Alimony Question

Alimony Question

So, we’ve been married since 2008 and my soon to be ex owns his own business, which has diversified in success. From 2008 -2 014 he was the breadwinner. From 2014 to present, I was the breadwinner on paper, however probably stimulated the same amount from 2014 -2 015.

We separated from 2015 to 2016 and he lived in his own house and didn’t ask for alimony. He came home from 2016 to 2019, for 2.5 times. From 2018 -2 019 he stopped contributing 50/50 as he has done in the past and as a result I asked him to help out more with the kids.

I work two jobs. One regular and then the other a subcontractor. He can constitute the equivalent amount of money as I acquire in my regular racket with his business, but he refuses to put in the time and attempt. I acquire more than him if I include my subcontracting.

Now he is threatening to try to get alimony. Is he entitled? My attorney says no, peculiarly if I get primary detention of the kids.

Does anyone have know-how with this? I foresaw alimony is for stay at home mom’s or papas? He has never been unemployed and has always originated decent income, but not always on paper. The least amount he was never drove was 30 hours per week.

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