot episode opens on Gardner and a business partner strategizing about their recent speculation.

“We’ve got to get money in the bank ASAP and do a major social blast, ” Gardner emphasizes, speaking about the inaugural make launch of his new cosmetic label, MadeMan. In the precede line of flashbacks, we learn that this opener takes situate following the completion of the series’ three-week filming period.

“Girls — sushi’s now, ” Gardner’s business collaborator calls after the incident transitions through its designation screen( which, to little stun, includes a “Crypto Castle” rap ). Upon his beckoning, a gaggle of bikini-clad ladies emerge from various crevices in the mansion.

“I was only able to buy $ 100 of sushi. If simply they professed bitcoin, ” Gardner jests as a neon caption twinkles his name and appoint( “Jeremy Gardner, Entrepreneur, aka’ Gonzo Gardner’”) across the screen. As Gardner’s groupies chow down on California rollers and sashimi, he hops on a entitle with Janet( who, a British narrator informs us, is Jeremy’s business partner in MadeMan ).

The residue of the 10 -minute episode flares between Gardner taking care of business, montages of some of crypto’s biggest personalities( e.g ., Pomp, Peter McCormick and Charlie Shrem) and narrator Ben Way praising Gardner and regaling his young but prolific career.

“I think those who are watching will probably look at Jeremy and disappear,’ He’s an egocentric asshole.’ That’s the first action I had when I fulfill him, ” Way says in the occurrence. “But if you get to know him and you really watch this — he’s clearly not perfect — but he’s out there and he’s trying to do things that most humen are too scared to do. He is just Jeremy. That’s the allure of Jeremy — he’s precisely himself. And you either love him or detest him.”

Way then propels into “how Jeremy got his start.” This resume, which includes founding the Blockchain Education Network, the Augur prediction market and Ausum Ventures, amongst other undertakings, led to the wealth and social prestige that have created the man and myth who, per his Twitter profile, self-identifies as the “God of Gonzo.”

An “Earnest” Depiction of the Millionaire-Entrepreneur Lifestyle

The pilot episode situates its protagonist’s success — and the aggrandized life it renders — on full display. With scenes trimming between sunbathing maids, liquor-festooned workstations and Gardner doing business, the succession seems to encapsulate the work-hard, play-hard mentality and lifestyle of crypto’s premier playboy-in-residence and one of its most successful entrepreneurs.

My grandmother has often told me that there are three slopes to every narrative: what one side says, what the other side says and what has happened. So far, most media has depicted one thing while Gardner and his proponents have espoused another, so maybe this streak, with its unfiltered and unapologetic yield, will find the truth in between.

“It’s to provide a really honest look into what entrepreneurship and investing are, which I don’t believe are accurately shown on screen often, if ever, ” Gardner “ve been told”. “I also want to remediate the bustle porn ethos of Silicon Valley. It’s okay, and perfectly tenable, to have a work-life balance.”

While he admitted that he’s “not sure whether we will find an audience for what we’ve filmed, ” Gardner mentioned that the team is speaking to various systems, streaming pulpits and other media. His end goal, he reemphasized, is to create an “earnest” depiction of the millionaire-entrepreneur lifestyle.

As I finished the first occurrence, ending as it does with Gardner, kimono-cloaked, clutching a bottle of wine and belting Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road, ” I closed my computer thinking that this series, unironically earnest definitely, would get closer to the truth of Gardner’s life than any content that came before it — business, pleasure and all.

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