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These Olympic Athletes Raising Adorable Kids Will Win You Over

Alex Morgan, 2020 Tokyo olympicsWhen it comes to parenthood, these Olympians may just set the gold standard.
With the 2020 Olympics underway in Tokyo, chances are you’ve found more than a few Team USA athletes to…

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The pandemic hit Caribbean American communities hard. How the diaspora is rallying around covid recovery

Caribbean Community Harlem A boy wearing a protective face treating saunters by a mural in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City

The Covid-1 9 pandemic decimated Caribbean American communities in the US. Parish in the most crucial diasporas united to help with health, fiscal, and cultural recovery. Leaders, organizers and artists across the US Caribbean diaspora came together to help communities. See more fibs on Insider’s business page.

Since the COVID-1 9 pandemic first began nearly 2 years ago, it exposed sharp imbalances related to poverty, access to healthcare, and overall quality of life that one time left Black Americans more than three times more likely to die from the virus.

“We carry a higher burden of chronic disease that predisposes us to the more serious complications of coronavirus, ” Uche Blackstock, a physician who works in Brooklyn told the Washington post. “We don’t have access to care and if we do it’s likely that charge is of worst quality because they are often expression minority-serving.”

While part of the larger contingent of Black Americans, for countless Caribbean American communities in the US, their unique repercussion But for many, the unique

A New York City Health Department map showing the virus’ early spread showed vicinities with a high concentration of Caribbean-Americans in the city’s Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx boroughs were among the areas most affected by COVID-1 9.

Now, as nations reopen and communities are tasked with rebuilding, Caribbean diasporas across the country told Insider their unity behind their shared ethnic identity is key to their sociopolitical, state, economic recovery.

Many Caribbean American diasporas were in coronavirus hotspots

vaccine healthcare workers us A dentist receiving the Moderna COVID-1 9 inoculation in Anaheim, California, on January 8, 2021.

Most Caribbean immigrants and first contemporary Americans reside in New York state and Florida according to 2017 data from the Migration Policy Institute – accounting for 63 % of the entire Caribbean population in the US.

Data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that Black parties hold many of the jobs in the taxi service industry, the foodservice industry, as well as the inn industry. Countless immigrants, including Caribbean immigrants, also work in the healthcare industry – the most frontline works that have been helping for the nation during the pandemic.

A report from the Migration Policy Institute also shows that more than 2.6 million immigrants were employed as healthcare workers as of 2018. They account for 18% of healthcare workers in the US.

That meant when the public was asked to stay at home to drop the arch, it was immigrant communities and Black and brown Americans who primarily remained the country running.

But proponents had pointed out that in polling and surveys, Caribbean Americans are often lumped together with African Americans and that can make it difficult to campaign for their unique needs as a community culturally, politically, and economically.

In 2020, the US Census Bureau exhausted a new questionnaire that included the option for people to note their country of origin, which will assist differentiate Caribbean Americans from African Americans.

“Twenty percent of New York, New Yorkers are of Caribbean descent so it’s most important that we’re seen, ” Shelley Worrell the founder and bos curator of caribBeing, told NY1.

The cultural advocacy radical cautioned that impact came at a cost to the community as the coronavirus spread.

As removals skyrocketed and joblessness flourished, Worrell hopped into gear dish hot snacks to frontline workers at two hospices, including facilities that mainly act the city’s Caribbean population in Brooklyn.

Many Black-owned professions, already acutely impacted by disparities in access to federal facilitate, were forced to close altogether or struggled to stay afloat. Among those, Worrell focused attempts on the Caribbean business community federal and mood aid can overlook.

caribBeing’s directoryof Caribbean customs then performed as a one-stop-shop to support regional ventures right as a public safarus to reinforce Black-owned firms gained steam following the killing of George Floyd in June.

“We were able to really try to amplify the Caribbean businesses in our places to drive traffic and media attention to the community, ” Worrell said.

In South Florida, where the Caribbean diaspora is 21 %, drawing attention to community aids was just as much a public health and cultural necessity as an economic one.

Black Americans, including Caribbean Americans, are all aware of the country’s record of medical exploitation which leaves chamber for misinformation to propagate.

With misinformation about the coronavirus and the inoculation has been spreading in the community, Miami-based lawyer Marlon Hill focused primarily on ensuring the people are efficiently informed about what’s happening in all regions of the pandemic, as well as facilitating mental health and wellness of the community.

