5 Overlooked Real Estate Marketing Techniques in 2017

5 Overlooked Real Estate Marketing Techniques in 2017

Is your real estate marketing delivering results? Have you revised your marketing plan to keep pace with the rapidly changing face of the real estate industry? Perhaps you’re using the tried, tested and trusted approach to engage prospective homeowners, but still not getting the success you hoped for. Ever wonder why?

Simply put, even if you’re on the right track, you can’t just rely on the same old tricks anymore. Chances are you’re failing to implement the latest techniques and wondering what really works right now.

Given the incredible amount of competition in today’s real estate marketing world, only those willing to improvise, follow the latest trends and think out of the box succeed.

Plenty of current marketing techniques are simply useless. The faster you understand this, the more chances you’ll stand to thrive beyond your wildest dreams. If you simply hate wasting money and time experimenting with different campaigns and combinations of modern marketing techniques with little success, following certain lesser-known but proven marketing techniques seems to be the only way to make it in the real estate industry.

Real estate marketing is neither a rocket science nor a novelty. However, the following marketing techniques are known for being overlooked by even the smartest of marketers.

1. Real estate microtargeting

Today’s marketers rely heavily on microtargeting techniques to effectively handpick potential customers. For instance, you can target certain behavioral patterns through online classified ads, such as the individuals who’ve recently searched for property on sale in a specific location or used a mortgage calculator. 

That’s where microtargeting comes into play, as advertisers can then target a specific list of people: customers, former customers, friends and relatives, neighbors, and more. You can microtarget almost anyone if you’ve got the right contact details.

Here’s how you can put microtargeting to use for your real estate marketing vision:

  • Sponsor local shows and events.
  • Take advantage of press releases and other PR tools.
  • Invite follow-ups from your contacts.
  • Make the most of your referral network.
  • Remember vendor targeting holds the aces.

2. Architectural photos

While spending on a professional photographer might not seem like the right measure when it comes to low-cost listings, getting assistance from a professional architectural photographer actually can bring you plenty of benefits.  

First, your listing sketches or pictures are meant to induce what we call the first impression. An architectural photographer can easily make smaller spaces appear bigger and capture the house in a way that shows its most favorable (USP) features.

No matter how trends are changing, a picture will always paint a thousand words. By using high-definition stills of the property, you are certain to cast a spell on your potential customers. Prospects also tend to do a heavy load of comparisons. Professional, high-quality pictures will make a win-loss difference when compared to what other realtors have to offer.

Comprehensive research carried out by Point2 Homes to see how online prospects search for listings across websites syndicated or hosted by Point2 revealed that, to achieve the most favorable outcomes from your digital marketing efforts, you must post at least 20 pictures.

Not many real estate agents take the time or money to make this happen, so to reap the most from your marketing efforts, consider showing the best face of what you have.

3. Automation marketing

Shouting your message far and wide won’t necessarily bring you online success. Rather than that, outstanding results will come to life when you complement your strategic and smart decision-making with the right automation tools.  

For example, you can use an IDX landing-page builder for creating squeeze pages to capture leads through Facebook ads. Also, a drip automated messaging system can facilitate behavioral automation for sending emails, initiating phone calls and setting up different tasks in relation to lead behavior.

4. Know what works and what doesn’t

Placing a consistent and ingenious marketing campaign for all the listings is a failsafe way for a real estate marketer to generate new listings, along with advertising and selling the property they have been hired to sell. 

According to a recent economic review of real estate trends in Montreal, which includes the latest Q3 report released by the Quebec Federation of Real Estate Boards, there’s a significant surge in transactions at the real estate’s higher end: a hike of over 30 percent for properties pegged at over $500,000 and a 40 percent surge in properties worth over $700,000.

Marketing each property with the same insightfulness, regardless of its cost, is an essential part of the modern real estate marketing world. It also has more than one benefit:

  • It will inspire other agents to showcase the property to their customers.
  • It will engage more customers to your property.
  • The quality of advertising and marketing showcased will inspire potential customers to hire a realtor.

Knowing what works always comes handy. At the same time, you must be careful and identify practices that tend to fail in today’s real estate market.

What works

  • Professional rendering and property sketches in newspapers
  • Professional photography 
  • Property-specific websites
  • Print marketing
  • A greater focus on your existing clients than the leads you want
  • Internet marketing

What to avoid

  • Trying to cash in on the family of recently deceased people
  • Reaching out to canceled or expired listings prematurely
  • Disaster marketing, such as trying to prospect business in the event of a tornado, wildfire or hurricane

5. Feeding your prospects

A little pampering never goes unnoticed. Organize a small get-together, such as a Halloween bash, or take your prospects out for dinner to get to know them better and build organic relationships with them. Remember, sweet words go a long way, and it can turn out to be a cost-efficient form of marketing.

Whether you are at a conventional open house or a private one where you can invite the friends of your sellers, you can indulge in serving fine beverages and food. It will surely increase the odds of a great number of heads turning up.


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