[App Fridays] What users Likee about this short video making platform with 350M downloads

[App Fridays] What users Likee about this short video making platform with 350M downloads


Reliance Jio propelled inexpensive mobile data packages back in 2016, thus break-dance the inertia in the Indian telecom sector, which opened up a life of opportunities and cleared room for countless OTT and short video material players like TikTok, Vigo, Likee( formerly LIKE ), and Roposo , among others.


Launched in 2017, Likee app by BIGO Technology is a world-wide short-lived video formation programme, and it has emerged as one of the most popular apps in India. A report on the world& apos; s app economy in 2019 by Sensor Tower revealed that Likee is one of the top 10 most downloaded apps of 2019. It became the sixth most popular app across the globe having more than 330 million downloads, with India driving more than half of them. The platform knew a whopping 173 percent year-on-year rise, mainly due to its vogue in India.


Source: Sensor Tower

Likee, with 4.5 aces and more than 100 million downloads on Google Play Store is also the number one’ Top Free’ app under Video Players and Editors category.

We at YourStory explore the app and give you the lowdown. Try before signing up

The Likee app opens up to video streaming instantly, unlike other apps, which, when propelled, first give you to the login or sign-up page. This affords you the option of browsing the app before you create an account. But you would need to log in to follow a customer, like, or announce a video.

The app has regular alternatives like signing up with phone number, social media notes, and Google account but also has an interesting option of’ quick sign on ‘, which mostly lets you create an account without relation it with another report or telephone number. But again, to use purses and deserve payoffs on Likee, you will need to link one account.

Your profile on the app includes metrics like followers, supporters, tier, and viewers on each of your posts.

Content and content creation

The content consider event is great and videos are available on a high resolution. The videos take over the part screen, with no framing, wanting you can upload your content without compromising on the edges. There are not just music and funny videos on the stage, but also influencer-generated streaks on meat investigate, life spoofs, grace gratuities, fitness, etc. The app has hyperlocalised the digital infinite for vernacular consumers with video creation tools.

The home screen has tabs on the top: Popular, Nearby, News, and Live. On the same homepage, you have the video camera icon in the middle of the screen to start obligating your own content.

The app operations swipes pretty well. Similar to TikTok, swipe up to switch to different videos on a particular channel, and swipe right to see the user profile of that particular video.

Video editing tools

Now comes the highlight of the app. Besides the regular alternatives to shoot videos and photos with filters, period, and others, the app also causes you decide the ratio of the video. The app has millions of stickers, and music wizard filters lend music to your videos.


Making a video is easy, so a user does not have to be a pro to create content on Likee. The video editor has many modes, like the’ Supreme’ feature that helps you make an exclusive music video with your photo inserted. There is also a fun feature like Dubsmash where you can lip-sync dialogues, ballads, or any audio excerpt. There are writers such as makeup and micro surgery, same to Snapchat filters. The app likewise tolerates live broadcasting, which is similar to Facebook Live.

The regional twistToday, the growth of digital content consumption is conducted in accordance with neighbourhood content. Various marketplace reports estimate that 65 percentage of video uptake in India come from the rural and remote areas in India, and Likee’s has zoomed its focus on the same.

In India, Likee is available in different Indian lingos like Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, and Punjabi.

Recently, Likee has collaborated with Indus App Bazaar, an alternative Android-based app store focused on localisation. Considered India’s third largest indigenous app accumulation, it has more than 60 million active consumers from the metro as well as smaller cities and villages in India.

Rewards and money

Similar to TikTok, Likee also operates expeditions on the pulpit that allow users to earn remunerations, which eventually help in earning money via the scaffold. Some of the favourite expeditions on the programme are #IAMINDIAN, #Likeedreams, #KillTheChill, #HudHudDabanggChallenge. Interestingly, Likee won the Guinness World Record for creating the” largest online video recording of parties brandishing a pennant in India” during its’ No matter where I am, #IAMINDIAN’ campaign. The safarus identified more than one lakh Indians participating to celebrate India’s 73 rd Independence Day.

The verdictThe app is fun to explore, peculiarly while forming videos, and we admit that it can be quite addicting. We repute the ease of use does the ruse, as with only a few taps you can create videos. The stage& apos; s intuitive design and simple-to-use video making and editing implements determined Likee apart. The music filters, special effects, mane colour, 4D outcome, and’ superpowers’ are some of our favourite tools on the app.

You can create and save videos and paintings on your phone, or discuss the matter on the scaffold as content authors, just like on Vigo, TikTok, Roposo, and others. The app can also be used to simply edit videos and photos.

Likee& apos; s esteem is merely set to rise in the coming months as smartphone usage increases in non-metros in India.

( Edited by Evelyn Ratnakumar)

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