“With the assistance of the Caribbean medical professional community, “were having” imparted a number of webinars to allay superstitions about COVID-1 9 vaccines and the ongoing pandemic, ” he told Insider in an email.

But Hill told Insider keeping the community culturally connect is as vital as medically informed. South Florida’s annual Caribbean carnival was cancelled last-place October, putting the final claw in the coffin of a fair tourism season that begins with Trinidad and Tobago’s pre-Lenten observance in February.

Last year’s pose of colorful outfits in the twin-island Republic is one of few the region, and its diaspora in the US and elsewhere, have witnessed ever since – overwhelm a thriving tourism and cultural entertainment scene.

The pandemic devastated parishes reliant on culture and recreation

immigration around the world major cities New York City how immigrants are treated West Indian Day Parade The annual West Indian-American Carnival Day Parade in Brooklyn, New York allures close to two million people during Labor Day weekend.

Entertainers and financiers required in order to social media to connect parties the very best path they know how – music. Ronnie Tomlinson, chairman of public relations at Destine Media PR, a full-service agency that works with Caribbean artists, told Insider she was happy to see how naturally entertainers came out to support the diaspora.

“Their intention was to relieve the minds of the people, ” she said. “Just exerting the music to entertain parties. We know they’re human, however too[ got to] see that side of them.”

Similar to D-Nice’s Club Quarantine discussions during the pandemic, DJs including Brooklyn-based Kevin Crown and Tony Matterhorn of Jamaica toy live music positions designed to practically recreate the high-energy fetes that can draw thousands of patrons.

Over time, his establishes garnered as numerous as 5000 sees per establish. Crown told Insider that those music seminars started to help love, as well as himself.

“I even lost my uncle to COVID so it was just a lot of feeling every day and as much as[ my music] cured beings, it cured me cope and gave me a purpose, ” he said, at the time receiving letters from love that his achievement prevented them from the brink.”

Advocates say the tireless work to keep the diaspora together during a meter of world affliction will merely ramp up as countries re-open.

Following a pandemic, and ethnic upheaval that witnessed communities of color targeted, Hill admonished for political leaders to mitigate some of the socioeconomic and healthcare issues in the community by converge the community where they are.

“Be more proactive in sharing these meanings in a colloquial that the community can understand and likewise learn, ” he said. “Be more proactive in speaking in our word and in our culture.”

Read the original section on Business Insider covid recovery Free Traffic Generator free traffic to my website free website traffic generator george Getty Images

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playerWON is bringing video ads into games – EA, Hi Rez already on board


PlayerWON is a new in-game advertising platform that will allow companies to include video ads in PC and console games, in a similar vein to ads used in mobile games and TV.

The bigger comparison is with mobile, as the ads targets free-to-play games and is designed to reward in-game items and currency to players who watch them.

READ MORE: Why we can’t stop watching Twitch after a decade

As reported in Axios, playerWON, owned by Simulmedia, lets users decide whether they want to watch a 15 or 30-second video ad in exchange for unlocking exclusive gaming perks.

Such a method is already popular in free-to-play mobile games, where players are incentivised to watch ads instead of spending real money to gain items such as in-game currency or skins.

EA and Hi-Rez Studios are among the first studios to have signed up to the technology, with the latter’s free-to-play game Smite already used to pilot the tech.

SmiteSmite. Credit: Hi-Rez Studios

The pilot campaign showed that players were “much more likely” to play a game and spend money within the game if they could acquire perks through watching in-game ads.

Simulmedia‘s Dave Madden said that 90% of players never buy in-game items, but its research showed that they are willing to watch up to 10 ads per day in order to unlock free perks, making them easier to reach than through conventional video marketing.

The company plans to launch in-game ads in roughly a dozen more games by the end of the year.

These in-game ads look set to fare better than Facebook’s attempts to implement ‘in-headset’ ads in Oculus VR games.

Last month, the developer of VR game Blaston decided to cut the test short after facing backlash from players.

The post playerWON is bringing video ads into games – EA, Hi Rez already on board appeared first on NME.

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The 6 Best SEO Chrome Extensions in 2021

SEO - Chrome - Extensions

Your browser is probably loaded with extensions to originate being easier. Are any of those a Chrome SEO extension?

Experienced online marketers understand that SEO is the lifeblood of their business. It’s how they get ascertained. Without it, they’d be lost somewhere in the millions of websites out there.

