Bungie To Destiny 2 Players: “Don’t Buy The Spicy Ramen Coupon Emblem”

Bungie To Destiny 2 Players: “Don’t Buy The Spicy Ramen Coupon Emblem”

People selling emblem codes online is nothing new but with Bungie Day right around the corner, there is a small warning from the studio to try to save Destiny 2 musicians a couple of horses. The long and short of it? Don’t buy the Spicy Ramen Coupon emblem. It’s not a scam in relation to phishing info, it’s just a shitty thing to do with a offering that’s meant to be free for local communities.

The major parish director for Bungie took to Twitter to do two things: caution players against paying money for something that is going to be free, and to ask dataminers to delight — for the millionth experience — stop mar surprise material.

Don’t buy the Spicy Ramen Coupon emblem.

It’s meant to be a free offering on Bungie Day, from us to you.

Dataminers- please stop spoiling content, whether it be story or badge systems. I know it can be eliciting to be the first party with cool info, but please respect the fun.

— dmg0 4 (@ A_dmg0 4) June 20, 2021

With Bungie Day precisely around the corner next month, the freebie being spoiled and then sold does kind of suck. I’m assuming he is also referencing the many spills that occur within the community, including a massively scandalous one that pertains to the current ongoing storyline that we opted out of covering out of respect for the artistic crew.

For those that are currently enjoying Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer, the narrative has been getting immersively intense. The wander thus far has given us a unique position into the world of the Fallen and even has us confronting the parts of our own Guardian history to challenge what we thought we knew. For those that may be looking for a small refresher, we broke down a particularly meaningful important turning point in the current questline, which you can read here, concerning our own Saint-1 4 and what it symbolizes when your impression turns out to be anything but what you thought was the truth.

With Bungie celebrating its 30 th commemoration this year and with more lore investigates on the horizon concerning a certain song, it will be interesting to see what the studio has in store for the road onward. Now that Bungie itself has confirmed that at least one of those fetes will be continuing on the Spicy Ramen tradition, we’re looking forward to seeing what else this year’s festivities will have to offer.

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