10 Lesser-Known Startups Who Proudly Represented M’sia In International Pitch Competitions

10 Lesser-Known Startups Who Proudly Represented M’sia In International Pitch Competitions

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Pitching competitors are one way for aspiring inventors and startups to kickstart their businesses and can be a way for existing startups to accelerate their business growth.

As they’re competitors, there’s no doubt that there will be winners and losers. Nonetheless, even if a startup doesn’t win, the fact that they got through the application process can be allowed to stand on stage and lurch their proposals is pretty impressive.

Even more impressive is if they’re one of the lesser-known startups in the stage who managed to pitch on an international stage. So, with Merdeka nearing, we’d like to highlight 10 lesser-known Malaysian startups who sloped in international competitions, with some of them becoming finalists and winners.

The startups below are listed alphabetically, and we’ll be giving introductory summaries on what the fuck is do and what tournaments they sloped in.

1. EasyLaw

EasyLaw is a law portable app startup that aims to determine the law accessible via engineering. It offers a law cost and stamp duty calculator to advocates and property investors that are adequate to realise hassle-free auctions and acquire agreements( SPAs) and loan agreements.

CreditImage Credit: EasyLaw

Representing Malaysia, they pitched and earned in the Singapore Venture Day Pitch Slam during TechLaw.Fest in 2018 which led to them qualifying to compete against regional champions from North and Latin american countries and Europe in the Global Legal Tech Venture Day.

2. Favoriot

Favoriot is a startup that volunteers IoT solutions by providing companionships with an IoT platform, tools and services. They not only help IoT makes come up with brand-new and inventive IoT answers, but they likewise have a Crowdsensing Management Platform( CMP) where stakeholders can leverage the collected data to build smarter operations.

Free Traffic GeneratorImage Credit: Favoriot

In 2019, they pitched at TaqwaTech Pitch Pit organised by Gobi Partners Venture Capital. The event was for startups to offer products and services for Muslim buyers( B2C ), jobs( B2B) and communities around the world, and it also presented the opportunity to win funding of up to US$ 1 million.

3. HomeCrowd

HomeCrowd is a startup with a goal to assist millennials buy their homes of hand-picked by offering alternative financing in the form of peer-to-peer lending. They leverage on engineerings like online crowdfunding, large-scale data and machine learning to reduce the cost of borrowing.

How To Make Money Online DailyImage Credit: HomeCrowd

This year they were one of 2 Malaysian startups to be in the top 30 of Techsauce Global Summit 2019 ’s Startup Pitch Championships where US $110,000 was up for the winner’s taking.

4. HostAStay

HostAStay is a startup in the travel industry that was established to aid property owners in converting their vacant owneds into income-generating assets by giving them support hassle-free homestay knows for guests.

How To Make Money Online Fast And FreeImage Credit: HostAStay

The startup was shortlisted to pitch at RISE 2019 in Hong Kong against 60 other travel-tech startups from across the globe, and it emerged as a finalist.

5. Klean

Malaysian startup Klean developed a Reverse Vending Machine that acquires empty-bellied polyethylene terephthalate( PET) or plastic bottles and aluminium cans and prepares them for recycling. In exchange for donating, donors are able to obtain many monetary honors that help bring about recycling.

internet marketingFounder Nick Boden on the far right/ Image Credit: The Duke of York FB

At Pitch @Palace ASEAN 2018, Klean departed up against 17 other startups from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Myanmar and Vietnam and won the audience vote. Pitch @Palace was founded by The Duke of York in 2014 in an initiative to provide an acceleration platform for entrepreneurs.

6. LeadinHealth

This Malaysian startup has an app called Walnut Wellness that helps corporate works move and improve their health. This is so that corporates can save money on healthcare affirms cost and improve hire productivity.

internet marketing adsImage Credit: LeadinHealth

In 2017, LeadinHealth was the alone Malaysian and exclusively foreign startup to emerge as a finalist in Hong Kong’s She Loves Tech world-wide startup contender. This challenger showcases the relationship between tech tends, entrepreneurship, innovation and potential opportunities be established for women.

7. Senang

Senang is an policy scaffold that offers insurance to low-pitched and middle-income Malaysians who operate micro-enterprises. The coverage can cost as low-grade as RM1 and buyers can be insured for precisely a single day of the week. The coverage can be issued immediately and on-the-go with Senang’s API technology.

internet marketing affiliateImage Credit: Senang

The fintech company sloped at the United People Capital Development Fund( UNCDF) ’s B40 Challenge curriculum in 2019, and won the chance to work with the UNCDF for over three and a half month to develop and refine their solutions.

8. Simple Motion

Simple Motion is a startup that bring out an app called ClicknCare which acts as a healthcare stage for migrant various regions of the world. Its objective is to easily connect migrants to healthcare professionals from their home country thus solving the issue of expression hindrances in healthcare.

internet marketing articlesImage Credit: Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurship( IDE) Center

They were also one of the startups that pitched at Pitch @Palace ASEAN 2018 together with Klean.

9. Softinn internet marketing basicsImage Credit: Softinn

Softinn is a friendlines technology firm that offers e-commerce solutions and property management systems for store inns. In 2017, they won the Startup of the Year awarding at WIT Startup Pitch in Tokyo for their cloud-based hotel reservation system.

10. Wangi Lai PLT

Wangi Lai is a startup from Kuching, Sarawak that provides IoT answers and invented the BAWA Cane which is a clip-on IoT manoeuvre for white-hot canes used by the visually impaired. This manoeuvre helps empower the users in mobility and navigation as it abuses an IoT sensor to help them better perceive their environment.

internet marketing courseImage Credit: SITEC FB

They sloped at Selangor International Pitch 2018 and came in second place between two Taiwanese startups, producing dwelling a money loot of RM50, 000.


We immensely appreciate these local startups for developing new and innovative solutions to address gaps in the different sectors of national societies and industries while representing Malaysia on international stages.

They’re proof that Malaysians are worthy antagonists to our often larger and better-funded international competitors, and we’re glad to highlight them( no matter how briefly) to introduce them to our readers.

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Featured Image Credit: HostAStay/ LeadinHealth/ Wangi Lai

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