To do good SEO requires tools, and cost more than small businesses are willing to pay. True, there’s a raft of free SEO implements out there but most of them have restrictions are in place to prepare you go for the compensate version.

SEO Chrome increases are one way to navigate this question. They are usually cheaper than buying software battalions and they oblige the process of optimization faster and more efficient.

Because there are hundreds of SEO Google Chrome increases out there, preferring can be a time-consuming affair. This berth brought you 6 of the very best. We’ll look at their the characteristics and flaws( no application is perfect ).

Why Do You Need SEO Extensions?

Even as you read this you may be asking yourself, “How can Chrome SEO extensions be helping? ”

Google owns more than 90% of all examinations. About 65% of these examines take place on Chrome. Owned by Google, this particular browser is optimized for this search engine, has loadings of inbuilt features and fast load times.

Online purveyors waste endless hours every day optimizing their websites for Google scours. To optimize a website properly, there is a requirement to strong software.

Fortunately, for SEO, there are Google Chrome increases that you can use to offset soul easier. While they have a bit of a see curve, formerly you understand how to use them they’ll save you era and provide the SEO information you need to optimize your locate.

Browser increases are usually cheaper( numerous are free) than apps and come in handy for those who don’t have a lot of money to spend on tools.

The best SEO Chrome propagations help formulate strategy because you can see competitor metrics instantly. Their ability to provide instant analytics determines them a favorite for numerous SEO experts.

Note: Although many postponements are said to be “free” they are really not. Downloading them onto your toolbar is free but you often have to pay to access the actual SEO implements with added features and in-depth metrics.

Some browser expansions are completely free but they tend to have limitations. Before you download conducted an investigation into what an extension has to offer and whether the government has convenes your needs. Check how much you have to pay for additional features in case you need them in the future.

Some marketers get out this hurdle by downloading a cluster of various types of propagations that have alternating functionalities.

The 6 Best SEO Chrome Extensions

Read ReviewView Listing Chrome Extension - Home

The SEO extension allows you to check SEO metrics on the fly. You can find keyword ideas and see what keywords the competition is grading for. It likewise goes to show backlink metrics for any URL.

This extension also provides Moz and sublime metrics, SERPed rank, Alexa Rank and social signals.

The SEO extension brings together all tools to your browser, making duty easier. You can use it to run a material analysis, check backlinks for different URLs and check the health of a domain.

SERPed - Screen

Here’s what else you can do with this Google SEO Chrome propagation 😛 TAGEND

Use What Ranks Where to find out what keywords a URL ranks for.Keyword Analyzer gives you an idea of the event for any keyword.Site Explorer furnishes various land metrics.Add backlinks fast with the Backlinks Manager feature. You can use this same feature to remove backlinks if they become inactive or no-follow.Enable the button in Google upshots so that you can see search volume and cost per clink of keywords you examine.

Note: You need to have a paid account to access the features provided by this extension.

Get SERPed Chrome Extension Now

View Listing


MozPro - Home

The MozBar extension stipulates all the important search engine optimization metrics on your toolbar for any URL you examine on Chrome. You can use it to do custom-built searches by search engine, country, neighborhood and municipality. It also goes to show the page government and domain authority of any discipline you search.

Use this extension to compare link metrics and distinguish ties-in by type and highlight keywords on any page you search. All decisions can be exported to a CSV file for easier analysis.

MozBar - Screen

If you get a Moz subscription you gain access to additional facets 😛 TAGEND

You can be found in the keyword difficulty for any keyword you searchIt provides content suggestions and instant page optimization tipsYou can analyze any land in detail to get metrics you can use to improve your approach.

Note: MozBar is free but with limited functionality. If you’re squandering the free version you won’t interpret things like the number of links drawn attention to a orbit. To access essential features like the Keyword Difficulty Tool you need to have paid Moz subscription.

Get MozBar Now

View Listing


Ubersuggest - Home

The Ubersuggest extension specializes in SEO and keyword detection. You can use it to see keywords by pursuing magnitude and the cost per sound for any keyword. Type in any URL to see its data and the keywords it’s grading for.

When you probe on Amazon, YouTube and other favourite places such an extension will likewise give you examine metrics from those particular sites.

