4 Trends Manufacturers Can Use to Forge Their Social Media Strategy

4 Trends Manufacturers Can Use to Forge Their Social Media Strategy

As we inch closer to 2018, new social media trends, like Facebook Messenger bots, are changing the landscape for B2C. But what about the trends impacting industrial manufacturers, specifically B2B companies?

Don’t worry; some current trends can help you optimize, promote and create engaging content for prospective new customers on social media. Here are four of them you should be aware of as you plan your social media strategy for 2018.

1. Video is ruling

If you think content is king, think again. Video currently reigns supreme on social media. According to recent surveys, more than 70 percent of marketers say that video is boosting their ROIs. Businesses that make video a focal point in their marketing strategy see 34 percent higher web conversion rates and 27 percent higher click-through rates, so there isn’t a better time for industrial manufacturers to tap into video.

Whether you’re partnering with a video production company or an inbound agency, set up meetings with your team first to brainstorm potential video ideas and how they will adjust to your social media strategy as a whole. For instance, an industrial original equipment manufacturer can promote an interview with an expert explaining part of the fabrication process or share a “teaser” video of their welding operations. Then 30 seconds into the video, users can be prompted to fill their email and name to watch the rest of it on the company’s site.

With these types of strategies, you will not only create valuable content for prospects but also capture their contact information and eventually take future steps to convert them into customers.

2. Mobile first

While new platforms – Instagram and Snapchat – were specifically designed for mobile users, older ones, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, are now witnessing users accessing their networks more from mobile devices. Industrial manufacturers can start optimizing their social posts for both desktop and mobile. Here are some pointers to keep in mind:

  • Make sure links send visitors to mobile-optimized pages.
  • Keep the posts short and simple – preferably under 150 characters.
  • Ensure images you share are approximately 630 pixels tall and 1,200 pixels wide.
  • Once a link preview populates, remove the URL from the post.

Because most social channels emphasize mobile, you’ve got to ensure you’re creating a quality experience for every user, and a great place to start is with a mobile-first mindset.

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3. Don’t overlook Facebook Messenger

The 2017 Facebook Messaging Survey reported that more than 50 percent of users are more likely to do business with a company they can message. This is a sign that customers nowadays wish for more hassle-free and casual forms of communication. Facebook gets this point as they continue to make communications a priority by allowing users to send a message directly to a company’s Facebook page. No wonder why Facebook shares are on the rise – they seem to be doing everything just right these days.

Heading into 2018, industrial manufacturers with a solid Facebook presence ought to take advantage of this new channel if they want to stay competitive. Monitor your customer feedback and answer the questions you receive on Messenger constantly as this new feature for businesses is expected to pick up in the coming months.

4. Develop a social sharing protocol

High-quality content is not worth anything if your team isn’t sharing it properly. Rather than just sharing content on the company’s social pages, develop an internal social sharing protocol. For instance, team members, such as sales reps and marketing directors, can share advanced content pieces (e.g., white papers and blog articles) on their social profiles. This will not only broaden your content’s reach and increase brand awareness, but it will put an individual face to your brand, which will resonate fantastically with your customers.

Whether you already have an established social presence or are just forming your social media strategy, keep experimenting with different types of video content and marketing strategies to find just the right way to resonate with your targeted audience. The more you revise and analyze, the more doors you’ll open to connect with both current and future customers that will ultimately drive business growth.


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