An Open Letter to Graduating Landscape Architecture Students

An Open Letter to Graduating Landscape Architecture Students

Dear graduating landscape architecture student, I am thinking of you all as you graduate–Congratulations and well done! You have devoted a good deal of go and fund the last several years to get your degree. You have worked hard and are entering a noble and fulfilling professing, one that can provide a good life for you. I made a career change to become a landscape architect, and I have never gazed back. I have traveled and lived in ways beyond my wildest dreams. I suffer my life and those around me in a more ameliorating method than I ever could have imagined because of my training and work as a landscape architect. This is there for you too. You are also recruiting the workplace in an epic hour of misgiving from the COVID-1 9 pandemic. Now the really hard work begins. No suspense you are anxious about finding employment and devastated with the present economic expectation and state of the world. I can’t say that everything will work out the direction you thought it would or want it to and that it will not be hard, but I do want to leave you with a few cases hopes from my own experience to give you encouragement and perspective to persist and seek your dreams of being a landscape architect and making a difference in people’s lives for the better. So satisfy remember: You are uniquely taught and talented as decorators. Engineers blueprint with concrete, inventors with “bricks and mortar”, landscape architects with shore, grunge, sea, and seeds. We are all systems philosophers but landscape architects uniquely design for landscape systems–for natural action, natural resources, and parties; for both natural and cultural rights systems. We cause the surroundings and views that connect people to one another and to nature and we design habitat for other living species. We design at all different flakes: from the backyard, to the neighborhood, metropoli, field, and globe. Now more than ever, the world needs what landscape architects have to offer. We are human beings and humans need to connect with each other and be outside. Landscape inventors need to show our value in a way that others are open to receiving what we have to offer because no matter how you characterize sustainability–zero carbon, zero squander, biodiversity, livability–you cannot achieve it without considering landscape solutions. Use SITES to help you design to achieve sustainability. Use the One Planet Principles as your marks and steer to develop campaigns within our fair share of resources. Use the LAF Landscape Performance Series for instances and to help you show the value of sustainable landscape solutions to a wide variety of decision-makers and increase your appraise to an employer with this approach. There are many ways to practice. Traditional private practice adds an invaluable foundation to a profession that takes a lifetime to master, but be open to look at other sectors to practice in as well. Federal agency landscape architects affect and affect millions of acres of land, millions of people’s lives, and hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts. Municipal agency planners and designers influence the places we live, succeed, remain, and play video games and need your unique training to ensure a robust countryside structure that adapts to climate change, is fair and equitable for all, and ensures the health, safety and well-being of all citizens and communities. Environmental non-profit formations have friction from the backyard to Capitol hill and look for holistic problem-solving and spatial ability to move and render sort to programme meanings, curricula, and activities. Check out and look for different position titles such as “program manager”, “advocate”, “community outreach and engagement”, “analyst”, or “planner”. It were not able to be design in the traditional smell, but the occupation may be educational and honoring for you at this time. When looking at a multi-disciplinary firm, be careful to understand their vision and importance for landscape architecture and your role. Make sure you aren’t the only landscape architect. A multi-disciplinary firm that has landscape architects producing conceptual design for other trains is a tremendous opportunity. There are many lieu to practice. Look outside your residence orbit. Work abroad. There is more than one space to got something and until I lived abroad I didn’t actually understand other ways of approaching or solving a problem, or most importantly what culture was. Don’t waste a good slump. Research, voluntary, hinder learning– you can’t know everything you need to know with your stage. Consider earning additional certifications such as ISA verified arborist and EcoDistricts, or accreditations for Areas and Green Roof Professional( GRP ), or attaching structures such as SEED. Talk to other landscape architects and learn from informational interviews even though they are they do not have a job opening now. Ask them about their profession track and how they got their job and what they like( and don’t like) about it. Remember you are looking for the right place for you to learn, grow, and lend, and are interviewing them extremely, and things will get better at some site and may turnaround instantly so you want to be ready. Take other “off-path” undertakings with the understanding that everything is a building block and nothing is wasted. For example: Brian Jencek , now Director of Planning at HOK, in this LAF webinar said where reference is graduated during an economic downturn he took a responsibility working on a loading dock. Throughout the month of May on Fridays at 1pm ET, tune in to LAF’s Instagram Story to hear what LAF Olmsted Scholars who graduated in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis did to stay on track. Volunteer on a political campaign. It is important that people who represent our values and priorities as landscape architects are elected to office and we have valuable talents be used to help: parish commitment; knowledge about the environment, transportation, home, and many other issues; and evidence what its own policy ideas will look like on the grind. I volunteered on a congressional campaign in between careers and learned invaluable lessons that assistance me to this day. It was eye-opening and fun. Continue to nourish and sustain relationships with your graduate class and other landscape architects. This can be done through ASLA, LAF, TCLF, and other systems. You are part of a larger group of landscape architects and a strong critical mass. We want to learn from you. We are in this together and want you to succeed. You cause us hope. You are our future. Stay in suggestion and keep connected. And finally, remember this time is but one scatter in the big timeline of life. It’s a muddled period, even before the pandemic. But typically things need to get messy before they get better and change happens. Really like your design process, it takes countless iterations to get it right and represented in a simple and easily understandable way. For insight keep the New Landscape Declaration and its precede, the 1966 Declaration of Concern close at hand and go forth with confidence to do whatever you can to help create a new and more efficient future, with our values and priorities heading the road. With grateful and best wishes, Barbara Deutsch CEO, Landscape Architecture Foundation

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