Ubersuggest - Screen

You can get more detailed analysis of URLs and keywords by clicking on the “View All” button within the extension 😛 TAGEND

It adds diagrams that indicate monthly probe veers for both mobile and desktop for any keyword.You can see probe freight approximations for the first 10 URLs of any search.This expansion caters backlink data: denoting provinces and arbiter of citing domains.For each website you visit you look a brief overview- the number of organic keywords the site ranks for, estimated traffic, region composition and number of backlinks. You can be found in data going back 6 months.The extension specifies gratuities to help you grade pages.

Note: If you want in-depth analysis, you have to go to the app, and it merely gives you three free pursuits a day.

Get Ubersuggest Now

View Listing

SEOquake by SEMrush

SEOquake - Home

SEOquake is a free SEO Chrome extension that provides you metrics in an instant. It goes to show keyword rigor, checks social media stats for any URL and you can use it to compare URLs. You can use SEOquake to analyze internal and external links.

SEOquake - Screen

This extension drags data from Alexa rank, Semrush and more. All reports can be exported in CSV format. You can draw reports for a full land or for single pages. This postponement allows you to customize specifies to see the metrics that matter most to you.

Note: SEOquake is only free for the first 100 sheets you audit.

Get SEOquake Now

View Listing

SEO Minion

SEO - Minion - Home

SEO Minion is a free extension that works for both Chrome and Firefox. It gives you a immediate SEO overview of any webpage. It’s able to analyze backlinks and SERP causes as well. The postponement also provides PAA( People Also Ask) for any Google search.

This extension was created by the same unit that brought you Keywords Everywhere( another excellent SEO extension, see below ).

SEO - Minion - Screen

While it doesn’t provide you with keywords, it gives you lots of other important metrics that support you how health a sheet is at a glance 😛 TAGEND

Use it to analyze on-page SEO( vacate or long title and description calls, manager analysis, image-alt attribute analysis and more.It highlightings all joins on a URL and shows you how many are internal, external, follow and no-follow.The extension checks for broken links. It likewise foreground links with flaws and redirects.Use the Preview SERP feature to see how your page looks like in search results.The SERP Location Checker shows you which websites are now in at the top of any keyword search.

You can also use this extension to look at your material before you publish it. It will show you what you may have missed and any formatting issues that may need correction.

Note: While such an extension offer excellent SEO analysis on the fly, it’s not the most convenient for websites with multiple sheets. It takes a long time to check and the results aren’t ever accurate. If you want to use it to check multiple URLs at once it’s a good idea to back it up with another tool.

Get SEO Minion Now

View Listing

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords - Everywhere - Home

This extension goes to show you keyword loudnes, rival and CPC data for more than 15 favourite websites. It has built-in tools that picture you what keywords any page is ranking for, long-tail keywords and trending keywords.

Keywords - Everywhere - Screen

There is a free and paid version. The free form has the following entry aspects 😛 TAGEND

Keyword Widget goes to show relevant keywords, People Also Search and Long-Tail Keywords. However, you simply accompany the keywords , not magnitude data.It renders veer planneds, which are useful as you cannot see volume data.Traffic Metrics stipulates monthly freight guess on any URLOn-Page Analysis is a feature that you can use to check keywords on a page but it doesn’t provide volume data.Competitor Gap Analysis helps you find keywords that contestants are grading for( and which you aren’t ).

Note: While this instrument supplies valuable penetrations, the fact that it doesn’t provide volume data doesn’t help. If you want to see actual metrics you have to buy approvals, and although they don’t cost much some increases can give you the information collected for free.

Get Keywords Everywhere Now


How can I include increases on Google Chrome?

The process is simple. Visit the Chrome Webstore and sought for the postponement you crave. You will see an installation button. Click on it and follow the prompts.

The extension will appear on your Chrome postponements register( the jigsaw icon on the top freedom of your screen ).

To pin the increase on your toolbar open the list, look for the postponement and click on the pin.

Why are increases important?

Extensions material because they help you perform other-wise time-consuming and boring assignments with ease and accelerated. They are conveniently may be obtained on your toolbar and equip added functionality to your browser.

Many free postponements require excellent information but you may need to get the paid copy of the app if you want added functionality and in-depth analysis.

Can extensions predict my password and collect user data?

It depends; some SEO Chrome extensions providing access to individual URLs. They can captivate credit card details and passwords. They likewise obtain user data because it is an opportunity to function properly and improve results.

Can extensions be harmful?

