9 Tips About Remote Workers You Can’t Afford to Miss (INFOGRAPHIC)

9 Tips About Remote Workers You Can’t Afford to Miss (INFOGRAPHIC)

How to Motivate Remote Employees at Your Small Business

With almost 40 percent of the U.S. workforce identifying themselves as freelancers, working remotely from home is an employment practice no employer can afford to ignore.

For employers, having teams work remotely from home comes with challenges, as well as many benefits. One of the biggest challenges employers of remote teams face is how to keep remote workers motivated.

How to Motivate Remote Employees

Business Backer has compiled an interesting infographic on ways to motivate employees who work remotely.

Create A Social Space for Teams to Integrate

According to renowned management author, Patrick Lencioni, one of the leading dysfunctions of remote teams is a lack of trust. Business Backer’s infographic advises employers to create a social space designed for teams to share personal news and get to know each other. A short 5 to 10-minute chat at the start of a remote meeting can be an effective way to heighten trust amongst remote teams.

Provide Professional Development Opportunities

A staggering 76 percent of millennials believe professional development is amongst the most important things an organization can offer.

Your workers might be remote but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t provide them with the chance to go on professional training courses.

Don’t Time-Track, Productivity-Track Instead

Religiously tracking time can make remote teams feel untrusted and like they’re being watched. According to the infographic, giving workers the flexibility and freedom to complete tasks when they wish can be up to 35 percent more productive.

Instead of relentless tracking time, focus on what your team is consistently managing to achieve.

Take an Interest in Your Employees’ Working Environment

Did you know that Automaticc, the creators of WordPress, offers remote workers $2,000 to make their home office a happy space? A happy workforce means a productive workforce and therefore providing your remote team with information on comfort and productivity in their home working environment could prove an invaluable move.

Take a look at Business Backer’s full infographic on motivating remote teams below.

How to Motivate Remote Employees at Your Small BusinessImages: Business Backer

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