Can someone "lock" retirement such that in divorce it is not divided?

Can someone “lock” retirement such that in divorce it is not divided?

I am under the impression from various reads and talking to people that ALL assets, including any previous retirement/ 401 K/ asset/ etc, residence, gondola, etc .. is parted in half in a divorce. I understand that anything passed down via patrimony is not dividable, including fund, homes, etc. I are of the view that if I inherited a house, while married, and we lived there, and the house proceeded up in value .. perhaps some of that is likely to be divided?

But in terms of something like company stock, retirement, etc .. how does that the project works? Can my SO somehow “lock down” their 401 K or IRA money such that they get to keep it all as well as take half the house, and I would still owe alimony as well? I am trying to figure out how special courts/ evaluate would contract something like this. Can my SO applied their IRA/ 401 K into a trust somehow, without me knowing, and thus prevent me from obtaining half in a divorce? If so, how is that allowed? Or would it perhaps refute the amount my SO would get from other assets like savings, dwelling quality, etc to counter the difference?

How is alimony resolved? If I establish 4K take home, and SO clears 2K, is it based on a “fair value” so that I am not living in my vehicle while SO gets to live in a dwelling? I am really bizarre if “were having” kids .. and I had to pay child funding AND alimony, how they factor in the amount if 4K scarcely allows us to survive in a small home on our own. If they prepare me compensate $800 per kid( 3 kids ), plus alimony .. I have< 1K left to live on( vary alimony and if I get stuck that much per kid ). Do they abate the amount so that I have a fair amount to survive on? Or do they are only not care and if I have to live in car or what not that is not their concern? If that were to happen .. to the time I couldnt even open a studio apartment to live in( which too signifies its too small to have kids stay with me apparently, so I predict I never get to see kids either ?) and lost my job and constructed less money .. how does that factor in? Do they lower how much I owe? Does it time deepen so while SO gets to live comfortably I am just subsisting and meanwhile what I owe is piling up with rewards/ etc?

I think this is the reason a lot of people dont divorce. If “thats really not” financially capable of subsisting decently after all they gotta pay, and because the courts often favor women over guys in most situations, it originates it damn near impossible to survive let alone get ahead and have any semblance of a life.

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