Yes; they can be used to spread malevolent code. Some bullshit increases in the Chrome store are used to spread spyware, but then there few and are weeded out regularly. Before you install an extension look at user reviews and see whether there have been any complaints.

Increases vs. Plugins: what’s the difference?

Plug-ins and postponements embarrass countless, and the terms are often used interchangeably. However, they are different. In a nutshell, plug-ins add functionality to a webpage while postponements add functionality to a browser.


Adding an SEO Chrome expansion is one of the easiest ways to get your SEO up to speed. They give you important metrics on the fly and some of the very best ones are free.

However, there are several hundreds of Google Chrome increases out there. There is a danger of becoming installing so many that you get overwhelmed by the data you receive.

The best thing to do is choose increases that competition your needs. For example, if you need keyword information, check the best SEO Chrome postponement for keyword research and look at the information it provides.

If we had to choose one from this announce, we would go with the SEO extension. It plies correct information for the SEO metrics that really matter. It also has a vital backlinks overseer gathering – you can add and remove backlinks on the fly.

Compare SEO Chrome Extensions in 2021

Chrome ExtensionDomain& URL AnalyzerCompetitor AnalysisSEO AuditKeyword AnalysisMobile FriendlyFree/ SEO Ext .Free for Active MembersMozBarFreeUbersuggestFreeSEOquakeFreeKeywords EverywhereFreemiumSimilar WebFreeWooRankFreeRedirect PathFreeKeyword SurferFree

The post The 6 Best SEO Chrome Extensions in 2021 loomed first on Woofresh.

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The best Fourth of July sales to shop this weekend

It's no Prime Day, but there are still good deals to shop on the Fourth of July.


BEST MATTRESS DEAL: Amerisleep — save 30% on mattresses, get up to $ 230 in free accessories

BEST HOME DEAL: Neato D8 robot vacuum-clean — $499( save $200)

BEST TECH DEAL: Sony 65 -inch BRAVIA XR X9 0J Series LED 4K TV — $1,399.99( save $400)

Fourth of July is required for grilling out, watching fireworks, and — if you’re like us — browsing. This weekend is not as big for sales as Memorial Day or Prime Day, but there are still some great deal that are definitely worth your attention.

BEST MATTRESS DEAL: Amerisleep — save 30% on mattresses, get up to $ 230 in free accessories

Amerisleep’s Fourth of July sale includes a handful of copes. Mattresses are 30% off, and each comes with cooling pillows and a mattress defender. Exactly use code AS30 to secure the deal. You can also save up to $ 3,000 on movable berthed establisheds. Plus, make 25% off pillows, expanses, shields, and duvet covers with code JULY2 5 and make 15% off fanny cushions and comforters with system JULY1 5.

Shop Amerisleep's Fourth of July sale

Credit: Amerisleep

Shop Amerisleep’s Fourth of July sale

Buying Option

See Details


Brooklinen — 15% off sitewide

Casper — 15% off mattresses

Nectar — $399 of accessories included with mattress purchases

Nest Bedding — 20% off select adult mattresses and 10% off berthing and furniture

Purple — up to $ 350 off Mattresses and Bundles

Tuft& Needle — up to 20% off sitewide

Vaya — $300 off any mattress plus free pillow with code VAYA3 00

Zoma — $150 off any mattress and up to $ 540 in free accessories( pillow, membranes, and protector) with code WIN1 50, plus buy one, get one 50% off pillows with code BOGO5 0

BEST HOME DEAL: Neato D8 robot vacuum — $499

The Neato D8 has squared-off hems to help it get into corners and along walls better than circular robot vacuums. It’s $ 200 off at Walmart, but you can also shop instantly on to get it for $499.99 and get a free side cover and four-pack of filters. Precisely use the code SUMMER2 1.

Save $200 at Walmart

Credit: Neato Robotics

Save $ 200 at Walmart

Buying Alternative

See Details


Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000 — $599( save $100 at Amazon)

Cloud Paper tree-free toilet paper — 15% off with code JULY4TH

Elfa shelving answers — save up to 25% and get 25% off part seek at The Container Store

Field+ Supply — 15% to 20% off

iRobot Roomba i3 + — $549( save $50.99 at Amazon)

Overstock 4th of July sale — up to 70% off

Shark AI RV2 001 robot vacuum — $299.99( save $150 at Bed Bath& Beyond)

Wayfair 4th of July clearance — up to 65% off

Whirlpool 350 -square-foot portable air conditioner — $388.99( save $111 at Best Buy)

BEST KITCHEN DEAL: SodaStream sparkling water creators — starting at $74.99

If you’re going through multiple cases of LaCroix a week, consider getting a SodaStream to induce your own sparkling water. Whether you crave something manual or automated, you’ll likely be able to find a good deal here.

