4 Features to Highlight When Launching Your New Business App

4 Features to Highlight When Launching Your New Business App

If you are preparing to launch your new app into the market soon, you are likely aware of the stiff competition you will face. With over 12 million apps available across the leading online stores, making your program stand out can be a daunting task.

Across the board, developers and users agree that ease of use and intuitive capabilities are the most important features. So, while user experience must be at the top of your priorities list, it is also important to highlight the unique features that make your app appealing.

To attract customers to your new app, you must create a strong and enticing value proposition that encourages them to give it a shot. Here are some of the top features that should play a prominent role in your promotion.

1. Graphics and user experience

Seventy-five percent of mobile app revenue is generated by apps that feature high-quality graphics, making them one of the key factors for success. These apps are set apart by their superior design, strong graphics quality and innovative elements that keep audiences entertained for hours on end. Graphics signal quality to the user. They are what creates a unique visual experience.

Remember, graphics are not limited to the gaming category, though they do play an important role in the success of an entertainment app. No matter what category your app falls into, high-quality graphics will always make it a clear choice against the competition. Ultimately, the graphics are what create the intrinsic feel of your program.

2. Nostalgia

Millennials make up the largest consumer group of mobile app usage, making them the most profitable and sought-after segment in the market. Interestingly enough, if you really want to capture their attention, all you need to do is remind them of the good old days.

Millennials strongly connect with apps that evoke sentiment. This is due to the strong emotional connection they have to the toys they played with and the stories that kept them entertained when they were children. Need proof? There are entire categories of content on BuzzFeed dedicated to the ’90s.

Unsurprisingly, businesses have a lot to learn from the entertainment sector here. Connect with your audience by stirring up some nostalgia with throwback storylines and characters. Tapping into nostalgia by bringing back beloved characters and stories from childhood is a great way to get this large market excited about your app.

3. Personalization

Personalizing the UX is one of the best tactics for app design. In fact, 71 percent of consumers have paid more for a brand service that offered more personalized experiences for them.

Take Pandora’s music app as a great example. When Pandora introduced its Music Genome Project, it made sure all of its customers knew what a difference personalization could make in the streaming service. The unique technology gave Pandora a strong value proposition as it went head-to-head with competing music streaming services like Spotify and Tidal.

Tell your customers just how your app can be tailored to them specifically, whether it be customizable colors and layouts or curated content based on their preferences. A little personalization can provide a more engaging and authentic UX, which can dramatically improve customer loyalty.

4. Multiplatform capabilities

Making your app compatible with multiple screen sizes and capabilities may take some extra work for your development team, but it’s a feature you simply cannot omit. Bock & Company conducted a study to determine which features were most important in mobile app development, and 71 percent of respondents agreed that multiplatform capabilities were extremely valuable to end users.

Emphasize your app’s usability across all devices, like Yelp did with its featured blog post announcing its Apple Watch-friendly version. These days, users often switch back and forth between smartphones, tablets and wearable tech. The option to use the same app across multiple devices is a great feature to highlight.

The key to a successful launch is marketing the right way from the start and highlighting the key features. Always keep in mind that the end user is the most important piece of the puzzle for success. Make sure that you clearly explain just why that person needs to give your app a shot. Good luck!


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