5 Steps to Engaging Your Audience on Social Media

5 Steps to Engaging Your Audience on Social Media

Today’s marketers know that social media is an excellent and arguably necessary way to connect, communicate and engage with an audience. However, while marketers have learned that social media is useful, they haven’t necessarily learned how to use it effectively.

Over the years, many social media tools have been developed to help businesses break through the noise on social media and reach their customers. These tools can help improve the engagement with your audience through social channels.

Here are five steps to planning a great social media campaign – and specific programs that can help you execute it.

1. Identify your ideal outlets.

A great way to plan and begin your social campaigns is to figure out where to run them. WebiMax can evaluate your website and, using the data it pulls, suggest the social media outlets that would be most beneficial for your company to focus on. WebiMax can then create tailored social campaigns for you to use on many social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

2. Define your audience.

After you’ve identified the social platforms your business should focus on, identify the audience you want to target. Social listening tools like LeadSift can help with this. LeadSift mines social conversations to find relevant leads based on metrics you set, such as keywords and geographic location. Using LeadSift to find these qualified leads can help you engage with high-profile people who are more likely to become customers.

3. Create your content.

Now that you know your platform and your audience, you need to create content. If this is something you don’t have the time or resources to do, you can use tools like SnapRetail. This platform offers thousands of prewritten social posts that you can customize to match the needs of your business. These updates have been tried and tested, and are likely to increase engagement among your audience. These posts are designed for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

4. Use strategic hashtags.

One of the most difficult parts of social media is reaching and building your audience. Tools like HashAtIt can elevate your visibility by finding popular hashtags that fit your industry and audience. These hashtags make it easier for people to find you and help you hop onto trends in your market.

5. Encourage sharing.

An important piece of social media marketing is encouraging your customers to share their experience, which builds your audience. Livecube makes social media sharing a game during live events and rewards your customers for discussing your event or product. It also makes it easier for your customers to navigate your live event. If your business has live, in-person events, Livecube is certainly a useful tool.


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