Save up to 25% at SodaStream

Credit: SodaStream

Save up to 25% at SodaStream

Buying Options

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Best Choice Products breath fryer oven — $79.99( save $35 at Walmart)

Magic Bullet blender — $29.04( save $10.84)

Ninja Foodi Deluxe XL — $149.99( save $100 at Amazon)

BEST TECH DEAL: Sony 65 -inch BRAVIA XR X9 0J Series LED 4K TV — $1,399.99

Ideal for watching and gaming, this 4K TV has impressive picture quality and a virtually bezel-less design. Fast onscreen motion will glance clear( not blurry) and the clang will follow the action for an immersive experience.

Save $400 at Best Buy

Credit: Sony

Save $ 400 at Best Buy

Buying Alternative

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Hisense 55 -inch Class H9 Quantum Series 4K TV — $699.99( save $300 at Amazon)

Insignia 32 -inch Fire TV — $149.99( save $50 at Amazon)

Sony WH-1 000 XM3 wireless headphones — $209.99( save $140 at Best Buy)

Thinkware X7 00 Front and Rear Camera Dash Cam — $169.99( save $80 at Best Buy)

BEST FITNESS DEALS: Tempo — starting at $2,095

Tempo sits against your wall and accompanies an part gym into your home. It come here for accessories like loads and a barbell to give you a well-rounded fitness routine. During its Fourth of July sale, grasp Tempo for $400 off with the promo code Tempo-4th.

Save $400 at Tempo

Credit: Tempo

Save $ 400 at Tempo

Buying Alternative

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MYX exercise bikes — starting at $874( save $400 with system JULYFOURTH, get free shipping and assembly)

P.volve — 20% off all dictates over $75 with code CELEBRATE2 0

BEST PERSONAL CARE DEAL: EyeBuyDirect — 30% off lenses and 20% off frames

Shop for brand-new glass and sunglasses from EyeBuyDirect and save on both formulates and lenses. The locate has more than 1,000 styles to choose from.

Save up to 30% at EyeBuyDirect

Credit: EyeBuyDirect

Save up to 30% at EyeBuyDirect

Buying Option

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GlassesUSA — 60% off encloses plus free shipping

Lensabl — 20% off lenses and Everyday Eyewear makes with system USA2 0 and 15% off contact lenses with system USA1 5

Proof period underwear — save 20% with system FOURTH


Amazon Music Unlimited — get six free months of Disney+ with subscription — 25% off summer favorites with code BRIGHTSIDE

Bloomscape — 20% off fiats of $99 or more with code fourth2 0

GameStop Independence Day sale — save on video games, supplementaries, and more

Ordinary Habit perplexes and activities — 15% off with system SUNSHINE — 25% off sitewide with system HAPPYJULY

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QVC's Christmas in July Is Here! Shop These 14 Under $50 Finds Before They Sell Out

E-Comm: QVC Christmas in July 2021 We love these products, and we hope you do too. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a small share of the revenue from your purchases. Items are sold by the retailer, not…

Gabrielle Union Explains the Empowering Reason for Her Major Hair Transformation

Gabrielle UnionHair for it!
There’s no denying that Gabrielle Union isn’t afraid to push the fashion and beauty boundaries. Whether she’s rocking a designer outfit straight off the runway or…

Does homeowners insurance cover water damage? It Depends

This is one of the first questions homeowners ask — or should ask — when they are shopping for insurance for their home:

“Does homeowners insurance cover water damage?”

The answer they are given is “it depends,” and such is the way with understanding what homeowners insurance covers and what it does not. Read this story to learn what insurance protects in general.

You pay for homeowners insurance because you must in order to get a mortgage, and you hope you never need to use it. But a variety of ills — natural or human made — can put you in a position to make a claim of loss or damage to property. You hope the coverage you have paid for all of these years will extend to the situation you are dealing with, but you just never know.

Again, It depends.

Below, you can find what to do when you need to contact your insurance company because you have suffered property loss or your home is damaged. Then you will find out what to do when your claim is denied.

