Brittany from 90 Day Fiance Ignores Local Customs And Curses at Yazan

Brittany from 90 Day Fiance Ignores Local Customs And Curses at Yazan

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Brittany from 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way continuously neglects Jordan’s regional habits and curses at Yazan. The American is putting herself in danger and not making a good impression.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way fans are curious to see what else Brittany Banks will have to do in order to please Yazan’s Muslim family. Brittany does not seem aware of all the artistic changes that are going to be expected of her if she decided to go through with the wedding. Season 2 is underway, and devotees has still not been saddened. Brittany is an underground rapper who enjoys showing off her good looks and mouth full of metal in the Florida sun. She has fallen in love with Yazan, a soldier who lives in Jordan. The 24 -year-old Muslim is a mechanical designer who has much firmer ethics than the 26 -year-old. Cameras watched Yazan explain that he would like a simple life and a traditional marriage with Brittany. This would symbolize the wife bides at home and fees private households, while he works. Devotee are not bracing their wheeze that the American is ready for that type of compromise.

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In a sneak peek of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, ET testified a clip of Yazan getting cursed out by his American sweetheart. The pair is still continuing to fight over their clash cultures with no end in sight. The rapper has not been able to adapt to her boyfriend’s Muslim culture and is finding it extremely hard to purge herself of her free-spirited behaviors. What the newest reality whiz does not know is that her suitor and “his fathers” are scheming for her to convert to their religion even though she made it clear she was not interested.

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During the excerpt, Yazan made it clear that he was not okay with Brittany gripping other American’s even though it is a huge part of her culture because he gets particularly apprehensive. Brittany was not accepting this excuse and told he would need to be jealous “on the inside.” Yazan sense the Palm Spring’s native was completely wrong but she told him that he was acting verifying. Even though Brittany lowered the F-bomb left and right, sees felt she had a point as she made it clear she would not act any other way. Some other fans were quick to noted that she was the one who decided to move to Jordan and should try to respect Yazan’s culture and country. Yazan could not understand why Brittany was becoming angry especially after he said she was “his baby.”

Fans were already aware that there was cause for concern as they watched Yazan lose his mind at the peek of an booze receptacle. But before all hell broke loose, Yazan had a meeting with his father who was very down to Earth. The grandfather made it clear he only required his son to find happiness. But devotees are not persuaded this pair will make it to the end. The duo can not find a common ground as Yazan giggled in her face.

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90 Day Fiance: The Other Way auras Mondays at 9pm EST on TLC.

Source: ET

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