But, first, let’s look at all the ways your home can be damaged by water, and the chances that your homeowners insurance will cover your loss in that event.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage?

The answer to the question “does homeowners insurance cover water damage?” is multileveled, just as the water damage might be.

In general, water damage caused by accident or mechanical failure of an appliance (washing machine, dishwasher, water heater, etc.) is going to be covered by standard policies. The same is true of a toilet that suffers a sudden leak.

But, if the water damage is a result of poor maintenance, such as broken pipes, mold or rotting pipes or water lines, the claim is likely to be denied.

Coverage for water damage is separated into dwelling damage and personal property damage, What is not covered is replacement of the appliance or machinery that caused the water damage. If your dishwasher develops a sudden leak which causes damage to your home, the structural damage and personal property damage likely will be covered but the cost of replacing the dishwasher will not.

If your home suffers water damage from a backed-up sewer or drain, traditional homeowners insurance doesn’t cover such occurrences. Many companies offer water backup coverage, however.

Flood damage is rarely covered by a standard homeowners insurance policy. Flood insurance policies are available thanks to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) , but it is pricey.

According to the National Flood Insurance Program, the average cost of flood insurance for 2021 is $958 annually. That comes out to about $80 a month. 

If you wonder “does homeowners insurance cover water damage?” check with your agent to determine just what is covered and what is not, and whether you need to consider extended water damage coverage due to current climate conditions or the age of your home.

Making a Claim with Insurance Company

If you have not yet been in a position to make a claim against your homeowner’s policy but know someone who has been denied and you worry about your own policy’s virtues, take time to consider your choices in company and coverage.

Check out our list of the best homeowners insurance companies for 2021.

What follows is a simplified representation of what is involved in making a homeowners insurance claim for water damage, including the possibility of having your claim denied and what to do in that event.

Step One: Your Home or Property Suffers Water Damage

When your home suffers water damage, you need to determine the actual extent of damage, and if you can, how the damage was caused.

Then contact your insurance company to determine if the damage is covered by your policy. This response to this question is not cut and dried, but it is the starting point for recovering some of your losses.

Step Two: Take an Inventory of What Was Damaged

Take photos or video of water-damaged possessions, structure or property (actually, it would be wise to take a video of your pre-disastered home right now, so you can refer to post-disaster).

Attempt to determine the value of individual items that need to be replaced, and find receipts if you have them (which is actually easier these days since most purchases occur with some form of electronic transaction). If the damage is structural, that will create a need for damage assessment and estimates, but that will occur after the insurance company has agreed to pay up.

Step Three:  Meet with the Adjuster

The insurance company will assign you an adjuster, who will eventually come to your home and assess the damage.

Do not assume this person is out to prevent you from covering your damages, but remember that the adjuster is protecting the interests of the insurance company to prevent fraudulent claims.

The adjuster will require a list of lost or damaged items with an estimated value of those items, and will assess structural or property damage that will require estimates to determine repair costs. Putting together a list of the valuable contents of your home is another thing to do before disaster strikes.

How much homeowners insurance do you need? Our insurance checklist will guide you to make the right decision. 

Step Four: Get the Verdict

The adjuster will eventually call you with a detailed list of what the company is going to cover, the amount it will give you for your lost or damaged items, and what structural damage the company will pay to be repaired. You may or may not like the dollar figures the adjuster offers.

You may also be surprised to hear that the insurance company can deny your claim, in part or in whole. This is where the insurance company is covering its assets: it will present in written form why it is denying your coverage claim. This letter should provide a complete and specific explanation why your policy does not cover the losses you claim.

If your policy explicitly states certain items or losses are exempt from your coverage, that is the end of the conversation. However, if you believe your policy should cover the damage you suffered, speak to the agent who sold you the policy, if possible, or ask to have an in-person conversation with the adjuster to discuss the situation.

Proving that your policy should cover your losses will not be easy. However, if you have a different interpretation of the language in your policy than what the adjuster suggests, or you have notes from your original conversation with your agent at the time you bought the policy, you can go on to the next step.

What’s God Got to Do With It?

Most standard homeowners insurance policies include an Act of God provision. From an insurance standpoint, an Act of God is damage that occurs as a result of natural causes with no human component, something that could not have been prevented by proper care or maintenance.

Earthquakes or floods are often considered an Act of God. Wildfires may also be considered an Act of God if started by lightning rather than humans (campfire gone bad, tossed cigarette and more).

Homeowner’s insurance policies spell out which Acts of God are covered. For instance, floods are Acts of God, although homeowners in flood plains or near coasts or lakefronts can purchase flood insurance at an additional cost.

Often, standard homeowners insurance policies do cover damage from high winds from natural events like hurricanes and tornadoes. If this is a possible factor in your claim, determine what your policy covers before going onto the next extensive and expensive step.

The increased occurrence of wildfires in the Pacific Northwest has made fire protection a must for homeowners in that area. But different companies provide different levels of coverage and full coverage can be expensive.

How to Fight a Denied Claim

You feel your insurance company is not fulfilling its legal promise to cover the cost of water damage to your home. You have documentation of your losses, a detailed description of the event that caused your damage (malfunctioning appliances or plumbing mishap), and you are in a position where it will behoove you financially to argue your case.

Pro Tip

In most cases, there is a limited time frame in which a denied insurance claim can be appealed, and the time frame begins from the moment you are notified of the denied claim.

Your homeowner’s insurance policy includes language stating how to appeal a denied claim. Getting involved in a battle with your insurance company may seem like a lost cause, but often, insurance companies can be convinced to adjust their decision to your benefit.

You might want to consider improving your chances by consulting a property insurance claims professional. These are licensed public insurance adjusters who can assess your claim from an objective viewpoint and will negotiate with our insurance company for you. Deciding on whether to hire a professional outside adjuster will be based on the cost of his or her service versus the amount of money you hope to recover.

The last step to recover funds would be to sue your insurance carrier, which would require hiring an attorney who specializes in property insurance claims. Get references and verifiable information on previous claims regarding water damage that were settled to the homeowner’s benefit.

Here’s hoping this helps and that you never need it.

Kent McDill is a veteran journalist who has specialized in personal finance topics since 2013. He is a contributor to The Penny Hoarder.

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Climate scientists blame Exxon lobbyists for disinformation that undermines efforts to reduce emissions and global warming

CO2 emissions

A disclosed sketch report by top environment scientists blamed lobbyists for climate change disinformation. The report said the disinformation is stopping efforts to curb emissions, Politico reported. An Exxon official was previously caught on camera talking about the company’s lobbying strategy. See more fibs on Insider’s business page.

Top climate scientists denounced disinformation and lobbying campaigns including from Exxon Mobile for slowing down efforts to curb releases, a leaked enlist report obtained by Politico said.

The report, part of an upcoming review of climate science by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, has a section called “resistance to climate change science” under its North American section.

The report accused think tank, feet, and trade associations that represent fossil fuel corporations for spreading forge science that misinforms the public and hindrances efforts to curb the climate crisis.

“Rhetoric on climate change impacts and the undermining of discipline have contributed to misperceptions of the scientific consensus, confusion, overly dismissed danger and urging, disagreement, and, most importantly, polarized public subscribe delaying mitigation and adaptation action, including the US, ” the report said.

This comes after Greenpeace investigation project Unearthed exhausted videos demonstrating an Exxon Mobil official who was tricked to believe he was in an interview speaking frankly about the group’s lobbying policies.

Keith McCoy, Exxon’s major director for federal relations, spoke about “shadow groups” working to influence senators to undermine specific areas of President Joe Biden’s infrastructure statement.

“Joe Manchin, I talk to his office every week, ” McCoy bragged to the interviewer. He called the Democratic senator from West Virginia a “kingmaker” and discussed how “on the Democrat side we look for the moderates on these issues” in their efforts to stop policies that could hurt the company’s business.

In a statement , Exxon Mobil Chairman and CEO Darren Woods said: “We condemn the statements and are deeply apologetic for them, including remarks regarding interactions with elected officials.”

Rep. Ro Khanna, who chairs the environment subcommittee of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, told Politico he’s spoken to government leadership about subpoenaing leaders of groups like Exxon, Chevron, and other fossil fuel business about disinformation struggles

Khanna also said he and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse will write statutes that push these companies to disclose what money is going to groups that distort climate report.

“It is a major problem. One of the reasons why that we haven’t had action is that we don’t have a common beginning of information, ” Khanna told Politico. “Until we resolving the climate disinformation issue or at least mitigate the issue, it becomes very hard to build a broad-based political consensus that is needed to take the kind of bold paces that are needed to tackle the crisis.”

Insider has reached out to Exxon for note.

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